What if you woke up every morning craving the hour you get to give back to your body?  What if you actually looked forward to putting on your gear, heading out the door, and challenging what you thought you were capable of?



I believe that’s exactly how it should be FOR EVERYONE.  The very thought of knowing there are tons of people out there literally DRAGGING themselves to the gym, tells me there is something critically wrong with how many in this fitness industry approach their job.

People don’t NEED a workout!  People aren’t lacking WHAT to do!  They can download a WOD on youtube any day of the damn week.  If the issue was simply exercise why are so many people completely disillusioned with working out?

Because people need to be cared for both outside and in … Yes, they need to be educated on form, intensity, and given a safe program design but OMG people have to be taken care of on the INSIDE too!!

When I say “love” your workout, I don’t mean rainbows and chocolates and roses.  I don’t mean easy and effortless and smooth.  If you know Sweat, you know we bring it… daily!

I mean that despite the sweat, blood, and tears you can feel both outside and in that your exercise and gym/studio is making you better.  It is actively CONTRIBUTING to your health and confidence. It builds you up without breaking others down.  It accepts you as you are, where you are and teaches you a skill set beyond squats and lunges.  It embraces the now but draws you into the possibilities of the future.

Last Friday, I opened up my inbox to three testimonials that brought tears to my eyes.  Here’s one:

“Three weeks into my workouts I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and Sweat!
We all come with “a story”. I spent the last two years caring for my father with Alzheimer’s. It was a 24 hour/7 day a week commitment (no me time). Relocating back to Huntsville and finding Sweat has been a Godsend! You have surrounded yourself with trainers who really make the effort to help everyone succeed. I love the positive environment and support.
Although some days I still struggle to eat enough, your nutritional emails and blogs are motivational. When I worked in the corporate world I paid a trainer because I could go to the gym and he would tell me what exercises to do (while he stood and counted) and what to eat. My biggest breakthrough from your coaching is to THINK for myself. I have a much healthier relationship with food when I understand what my body needs and why. I finally feel like I am in control. My setbacks don’t have to define me.”

And THAT at it’s very core is the definition of #loveyourworkout.  The trainer, the studio, the workout, the people – the COLLECTIVE – on a mission to effing DIG and get into the nitty gritty and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE everything they have inside.

That kind of LOVE is what creates CONSISTENCY.



That’s the spirit we are kicking off Feb 1 -14 with TONS of exciting stuff!


Be on the lookout:

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  2. This email will also have info about our #loveyourworkout Facebook Picture Contests Feb. 1st – 7th!  There is an opportunity to win a $20 Lululemon Gift Card everyday!!!!  We will drip out SPECIFICS about each picture contest through our Facebook page so add us to your favorite list!
  3. Don’t forget!  TRX Yoga is FREE this month.  We kick it off Feb. 18th.  Go to here to check out the line up!