Our Mission - Vision - Values


We exist to elevate the everyday human to their best self by delivering kick ass workouts, coached by kick ass personal trainers, and fostering a kick ass meathead community.  


We envision a world where the every day human is unafraid to live their best life boldly.  



Honesty – When we show up authentically we demonstrate self respect, as well as, the deepest respect for others.  Honesty is often the most courageous choice.  

Inclusivity – Inclusivity is > than Exclusivity – How can we show up for someone else that feels out of place, lost, or unnoticed?

Optimism – We choose to see the best in everyone and in every situation first.  We believe we are all doing the best we can, when we can, with what we have. 

Friendship – Connection is an integral part of mental health and mental health is part of being fit

Accountability – What can I effect?  What’s mine to own?  What’s mine to change?   I am not in charge of my circumstances, but I am in charge of my reactions.  

Curiosity – “Curiosity is a shit-starter” – Brene Brown – We are willing to explore anything new, knowing it can lead to new beginnings.  

Punctuality – When I am on time, I tell people they can depend on me.