6-Week Diet Rebellion Shred


Learn how to burn fat, keep muscle and not starve. (At the same time.)


Jeidi here. If you wound up on this website, it’s because you want to change. BUT you’re not willing to starve yourself anymore, give up entire food groups, or squeeze in two-a days to accomplish it. (Nor should you be!)

You wanna do that thing you see SO many people doing…  

  • Eating the foods they actually like without losing control.
  • Having fun working out, without letting it overtake their life.
  • Feeling confident as hell in their clothes even though they’re not about that 6 pack life.  

Let me be blunt.  

Diet Rebellion MAY or MAY NOT be your jam! But if you’re still reading this, I want to share with you exactly what this 6-week program is all about so you can make the absolute best decision for YOUR body, time, and money. 

The Proof is in the Pictures...

There's a "sweet spot" in fat loss and physique change where you can be at a calorie deficit, losing weight, but not feel deprived.  

Most folks go extreme, and so "the pendulum swing" toward the binge is of equal force.  

In Diet Rebellion we eat, cheat, and repeat but never do we swing to the extremes.  

You will feel SOME hunger during fat loss, BUT if you're eating the right amount of protein you'll be amazed just how high we can take your calories. 

Just look at the awesome progress these peeps made by living in this fat loss sweet spot...

“After joining Sweat in January 2017, Diet Rebellion helped me understand why the scale doesn't matter. Calories, macros and being honest about food choices - that is actually logging in what I eat - is the path. Three months after starting Diet Rebellion I had lost 3 inches off my waist and 15 pounds off the scale - I know it doesn’t matter, but that’s a big number isn’t it? By July I was able to fit into pants that I had refused to get rid of because, of course, I’d eventually fit into them again. It was like getting a new wardrobe! 

Okay, so it worked for a few months, big deal, I had lost weight on other “programs” too but it never last... so? So this time it’s different. I’m still three inches thinner and 12 pounds lighter today than I was a year ago at this time, and although I’ve “gained back” three pounds I’m still in the same waist pant and I feel great! Don’t believe me? Ask me and I’ll show you my progress pictures… the camera don’t lie!” - Jimm Giles  

"Thank you so much!!! I feel AMAZING! I can’t wait to keep going these next 6 weeks! This has been life changing, I feel in control with my eating and no longer feel like I’m killing myself in the gym and seeing no results!" - Allie

Diet Rebellion is our 6-week signature total body transformation program.  

I created Diet Rebellion in 2014 because I was sick and tired of watching men and women starve themselves all day, villianize carbs and fat, over exercise, experience massive food guilt by eating in secret... all in the name of health and hotness.

Now, listen… I’m all for some good ol' vain sexiness—don’t get me wrong.

Yeah, healthy is cool too, but ain’t nothin’ wrong with the confidence of liking how your ass looks in your undies.

So I stepped up in January of 2014 and guided a group of people fed up with traditional diets through 6 weeks of shredding while...

  • Eating the foods they truly enjoyed
  • With all the food groups 
  • Without eating veggies a bazillion times a day
  • And with tons of group and one-on-one coaching to troubleshoot through the madness of real damn life.

4 years later and the program is stronger and more streamlined than ever. 

So what am I getting into exactly? 

Our summa summa time Diet Rebellion session will have both SHRED DOWN or MAINTENANCE macros and protocols but neither program has 

magic pills or potions for you.

I have no quick fix, but I will pass down to you the exact strategies and tools for success as well as massive accountability. 

