I don’t want you addicted to exercise. I want you addicted to the PROCESS!!
I want you to realize that the moment of weakness, the moment it feels like it’s too much, the moment you feel totally human, is the very moment you should continue to revisit, problem solve, compete against.
Those dig deep moments during a workout helped coach me through the hardest phases of my life…
Even today, my best workouts come when I bring my troubles, my pain, my heartache, my frustrations, my wounds to the gym floor.  I let the “this is too hard”, “the where do I go from here?”, “the what the hell do I do now,” or “the why me!” out with every drip of Sweat.
They let me find my threshold, break through it, and feel the release.
Workouts aren’t supposed to be all about the calorie in calorie out equation.
They teach you how to be weak, how to be strong, how to be vulnerable, or how to heal.
THAT’S what I want you addicted to…the process of unlayering you!