Sweat Pledge

Here’s the deal…



We all have our own story, our own battles, our own goals.  Whether you are a well trained athlete or an exercise rookie, you have a home here.  While some of the classes look intimidating or you may think everyone else “looks” like they are fit… this place is about #gritandgratitude not about fitting a mold.

We want you here.  We promise to help you level up or level down as needed so you have one hell of a kick ass work out and actually love your process and journey instead of feel like it’s chore!


If your head’s not in the right place, this journey will feel like a battle rather than a process.  Our job is not only to help you understand how to move better, more efficiently, and to #loveyourworkout but heck… you gotta love your body as is, today, right now too!


People over profit.  People over policy.  It’s plain and simple but that’s how you take care of your crew.  If you ever have a problem or issue, hit me up on Facebook or at jeidi@sweathuntsville.com and we will work it out.  No stress.  No worries.