#MaxedOutChallenge- Are you ready to find out what you’re made of?

I’m all for “just working out” but I also love the feeling of being razor focused on a specific goal.

So often, post bikini season, I watch folks feel like they can “throw in the towel” and just eat and drink like crazy simply because the pools have closed, big, baggy sweater season is on the way, and football get-togethers are kicking into high gear.

And while it all feels like fun and games the first few weeks, the weight begins to mount, and by December desperation sets in and deprivation diets come back into full swing.


So, I want to put a spin on your fall routine and CHALLENGE you to take all those extra tail gating calories and lift and cardio harder than ever before.

That’s right… I’m NOT looking for you to diet down in the fall, but rather, LEVEL THE EFF UP!

Cause the truth is, with all the extra food fun, comes a surge in energy, and you’ve got the choice to either sit around and store it as fat or redirect all that goodness to build muscle and push your cardiovascular boundaries.

That’s EXACTLY what this year’s #MaxedOutChallenge is all about and it’s equipped with P R I Z E S and a special team event October 7th, at 9a.m.

No lie… this challenge is HARDCORE AF but I don’t want anyone scared or feeling like they don’t measure up or like they aren’t “fit enough.”

If you know you could use a serious push in the fall because your eating habits suck and your motivation plummets this time of year, then I want you to GET IN on this beast of a challenge too!!!

1.  First, ****Subscribe to this newsletter:  http://bit.ly/MaxedOutChallenge  NOW!

2.  I’ll be sending out 4 emails starting August 10th with written content and video tutorials to help you perfect your lifting form, change the pace of your lifting and cardiovascular training, and get a handle on your pre/post workout nutrition.

3.  I’ll be giving folks on THIS LIST ONLY EARLY AND DISCOUNTED ACCESS TO THE #MAXEDOUTCHALLENGE CLASS PACKAGE DEAL.*** Sweat Annual and 3 Month Members, your memberships INCLUDE this challenge #MEMBERPERKS!  But I still need you on this list for the dope info.  I want you strong and I want to get you there safely!


What will you actually be doing in the #MaxedOutChallenge?

A.  Well, starting September 5th – October 9th

  1.  Attend 25 classes in 30 days…5 PER WEEK.  You cannot stack!  Any class will count towards the 25 class standard.
  2.  WEEK 1:  We’ve built into our classes ways for you to benchmark/baseline on all the movements we’re testing.
    1. Max number of unbroken push ups
    2. 3 rep max Romanian deadlifts
    3. 3 rep max in barbell back squats
    4. Time to climb 800 vertical feet on the Versaclimbers.
  3. We’ll provide the trackers to keep up with your numbers.
  4. WEEK 2, 3, 4 is all about strength.  You will NOT be benchmarking weekly!  This is about focusing on IMPROVEMENT so you’re READY to re-test your strength the last week.
  5. WEEK 5:  Competition week.  Once again, time to benchmark.  Option to ALSO compete as a team w/ 3 other members and out lift, out push, and out climb your competition.

B.  Prizes will be awarded based on:

a.  consistency

b.  % improvement

c.  and on Oct. 7th we will hold a team competition for anyone wanting to participate as a group.


  1.  Anyone who wants to PERFECT their lifts, TEST their limits, and PUSH their boundaries.
  2. Anyone who needs the EXTRA PUSH during the fall, because their motivation plummets.
  3. Anyone who needs the accountability and the friendly competition to go harder.
  4. Anyone who simply wants a tough 5 week program.  ** You actually don’t have to compete, you could just enjoy an amazing 5 weeks at sweatlocal on a short term class pass deal.

Who is the #MAXEDOUTCHALLENGE not for?

  1.  Anyone who can’t check their ego at the door and is unwilling to listen to their coaches and their bodies and force lifts without proper form.