On The Verge (of your New Year’s Resolutions)

24 Days – #MaintenanceMode Eating Breakdown & #TrackWhatYourRack Workouts

December 5th – December 29th, 2016

Fat loss is not a 365 day a year goal!!!!  In fact, October through December, I advocate a “Maintenance Mode Season” that simply puts a book mark on your fat loss or muscle gain goals and puts your focus on keeping yourself right where you are all the way through the holidays.

Maintenance can seem like a very scary concept to some, especially if you believe you always have to be on a mission to lose more fat.  However, in order to enjoy your journey, reduce food anxiety during the holidays, and be ready to CAPITALIZE on that next big wave of motivation come January, you’ve got to AVOID burn out by switching gears at the end of the year.

On The Verge is 24 Days of nutritional and exercise coaching with me.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-7-12-35-pmWhat you get FOR FREE:

  • 24 Days of access to my #DietRebellion Coaching group
  • daily interaction and problem solving with me
  • hassle free Maintenance Mode education delivered via email and directly into the FB group
  • a community ready to reach out to with struggles and questions
  • weekly homework to practice concepts introduced
  • weekly check-ins (we do NOT do progress pics!)
  • 5 strength training workouts programs that work COHESIVELY to strengthen, build, and upgrade you. #trackwhatyourack
  • How- To Tutorial on how to quickly and efficiently #trackwhatyourack and crush your strength training workouts.  No heart rate monitor needed!  

On The Verge is for anyone who feels out of control with their food right now and lost with their exercise.  

This program is literally about being “on the verge” of that next step… that resolution… that big wave of hit-the-ground running motivation but waiting for the FULL plan of attack until AFTER New Year’s.

In the meantime, let me show you some easy to implement ways to stop gaining in the holidays and fall in love with exercise again.

You’ll know exactly what your next step should be by Dec. 29th.

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