Hanging Out In Maintenance Mode…

We began #FitandFlyByJuly as Summer anxiety was peaking and I was getting ready for a photo shoot.  So…whatever happened to the video shoot?

My job now is to hang out in the best place ever… maintenance mode!!!!

Once I have all the pieces of the 4th of July Mystery Class in place, I will re-book my photo shoot.  I’m not stressing cause maintenance mode is a very happy place food and training wise.  Bad habits have been weeded out.  Stress is under control.  Food is neither my best friend nor my enemy.  I feel good almost all the time, but when I don’t, I can stop and reflect to figure things out and re-group.  Everyone is different but here’s what maintenance mode looks like for me.


Saturday/Sunday:  Rest and Recovery

Monday:  Full Body- heavy

Tuesday:  Full Body- lighter

Wednesday:  Heavy Legs

Thursday:  Full Arms

Friday:  Abs- almost a 3rd rest day.  No plyo, no cardio, and probably no weights either.

Food:  What I choose depends on my family and work demands.  Flexibility is key to staying in maintenance mode!!  I will often choose the convenience of supplements if I am out of the house and super busy…like Tuesday evenings when I’m at Sweat from 4pm-8pm!  I choose whole foods prior to that knowing I need the ease of supplements for coaching at night.

Breakfast:  Isagenix shake

Lunch:  Isagenix shake OR Protein based salad and starchy carbs

Snack:  Protein bar + coffee or small portion of leftovers.  Protein is always included!

Dinner:  Protein + fat.  You do not have to live on tilapia and chicken breasts!!

Snack, if needed:  grapefruit or small portion of leftovers.

Your take away…

1.  Change of plans aren’t a big deal.  Pick your stress battles.

2.  Food cannot dominate your every thought and decision.  Maintenance mode is where you want to be in the long run.  If you are there, congrats!  If you aren’t and you need help, let me know…jeidi@sweathuntsville.com!!