Diet Rebellion Reboot – A 30 Day Hardcore Nutrition Course for Those Committed to Finally Getting It Right

I know you know WHAT to do… at least MOSTLY.

You’ve read books, magazines, and about a bazillion Facebook articles with pretty awesome information.

Lack of KNOWLEDGE is not the problem.

You’re frustrated by weight loss because taking what looks so simple on paper or on your computer screen and APPLYING it to your busy, hectic, ever changing life, DOES NOT ever flow.

Add in the fact that you’re not sure if you are under eating protein, overeating carbs, hungry, craving or just plain eating out of boredom and you’ve got the perfect storm to just throw in the towel, quit, and pretend you don’t even care about fat loss anymore.

This 30 Day fully coached fat loss boot camp aims to equip you with massive coaching SUPPORT, a ton of real life ACTIONABLE tools you can IMPLEMENT easily and quickly, and tons of accountability so that when the curve balls come your way, you’ll know exactly what to do.


What do you get?

1. A step by step walk through of how to calculate your own calories and macros based on your body, activity level, age, and goals.  You will know exactly how and when to change them based on your results.


2. Clear directions on how and when to eat your favorite cheat foods to prevent over eating or binge eating.  There are NO forbidden foods or food groups in Diet Rebellion!


3. A safe but aggressive and fully coached 72 Hour De-Bloat so that you are at your very best right before the pools open!


4. Access into the Diet Rebellion closed Facebook group where we will interact and trouble shoot daily so that we can sort through the day to day questions that often paralyze progress.


5. A downloadable PDF document with 20 workouts that can be done at home, hotel, or at the gym.  Each workout comes with a one minute tutorial video so that you know precisely what to do.  Dumbbells required.


6. Your own username and password to gain access to an exclusive Diet Rebellion website where your 30 day education is organized and paced for you.


7. Six webinars specifically designed to propel you into ACTION.

  1. Video Training #1 – How to figure out your fat loss calories, macros, body type, supplements, setting up your kitchen (DO NOT OVERHAUL!), understanding the fat loss pyramid
  2.  Video Training #2 – cheats, refeed, craving hacks, conquering binge mode
  3.  Video Training #3 – Assessment tools (numbers and non-numbers), creating frameworks to ease kitchen work, increasing your kitchen IQ
  4.  Video Training #4 – how to handle ANY holiday, how not to lose your mind on Mother’s Day!  
  5.  Video Training #5 – Prepping and understanding the 3 day debloat – how to lose water weight crazy FAST!
  6.  Video Training #6 – goal cycling, creating a 12 month calendar that includes fat loss, maintenance, muscle gain, and recovery periods.  


8. Two one-on-one 20 minute phone calls with me, scheduled at your convenience, so that we can personalize, customize, and finally conquer your  biggest hurdles.


9. 3 in person group meet ups, scheduled on Sundays at 1:45 pm.

  1. April 30th (setting up calories, macros, questions before go-time)
  2. May 7th (customization, Q&A)
  3. May 21st – (specifically prepping for 3 day debloat prior to pools opening)


Meet Your Coaches:

While Eric and I may seem as different as night and day as coaches, it’s undeniable that at our core we simply have a passion for helping people achieve what they set out to do.

No one better to do a nutrition bootcamp with than the:

  • army veteran who has pushed his body and brain to it’s limits,
  • who then entered the MMA ring and learned to cut weight and maintain muscle to overpower his opponents,
  • who battles a rare form of arthritis that is managed by a heavy dose Humira, good nutrition, heavy lifting, and all out GRIT,
  • and who truly enjoys the world of macros and numbers and is now cooking and prepping meals for about 50 clients at his newly founded company, Iron Age Nutrition.

I am beyond excited to combine his “take no prisoners approach” and mix it in with what I know to be the hardships in IMPLEMENTING the ACTIONS of fat loss.

I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women battling to lose weight through starvation, over exercising, fear of foods, and a complete mistrust hunger.

My master’s degree in education, 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, my Precision Nutrition certification, and my personal battles in overcoming anorexia and binge eating allow me to break down information and present it in a way that is practical with our day to day lives and battles.


1.  Who is Diet Rebellion for?  Any who…

  • doesn’t have a clear direction on how to start losing weight or break an existing plateau
  • want to learn the inside scoop on how to calculate their calories and macros (protein, carbs, fats) for fat loss and get the insider scoop on how to tweak them to accelerate progress
  • is AFRAID to add carbs or fats into their diets because of extreme paleo or low fat diets they’ve done in the past
  • needs support when things get tough and to be held accountable for specific progress goals
  • has taken Diet Rebellion before and wanted a faster pace, more customization, and more one on one support

2.  WHO is Diet Rebellion Reboot NOT for?  Anyone who…

  • is NOT ready for a hard core food focused May!
  • cannot fully commit to an accelerated, fast paced, get it done 30 day program
  • is too scared to get honest inside of a coaching group and put their pitfalls out there so that support can come in fast and furious and on TARGET with exactly what you need.
  • does NOT have time for 1 – 2 webinars per week (15- 45 minutes) and 15 minutes daily to check into our Facebook group and read and interact inside.
  • does not want to learn to calculate calories or macros (protein, fats, carbs) and track at least 4 times per week the month of May.
  • want to prep for a bikini or physique competition.  This program is designed to make you cut weight but is not a contest prep program.
  • is looking for a specific meal plan with a specific eat this not that list.  Diet Rebellion teaches you how to incorporate foods that you love, not eliminate them.
  • does not have or want to have a Facebook account.