Jan 18-24, 2016- Favorite Pics of the week, training schedule, and #MyDamnWay






If I had one wish to grant to everyone struggling with their fitness goals, it would be to give them back OWNERSHIP of their journey.

There is so much information out there now-a-days, people are living under this giant cloud of food guilt.  I listen to people on the daily, scared to eat fat or scared to eat starches or scared to eat both!  Meat and broccoli is about the only thing left for them to put on a plate and not walk away feeling like a diet loser.

This week, on our blog, on our Facebook, on our Instagram, and on Sweat Unfiltered we will be giving you tools to empower you to shut out the noise, to recognize no one knows your life, your body, your likes, your dislikes, or your metabolism quite the way you do.  In the end, we know and you know, you won’t stick to anything unless you not only get results but LIKE how you eat as well.

How the hell do you do that?

How the hell do you give yourself permission to do things your damn way?

Check in with us this whole week as we talk about nutritional autonomy, self-reliance, creating a process, and automating behavior.

  1.  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND- our training schedule!!!

    I didn’t realize you guys actually looked at this thing until I took it away and started getting tons of inquiries about it.  Sorry!!  Don’t forget, members, open gym hours in January and February are there to help you get your workout in even though we may not have a class happening.  Great time for you to get in a quick workout and still get all your errands in!  Monday and Friday hours are 10:30am-12pm, Tuesday hours are 9:30am-11:30, and Thursday evening 6:30pm-7:30pm.   No kiddos those hours though.

Sweat Training Schedule (1)

2.  Love, love, love dumping all the great pics from the week in one place.  Fun to relive the classes I’ve coached with you, the vomilicious moments of classes I’ve taken with you, and also to be able to peek into the classes I wasn’t there to coach or see.  Can I say I’ve been impressed with just how on it you guys have been!!!!

Josh’s Wednesday Vain
Josh’s Wednesday Vain
Josh’s Wednesday 20/20/20
Josh’s Wednesday Vain
20160113_180346 (1)
Josh’s Wednesday Vain
John's Friday Night Crew
John’s Friday Night Crew
John’s Friday Night Crew
Eric’s Saturday Punch
TRX Yoga Prep w/ Christy and Karen
Jeidi’s Friday Vain
Jeidi’s Friday Vain
Friday Night Crew
Me wanting to vomit during ball slams
#vomilicious fun
husband and wife workout team
breathless and burning
Friday Drenched
3 point TRX Rows
John's Friday Night Crew
bag taps

IMG_5037 IMG_5050