Live your DREAMS or live your FEARS…

Facebook Post (1)When it’s put it on those terms, doesn’t it make you want to take action, to take a risk, to step out of your comfort zone and accomplish something new or something you have thought about for ages but thought it was too difficult?

I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed tremendously watching trainer and friend, Christy Scott, transition from bad ass endurance athlete to rookie physique competitor.  (You can follow her progress here.)  It has actually put to rest a lot of the reservations I’ve had about stepping on stage and has made me (finally) commit to doing a competition myself in 2016.

While competing will temporarily change some of the moderation and balance approaches I take, there is no way I’m walking into this w/ an overhaul approach.  This short vlog tells you some changes I’m making in September so that I feel like I’m transitioning into competition mode vs. slapped in the face w/ changes.