How to make a protein bomb sandwich

I’m a huge fan of making a protein bomb sandwich several times a week cause cooking isn’t my thing.  I go through phases where I can enjoy the kitchen but more often than not, I’m looking for ways to stay the hell out of it.

#ProteinBomb Sandwiches are one of the ways I survive a busy week or weekend, cause it’s easy, portable, and protein packed which means it’s going to keep my physique goals consistent.

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With that said, the whole idea behind this post is to make you less dependent on a set recipe and more in tune with the framework or formula so you are better able to satisfy the particular flavors you are wanting on any given day.

I can constantly come up with new protein bomb sandwiches because I never limit myself to a recipe… I’m working w/ a formula…

 here’s the #proteinbomb formula:



1.  it starts with protein

Unlike other sandwiches, a #proteinbombsandwich is unique in the sense that the star of the show is the MEAT, not the bread.  And while you could just slap on a burger patty and just move on, the whole point is variety while keeping the portability and convenience of a traditional sandwich.

So I start by deciding what flavors and what protein I want to eat that night.  I am not necessarily on the hunt for a sandwich recipe.

— chicken pesto, pork tenderloin, chicken fajitas, hot wings, grilled shrimp etc.  I’m going to google DINNER PROTEINS for my recipe base… not sandwiches!!!  What I purchase to complement my sandwich directly relates to this protein… more on that later.

I’ll cook my proteins and put no less than 4 oz of meat for each sandwich I make… (I almost always do more… 5oz… and men, it goes without saying you guys will be loading 6-8!)

2.  the stuffing

The veggies that you stuff your sandwich with are pulled directly from your protein recipe or desire.

So for example:

  • buffalo style chicken gets carrots and celery
  • chicken pesto gets tomatoes, arugula, spinach
  • chicken fajitas gets onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms

If you want more veggies than what fits on the bread, no problem.  That’s why the side salad was invented :)!!!  However, side salads are not very portable and each one of these suckers is filling enough that you I promise you that if you need more veggies in your life, they can wait til dinner time.

3.  the secret sauce

Sandwiches have to be given a little wetness to offset the dryness of the bread so, once again, your sauce will complement your dish.

But here’s a trick to I abide by: if there is a way I can sneak in a little extra protein factor to what’s typically just considered an added fat then I’m winning big time.

In other words, don’t just settle for ranch dressing when you can add that ranch dressing to some greek yogurt and get tons more wetness, flavor, and protein without a bunch of calories.

So think:

  • Avocado + cottage cheese + salsa,
  • guacamole +  greek yogurt,
  • greek yogurt w/ herbs,

4.  the portability factor- bread!!

Yeah, I know.  Bread has gotten a bad reputation and there is definitely a limit factor here if you want to keep this in a lean eaters style meal.  That’s why my personal choice is flatout bread/wrap for my protein bomb sandwiches.  Tons of protein and fiber which offset the moderate carbs in each “slice.”  With that said, I’m also a fan of WASA crackers since they are crazy hardy and crunchy too.

But I’m not opposed to any breads… period… as long you don’t lose sight that our goal is a PROTEIN BOMB, not a bread bomb, not a starch bomb!!!!

And that’s it… coordinate those 4 things and almost without fail your macros will come out with a 250-400 calorie monster sandwhich slammed with 30-50g of protein.

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