2016…”I GOT THIS!”


There’s so much we’re cooking up and dreaming up for Sweat, that it’s both exciting and paralyzing at the same time.  Ever heard the quote-

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Consider me petrified!!!!


But these past three years I’ve learned some hard knock lessons about how to take a #BigAssDream and actually make it a #BigAssReality!!

And, truly, with the New Year’s coming along I hope we are all in a DREAM BIG mindset so I want to share with you the type of self talk that is getting me past SCAREDY PANTS mode and into BE A BAD ASS mode.




So planning is important.  Planning is essential.  But stop using the “I’m making plans” excuse when you are really just stalling for more time to get all the answers.

Big plans, big dreams, big risks take big cojones to actually accomplish.  You will NEVER and I mean NEVER have a big dream totally planned out and ready to execute b/c you aren’t in COMPLETE CONTROL of the situation.

Stop believing you pull all the strings.  Stop believing it’s CONTROL that will make you successful!

At some point, you’re going to have to choose GUTS, bet on yourself, and leap!

Taking ACTION is what will make things a reality not your damn “Proud to be OCD” badge of honor you tote around.


This is the part everyone likes to brag about but forgets to talk about when they are actually knee deep in a big pile of shit.

Getting gritty means that when you are being stretched beyond your limits (AND YOU WILL BE) you don’t fold but double down.  You bet on yourself.

You match the intensity of the situation with discipline and tenacity.  Getting gritty hurts.  It’s uncomfortable on an easy day and breaks you to pieces on a bad one.

Expect to come face to face with obstacles, barriers, and hardship.  You will need every ounce of inner strength to pull through.  But it’s WORTH IT, promise!


I am a firm believer that work ethic and education are NOT ENOUGH to make you successful in any #BigAssDream endeavor.

It’s not how you handle the “if you fail” but “when you fail” that will separate the pack.

Resiliency requires an element of creativity and FLEXIBILITY that not everyone is comfortable with but everyone can acquire.

Your level of pliability is where you have one up on the “proud to be an over-planner” and the good ‘ol “I’m always in control” mindset.  Those folks are so vested in their perfect plans that they don’t see there’s an endless pile of solutions waiting to get picked up.

Planners are stuck, boxed in, and fixated on one solution.   In so doing, their option is either to execute the plan or bail.

#RadiateResiliency on the daily! Failure is not a problem.  It’s actually PART OF THE PROCESS!!  You are supposed to fail…a lot!  It’s how we learn the skills to develop our dream.  Have a vision that allows for your creative and flexible buttons to kick into overdrive when necessary.  Quitting isn’t an option or a solution.


Can we move beyond the Facebook post where someone takes a picture of their giant mansion looking amazing in a dazzling sunset with the hashtag #grateful.  Sort of nauseating at this point and really isn’t the type of transformative gratefulness that makes you a better human.

I advocate a #blessed, #grateful, #thankful posts kept most often to yourself in a journal where you can get really and truly honest about what made the day worth each breath.

That giant house sure is nice, but are you pulling back the curtain every day to recognize the daily sacrifices you and others around you make in order to enjoy that comfy situation.

You’re going to find happiness so much quicker on those #GetGritty days if you’ve learned to quietly feel blessed by the small daily actions and sacrifices you and others make and witness that ultimately make that #BigAssDream come true.



STILL SCARED!  Good!  You STILL should be.  Doesn’t matter if your #BigAssDream is to run your first marathon, lose 50 pounds in 2016, start your own business, or publish a book.  The one and only thing that will begin to take FEAR away is ACTION.  Real deal, bold ass, ACTION!!!!

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