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Our commitment to your #HotHealthyHappy

Families take care of each other and this community is a chosen family.

As we received CDC issued information and other government guidelines, we sat down to create safety measures for PEOPLE we love, care for, and have the privilege to serve. You are not a number. You are not a paycheck. You are fam.

As a result, we are dedicated to the utmost cleanliness of our studio so that the health of our coaches, our clients, and our community at large is never in jeopardy.

Read below for current protocols but keep in mind the more we learn, the more we will fine-tune and update.

You will find our latest updates on this page!

Working out...

  • We strongly encourage you to wear a mask while working out inside of the studio to help catch as much respiratory droplet goo as possible.
  • Observe social distance by standing on your workout mat before and during class.
  • While working out outside, you must continue to practice social distancing guidelines.
  • We do not have a lobby therefore, please wait until the next class is done cleaning up to enter the facility. You may wait outside or in your cars.
  • Sanitize your hands with soap and water in the restroom or with hand sanitizer as soon as you walk in the doors.
  • Sanitize equipment before/after use. We have provided extra transition time between stations so we can do this thoroughly.
  • We have provided each person working out their own sanitizing bottle to use during class. No sharing... just like we cannot share equipment, we will not share sanitizing bottles.
  • To prevent cluttering we have provided each station with it's own trash can and plenty of paper towels.
  • We are providing home workouts w/ video tutorials to all our members and Zoom live coaching classes, as well, to accomodate those who prefer to workout with us at home.

Other changes to keep in mind...


While we normally are okay with your munchkins tagging along, these are not normal times. No kiddos at this time, please.


During this time where our in studio capacity is greatly impacted:

1. We are enforcing a strict 3 hour early cancellation policy for all in studio classes.

2. By helping us with your early cancellation you provide your sweat fam on the waitlist the ability to join class with time to plan. THANK YOU!

3. Late cancellations will incur a $10 fee.

4. NO SHOWS are a NO NOs. If you no show to an in studio class you will be charged $10 and your account will incur a "strike."

Strikes will freeze your sign up capabilities for next week's classes until the strikes are wiped out Monday morning.

5. Please read your waitlist responsibilites to the right.


By waitlisting you accept the responsbility of being on "STAND BY.""

1. Check your email and/or app frequently for notices.

2. Take yourself OFF THE WAITLIST when circumstances arise where you can no longer come.

3. Understand that if you hold two spots on waitlists and end up in both classes you are accepting the risk & fees associated with late cancelling or no showing to one of those classes.

Remember to stay home if...

  • You have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • You are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat. We realize allergies are coming into season, however, you will scare the bejeezus out of your sweatfam if your allergy related cough begins to get the best of you.
  • You have had a fever in the last 48 hours.

Brene Brown says, "How we lead, is who we are."

Before, during, and after this uncertain time we have chosen to stand out in this industry by leading with heart.

That has often meant doing the right thing over the easy, comfortable, popular, and most profitable route.

We are grateful for your patience, kindness, cooperation, and continued support. We know this has been a wild ride for everyone.

- Jeidi Pippins