Portable, Practical, Higher Protein Mix and Match Snacks

I’ve been getting tons of questions about snacks lately so I wanted to start off your week with a simple way to automate your snack time decision making.  Yes… I said “automate”… in other words let’s IMPLEMENT a process that will require virtually NO THINKING from you.

You are busy enough as it is and work out too hard to go long hours without nourishment!


Before we go into things though, you have to recognize that, possibly, snack time is a particularly hard time for you to manage because those in between meal hours carry some real social baggage.

For example, it is totally normal to sit down, break out a plate, fork, and maybe even a knife at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that alone makes our protein choices (critical in fat loss) much greater.  Snack time…is a whole different ball game!!!

  •  We are usually multi-tasking like crazy at snack hours! Finishing emails, projects, picking up the kids etc.  Time never seems to be on our side here.
  • Snack hours are also prime time meeting and appointment hours!!  Who wants to break out a tuna packet then?  Time for boiled eggs?? Nope!

Being unprepared and fasting for too many hours is the #1 reason many folks binge at night.  For lasting fat loss, we have to eliminate that!

So here’s is my Snack Time Mix and Match Process.

  1.  Take into serious consideration your work and life schedule between the hours of 10-2 and 3-5?  Based on that…
  2. Pick/Buy at least one item from each of the 3 categories below that would allow you to eat freely based on the social guidelines that surround you.

Carb:         Rice cake                 Apple, berries, 1/2 banana                     3oz Sweet Potato                   Nut thins                            Wasa Crackers

Protein:   Protein Powder      4-5oz meat or deli meat                         Cottage Cheese                      Fage Greek Yogurt             Turkey Jerky          Smoked Salmon

Fat:             TB Nut butter         Avocado                                                   Cheese                                    Coconut Oil                          Nuts mix

When buying snack foods, I always opt for convenience rather than deals.  Remember, you are paying slightly more for convenience, portability, and automation!!!!  That’s huge in terms of helping you stay consistent.  Totally worth the pennies guys!!

That means yogurts, nut butters, nuts, cottage cheese, and avocado all get bought in individual packets whenever possible.


I’ve got a  10a.m. or 3 pm meeting every Tuesday?  How do I prepare for that?  

Carb:  apple     Protein:  Powder     Fat:  nut mix

Saturday errands around town?  Starving in car line? Pack a spoon and…

Carb:  1/2 banana      Protein:  Cottage Cheese     Fat:  Nuts

Over scheduled on Thursdays so what can I prep and eat in 5 minutes!  

Carb:  Rice cake     Protein:  Deli Meat/smoked salmon       Fat:  Avocado


I hope this helps!  Please remember that through your super hectic life it is more important for you to nourish yourself than for you to dismiss a meal.  It matters in terms of fat loss, but it’s just as important for your moods, productivity, and efficiency in your work and family life!

Be good to your body!

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