Fit and Fly by July


It's that time of year...The ONE time of year our 3-month membership goes on super sale. 

You can get all the perks of membership, WITHOUT the year-long commitment.



Truth bomb: You're NOT buying exercise. Exercising is actually FREE. 

You can do it right now, at home, in your undies. If exercise were the missing link, free YouTube videos, Instagram tutorials, and Facebook posts would have solved your fitness problems years ago. 

Yet here you are... 14 weeks before the pools open, tired of figuring out what work out to do, when to do it, and how to do it. And instead of heading into your big box gym and exercising, you're on your way home mad that you're not going in for the workout you promised you'd do, but way too EXHAUSTED from an intense day to choose differently.

Y'all sweatlocal doesn't exist to give you some fancy, over the top workout routine you've never seen before and need special training to pull off. 

We're not here to impress you with with flashy lights, monitors, and machines.

We're here to help you:

  • #NailTheBasics of strength training so that every movement provides RESULTS. 
  • Take the think work out of training so you can just walk in and FOCUS ON YOURSELF for a damn change.
  • Coach you on form so you don't get hurt and the right things are working at the right time.
  • Show you what light, medium, and heavy weight training feels like for your body so that you both strengthen and get the cuts and lines you want to see this summer.
  • Provide a weekly workout program that incorporates the attention your legs, core, and upper body need to see change but not experience overtraining.
  • Oh, and we're kind, nice, FRIGGIN' NORMAL PEOPLE who love the idea that fitness is about getting hot, getting healthy, and getting happy.  

So... sure... sweatlocal has exercise... But what people fall in love with is the environment, the coaching, and the expertise that gets them to work at a level they never knew they had in them!

You're not buying exercise. You're buying the mechanism that finally helps you 

Get Things Done.


Gonna brag. We're NERDY as hell here. 

We friggin' KNOW what we're doing and it's not because we took a 24-hour course on exercise.

We're certified personal trainers, have tons of experience, and pursue continuing education like it's our job... CAUSE IT IS!


While you can workout out at home, you'll pull off more reps, more sets, and more intensity than you ever thought possible here. 

The people, the environment, the coaching, and the program make magic.


Just show up. Srlsy... effective fitness is what you HIRE US to do FOR you. 

We've got the "how much cardio should I do" and "when should I lift" questions handled. 


The trifecta.

I mean I guess we're supposed to say "get healthy," but we think it's more than than okay to pursue fitness for hotness too. 

Of course our workout program is made to get you healthy... and we think that's rad. But the exercise techniques we use are very much about hotness. No shame in our game.

You're actually gonna like fitness!

Coaching, support, programming, modification, progression, and ACCOUNTABILITY... that’s what takes the dread and THINK work out of the whole fitness thing... especially if you don’t just naturally love it or have no time.

"Seriously well thought out studio with plenty of options to help anyone up their fitness game."


“I feel absolute challenge when I'm working out! But Jeidi (the owner) is awesome and caring. You're not just another member here. All the instructors instruct everyone on their fitness level! I love the atmosphere and I love my gym!!”


“Epic workout and I can't wait to keep going! Jeidi was great and it was a great environment for someone whose been 5+years removed from working out.”



We have members who've been working out hardcore for years AND folks who will be picking up dumbbells for the first time when they walk through the door. 

We think that's bomb.

We're not a competition based gym, so for us it's about meeting you here and now and taking you to the place YOU want to reach. 

That place may be really different than the person standing next to you. 

Some people thrive off performance. Some people just wanna get hot. Some folks wanna gain strength. Some folks wanna get consistent. Some people want to learn proper form so they stop hurting.

Gah! What's not to love about individuality!?!? 


Exercise is free. And leave-you-alone big box gyms are $15/month. 

If those things work for you, then cool. Do your thang boo.

What we find is that most people DO NOT work to their fullest potential this way — and it's not because they're lazy!

It's because their minds are already OVERWHELMED!

  • They're making decisions all day at work.
  • They're managing the house.
  • They're managing people at work.
  • They're managing their kids' schedules and school work.

And now... they have to manage their gym time?????

Oh, hell no!

Our programming, our environment, our expertise, our coaching is exactly what they need to get fit because they have no brain power to spare. 


If you’re not loving (or enjoying a love/hate relationship with...) your work outs, getting sweaty AF, and seriously upping your fitness game, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back. Really. If SweatLocal isn't for you, we’ll lovingly help you find another place to pursue your health, happiness, and hotness goals.

We'll commit to you and your #fitnessgoals 100%, while you get to test run us without the year-long commitment. Best of both worlds! Join our community and get FIT & FLY by JULY!

$150.00 $135.00/month

P.S. We're closing this deal April 4th (it is Fit & Fly by July!) Grab the discount while you can!

Still not 100% in? Got some questions?

I get it. You could have no idea who I am or what sweatlocal is... and this is a big commitment. Use the button below to email me anything that might be making you hesitate. I'll be checking my inbox so I can answer your questions personally.



We are a class based collective personal training studio taking a #muscleandmindset and #gritandgratitude approach to how we train and educate our clients.  

As a group of certified personal trainers we are in charge of creating our own classes and programs but methodically plan and coordinate as a team to ensure we help you create a strong and lean physique while preventing injury and over training.  

Our monthly schedule changes to prevent adaptation and includes high and low impact classes so that joints are strengthened not battered. Our studio seeks to provide you the motivation and sound training needed to make fitness and health a lifelong commitment.