THIS is what our rebellion DOES have…

  • Early access (June 14) to materials so you can read prepare and ask questions before Day 1 on June 18th. 
  • Full early access to coaching (June 14th) so that on June 18th you are ready to hit the ground running
  • June 16th group Meet Up to get hands on with numbers, portions, tricks to getting accurate measurements, and take professional progress pics etc.
  • DR @ Home — written strength training program to supplement the days you cannot come to class
  • DR macro worksheet 
  • Unlimited email and online support to me.
  • Unlimited Laser one on one coaching calls for extra personal topics
  • Magical unicorn rides over an endless rainbow made of glitter. 
  • Weekly Sunday Strategy Sessions using Zoom, a video chatting system, so we can problem solve LIVE from your living room.
  • Weekly Wednesday Progress Check Ups so that your progress is monitored and we can adjust as needed.
  • Weekly Friday Priorities Report so that your wins and challenges are seen, heard, and addressed.
  • Living a Diet Rebellious Life Workshop to help you exit the program and know WTF to do next!  
  • Professional BEFORE and AFTER shots so that we have accurate, foolproof records of your progress!
  • Optional Progress pic contest… winner gets their $$$ back!!!
  • Special discounts on supplements to enhance and simplify your journey.

WHEW... that's a lot. So what's your investment? 

$197 - Early Bird Rate

Early Bird Rate ENDS Sunday June 11th

This includes...

  •  TWO In-Person Workshops
  •  Professional Before and After Photos
  •  Weekly 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions
  •  Weekly Progress Check-Ups
  •  Macros/Nutrition Plan Customized to YOUR Goals & Body
  •  Printable Macros Worksheet
  •  At-Home Workout Plan!
  •  Plus everything above...

P.S... because this is such a personalized, hands-on program (aka you get tons of my time!!!) spots are limited. So if you're ready to jump in, click that button and save your spot!

Still not 100% sure? Got a bunch of questions?

I get it. You could have no idea who I am or what sweatlocal is... and Diet Rebellion is a big commitment. Use the button below to email me anything that might be making you hesitate. I'll be checking my inbox so I can answer your questions personally.


How much weight can I expect to lose? There is no way to guarantee results as each person comes in with unique circumstances, metabolisms, and goals. However, in previous Diet Rebellion sessions 3-5 pounds of sustainable fat loss is common. Those who have stayed after the program and continue on their journey have seen 10-30 pounds. Sweatlocal is a strength training studio and since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s the physique changes (definitions and cuts) we most commonly see.  

Do I need to buy any supplements? Nope. Fat loss requires ZERO supplements. For convenience or cravings I’ll make suggestions and have exclusive discounts but there are zero supplement requirements with Diet Rebellion.

What if I can’t make the live meet ups? All the live webinars will be streamed via Facebook Live in our private FB group. These sessions are also recorded 

What if I don't use Facebook? Then you're going to miss out on a big coaching piece and accountability element. I do not recommend you purchase this program if you are not willing to participate in it fully. 

What if I’m feeling anxious about being inside of a Facebook group with people I don't really know? Congrats... you are officially NORMAL! Lots of people feel odd about it at first. In fact, because people are so used to doing fat loss alone and never talking about their struggles or letting others see them fail, this aspect of transparency FEEL NEW TO ALMOST EVERYONE! Struggling should NEVER be a secret and doing things in this "new" way is one of the reasons you are going to FINALLY SUCCEED!

What if I want to do Diet Rebellion, but I’m not exercising? Exercise is not the answer to fat loss. I’m not worried about that one bit. My job is to help you build your nutrition alongside your current activity level.  

I want to come to sweatlocal but I’m not sure if I’m “fit enough.” I’m scared! What if I can’t make it through a class? Uhm… get your booty to class!!! I PURPOSEFULLY designed sweatlocal classes to NOT delineate “advanced,” “intermediate,” or “rookie.” Movement is AVAILABLE to everyone and it’s MY JOB and the other personal trainers' jobs to offer variations to movements that match YOU. It is STANDARD at sweatlocal to see 5 people doing the same movement 5 different ways.  

I have a prior injury that makes some movements unavailable. Can I still come to class? First and foremost, follow doctor orders. If you’ve been cleared, let your trainer know ahead of time, so we can suggest alternative movements. It’s very common for us to hear about shoulder, knee, hip, and back issues that require some TLC. Definitely not a reason to rule out sweatlocal. We have a free week free trial so that you can try out all the classes, all the trainers, and make the best decision for yourself.