Begins January 9th – Spots will be limited!

Diet Rebellion consists of 2 parts – enroll in either or both:

1.) A 6 week ACTION BASED nutritional online fat loss course coached directly and daily by ME!

Diet Rebellion was created in answer to the long list of women who talked to me in studio, stopped me at the grocery store, or emailed begging for a crash diet meal plan.

They were ready to end their frustration with hunger and their bodies by any means necessary including following a bikini competitors meal plan and swearing off their favorite foods for life.

They couldn’t see that FOOD was not their enemy…

… that results, MY results, the very results they sought were built by learning to understand their metabolism, building on their existing good habits, purposefully adding daily cheats to stay consistent, and then easing into maintenance mode to keep results.

I created Diet Rebellion as a way to GUIDE anyone through eating for fat loss, cheating daily, and learning how to create fat loss seasons, muscle gaining seasons, and maitaining seasons.

Fat Loss begins January 9th!  Here’s what to expect:

January 9 – Week 1:  Discovery Week

January 16 – Week 2:  Filling in the Gaps

January 23 – Week 3:  Clean Up to Stay Dirty

January 30 – Week 4:  Ride the wave or tweak

February 6 – Week 5:  Filling in the Gaps #2

February 13 – Week 6:  Goal Cycling/Vision Planning/Rest Stops

*Every Monday we dive into a common dieter mentality mistake and how to turn the corner into lifestyle change.

*Every Tuesday is check in day.  Not interested in progress pictures.  I’m interested in digging into the DETAILS of your barriers.

*Every Wednesday at 7pm central there is a live webinar with the week’s education, homework, and your questions.  If you can’t catch it live, no worries, you will get a recorded copy inside your inbox.

*Every Thursday– Tools for consistency and automation- It’s hard to make things easy!

*Every Friday– Weekends are their own “beast” and deserve their own focus.  Friday we chat and work through the big weekend pitfalls.

  • I will def be around on weekends to answer any and all questions.  I won’t post new content those days.

2.) A 6 week unlimited class membership at Sweat Fitness Studio.

This option is for only those in the Huntsville metro area who are ready to take the THINK work out of their training.

You literally get to walk in, grab a towel, and let me and our amazing certified personal trainers take care of the rest.

We design the week at Sweat to work as a COHESIVE personal training schedule to so that you get plenty of strength training and cardio as well.

We’ll watch your form, provide proper alternatives, push you harder to make sure you get the most out of every minute you’re with us.  If you’re a rookie or a fitness fanatic, we’ve got alternatives to make sure you are properly challenged in each class.

1.  WHO is Diet Rebellion is for?  Anyone who…

  • is burned out by attempting diets, eliminating their favorite foods, struggling with hunger, and absolutely confused about what and when to eat.
  • ready to get results but also willing to learn how and why you got there.
  • has a Facebook account and is willing to participate inside of our private Facebook group
  • Have the time to check enter into the Facebook group daily to ready and listen to new content that is dripped out daily.
  • needs ongoing support to get them through the sticky situations that seem to drain their motivation to keep going

2.  WHO is Diet Rebellion is NOT for?  Anyone who…

  • is bikini/physique competitors
  • is looking for a meal plan.
  • does not want to use Facebook
  • does not currently have the time to concentrate on habit change

3.  Who is Sweat for?  Anyone who:

  • knows they’ll enjoy the gym more if they don’t have to THINK about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it
  • any fitness rookie who is anxious about proper strength training and wants to learn proper form
  • any fitness fanatic who wants to change things up and level up to a new challenge every day
  • enjoys variety in their weekly training schedule

4.  Who is Sweat NOT for?

  •  We play dirty music… often… if you find that offensive we are definitely not your best home.
  •  Anyone who has trouble making class times.  We are a class based studio.


  •  How much weight can I expect to lose?

There is no way to guarantee results as each person comes in with unique circumstances, metabolisms, goals.  However, in previous Diet Rebellion sessions 3-5 pounds of sustainable fat loss is common.  Those who have stayed after the program and continue on their journey have seen 10-15 pounds.  At Sweat, we are a strength training studio and since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s the physique changes we most commonly see.  We do have clients who have lost up to 30 lbs and gained tremendous muscle with us as well.  

  • How many hours per week will I spend on Diet Rebellion?

This program works best when you can commit to visiting the Facebook group once per day.  Some days it’s a 2 minute visit and others maybe 10.  Weekends there is no new content dripped so it’s up to you.  I’ll be on through the weekend happy to answer questions you may pose.  The exception is Wednesday evenings.  These webinars are 45-50 minutes in length with 10-15 minutes at the end of live questions from you.  These webinars are recorded and emailed for your viewing and reviewing at your convenience.

  • Do I need to buy any supplements?

Nope.  Fat loss requires ZERO supplements.  For convenience or cravings I’ll make suggestions but there are zero requirements with Diet Rebellion.

  • What if I can’t make the live webinars or watch the trainings that day?

All the live webinars are recorded and will be emailed directly into your inboxes the following day.  This program works best if you commit to popping into the Facebook group ONCE daily.  I will post almost every single day in order to support and clarify so you won’t feel lost.  You can watch and listen to webinars and additional training when it’s convenient to you.

  • What if I’m feeling anxious about being inside of a Facebook group with people I don’t really know?

Normal and some people need a little bit of time to get used to it.  One of the benefits of participating inside as well as reading what other’s share is that you really internalize that your struggles and any shame you might associate with it, is SHARED.  Gah!  So freeing to see that you’re really and truly not alone.

  • What if I want to do Diet Rebellion but I’m not exercising?

Exercise is not the answer to fat loss.  I’m not worried about that one bit.  My job is to help you build your nutrition alongside your current activity level.

  • I want to come to Sweat but I’m not sure if I’m “fit enough.”  I’m scared!  What if I can’t make it through a class?

Uhm… get your booty to class!!!  I PURPOSEFULLY designed Sweat classes to NOT delineate “advanced,” “intermediate,” or “rookie.”  Movement is AVAILABLE to everyone and it’s MY JOB and the other personal trainer’s jobs to offer variations to movements that match YOU.  It is STANDARD at Sweat to see the 5 people doing the same movement 5 different ways.

  • I have a prior injury that makes some movements unavailable.  Can I still come to class?

First and foremost, follow doctor’s orders.  If you’ve been cleared, let your trainer know ahead of time, so we can suggest alternative movements.  It’s very common for us to hear about shoulder, knee, hip, and back issues that require some TLC.  Definitely not a reason to rule out Sweat.  First week is free, anyways so try out all the classes, all the trainers, and make the best decision for yourself.