Total Training Experience 

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"How do I change the shape of my body?" "How many times should I workout?" "Am I ready for a group setting?" "Am I fit enough to lift weights?" "I'm gonna look stupid in the gym?"

If that sounds like you, we created our two week trial, The Total Training Experience, just for you:

  • "How do I change the shape of my body?" While cardio offers some tremendous benefits, it cannot do the work of ultimately bringing shape, tone, density, and strength into your muscles. If you're a seasoned lifter or a newbie, I promise we are ready to coach you up.
  • "How many times should I work out? We created the Total Training Experience to help you answer that for yourself. While a seasoned lifter might walk in to compare our methods and intensity to what they can do for themselves, a rookie might be taking us for a test drive to make sure we can help them with their form, their pace, the appropriate weight to use, and that they have fun with the challenge. Two weeks allows anyone the time needed to try out several classes and get to know our coaches as well.
  • "Am I ready for a group class setting?" Before booking your first class or semi private session you are asked to book a short 15 minute call with head coach & owner, Jeidi Pippins, to help you assess your first steps.
  • "Am I fit enough to lift weights?" Yes. And, of course. With that said, it's our job to help pace you and load you. We are not here to "beat you up" and "prove how sore we can make you." That's trash training and you will NOT find that here.
  • "I'm going to looks stupid in the gym!" It's very common for people to feel this way. It's usually the very thing that has stopped them from being successful working out. Diving into a smaller setting like a semi private session is usually the best place to start if this is you.
Sweatlocal group class setting with owner and coach, Jeidi Pippins

Two Weeks

Two weeks to put our classes, coaching, and schedule to your life test. Classes begin as early as 5 a.m. and as late as 5:30pm. All are open to you.

Group Classes

Should you lift or do cardio? How many reps should I do? Is this heavy enough? Am I doing this right?

Let go of ALL that workout anxiety, my friend. Our weekly schedule has all of that figured out for you.

Semi Privates

Slow things down, speed them up, spend time on form... semi privates are useful for so many reasons.

We tailor your experience to what YOU need.

I'm in!


We help the every day human #FeelBetterStronger.

We are a strength training based studio. We offer group classes and semi private personal training sessions.

We coach with heart and brains!

We are here to build you up, not break you to pieces.

Our programming is coordinated and calculated to get your results.