Group Class Descriptions


Vain –

Not CrossFit.  We lift but more like bodybuilders.  We do not prescribe weights but our coaches will help you select weights appropriate for what’s challenging for you.  We have lower body days, upper body days, and full body days.  50 minute strength based class focused on making all those “glamour” muscles pop.  We treat this class as seriously as any bodybuilder treats their training so it’s programmed into splits.  We change the muscle group splits once a month so make sure to open up your (SweatHuntsville) newsletter to check or email me directly and am absolutely 


Like Vain but for the booty 🙂 You can expect to hip thrust.  

Chisel & Sizzle 

It’s like Vain but with a pop of cardio.  




This is 45 minutes of heart pumping movement.  Expect interval training with battle ropes, med balls, the versa climber.


Still not CrossFit.  We do not burpee, box jump, or do major olympic lifting.  You can expect this class to be heart pumping like Drenched but will include a bit more weight training.   It might be interval training based like Drenched but will include reps and sets too.