Class Schedule/Descriptions/Pricing


Our newest class!  You can expect strength, mobility, cardio, and core work in 50 min.  Obviously the kettlebell is the main toy to be used in this class, but we go way beyond the swing here.  We don’t expect anyone to be kettlebell experts, though.  We will coach you, teach you, help you, and provide any modifications to make sure you get a great workout   


This class is the most authentic boxing class in town.  Forty five minutes of heavy bag work with MMA gloves provided, jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, barbells and body weight movements that will leave you feeling like you’re training for a fight!  Bring your stress, aggression, and motivation and we have the rest handled.


This class is a 45-50 minute circuit style workout utilizing all the functional training tools Sweat has to offer.  It’s intense and we change the format OFTEN so never expect the same ratios of cardio and strength.  As is our Sweat way, modifications are always at the forefront of our minds so rookies and pros will all get one helluva challenge!


50 minute strength based class focused on making all those “glamour” muscles pop.  We treat this class as seriously as any bodybuilder treats their training so it’s programmed into splits.  We change the muscle group splits once a month so make sure to open up your (SweatHuntsville) newsletter to check or email me directly and am absolutely happy to orient you.  (


Yoga for meatheads 🙂  Most folks at Sweat are tight from all their strength training.  What we try to do with this class is give folks an equal parts recovery, core, and stretch class.  Our goal is to challenge but not intimidate or overwhelm so we stay basic and consider it a huge win to have taken the time to give back to our hard working bodies.


This class changes in format but has at least one upper body push, upper body pull, knee dominant, hip dominant, and cardio movement.  30 minutes in length.  Expect multi-joint and powerful movements.


sweatlocal Memberships

* One Year Contract- $139/month for 12 months.  This gives you:

  • access to as many as 30 classes during the month.
  • our private FB group where in studio challenges are coached
  • exclusive #memberperks with discounts to local businesses
  • at home workouts available through our private FB group

*** Early cancellation carries a fee. 

* 3 Month Contract- $159/month for 3 months.

  • Access to as many as 30 classes during the month.
  • Access into private members only group where you’ll get free at home workouts and coaching.
  • After 3 months your membership you may repurchase another 3 months or choose another option that best fits your needs. 

* No Contract SINGLE Month – $180 for a single month.

  • Access to as many as 30 classes during the month.
  • At the end of the month you may repurchase this option or choose another membership or package that best suits your needs. 

*8 Classes/Month (recurring) – $100 – This is a NO contract option

  • 8 classes each month
  • Classes do not roll over
  • Payments are recurring
  • Cancel anytime, no penalty

sweatlocal class packs

First Week Free!!!! 

Drop In – $25 – single class 

8 Class Pack – 3 month expiration -$144 ($18/class)

18 Class Pack – 12 month expiration – $306 ($17/class)

28 Class Pack – 12 month expiration – $420 ($15/class