You’ve got the motivation but you’re too busy to figure out how to put your workouts together yourself!

What you’re doing now worked in the past but has gotten boring, mundane, predictable, and you don’t even know if you’re doing the movements correctly.

What you need is someone to coach you through the pitfalls that can make consistent exercise feel inaccessible!

Hi!  I’m Jeidi Pippins, founder, owner, and bad ass trainer at Sweat Fitness Studio and that’s exactly what I’ve designed Sweat to do.

And since I know everyone can’t come to Sweat, I’ll be emailing the #Perfect10 workout series directly to my Sweat Unfiltered crew totally FREE.

These guys, whether they are members of Sweat Fitness Studio or not, get my best nutrition, exercise, and mindset stuff weekly… BUT…


This freebie, well… it’s going to be EPIC… because…

  1.  I want EVERYONE to experience exactly what it’s like to be a member of Sweat and be supported no matter how new or advanced to fitness you are!
  2.  I want my existing or potential members to have an AMAZING workout series they can take with them on Fall Break, business trips, vacations, or away for the holidays!!  If I’m truly invested in you getting this fitness journey right, I have to be there for you when you’re out of studio as well!
  3.  This is the time of year when people fall of the wagon!  I can’t sit back and let that happen without a real fight.  Since you’re out of town more, I want to be in your inbox more giving you the best of the best.
  4. I’m not just dumping 10 workouts in your inbox and running for cover.  I’m DRIPPING this content DAILY so that I can literally coach you!  One email, one workout, one short demo video daily, and tons of tips and tools along the way!

I’ve worked with over a thousand clients in group and private training, and these 10 formats I’m going to share with all of you will leave you exhausted and excited about tomorrow just like at Sweat!

And, in case you are wondering, ABSOLUTELY, I use these formats myself… often… b/c yes… even your local fitness fanatic needs to add flavor to her workouts to keep changes coming and keep gym time interesting.

I cannot wait to share all this stuff with you and make it so that you TOTALLY CRUSH every single workout from Oct. 1st-Oct 10th.



  1.  I’m afraid I won’t have time! All workouts for the #Perfect10 are designed with a “ain’t nobody got time for that” mentality.  Remember, I want these workouts to make sense for vacations and travel too.  20 minutes or less!!
  2.   I’m a rookie!- I’m so not intimidated by this.  I don’t segment my classes at Sweat into beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  Movements are kept simple… b/c as I say in class “the brutality is in the simplicity!”
  3.  Can you challenge a fitness fanatic? Every damn day.  In fact, the “fitness gurus” are literally the worst at repeating patterns they are really great at.  It’s the most fun to get you guys out of your comfort zone!
  4. Do I need special equipment?  You’ll need weights for sure, but not for every single workout.  My goal with the #Perfect10 is to give you tons of variety so yes… I’ll be challenging you to experiment with toys and bodyweight movements too!
  5. What if I’m unfamiliar with a movement?  Hello!  I’m human… totally not a robot!  I answer all my emails DAILY.  Connect with me!  Remember how I said, I wanted to give everyone the Sweat experience?  Yeah, my crew gets ACCESS to me!  Let me support you in your journey!!
  6. What if my doctor says, I shouldn’t?  Then listen!  Always listen to your doctor!!  Period.