I am so excited you are getting in on this challenge!!!!
Here’s what you need to do…

1.  Click here to join Sweat Unfiltered.  I’ll be emailing once a week with our very best strength and workout tips!  My job is to keep you safe and motivated and Sweat Unfiltered is where I do my very best coaching.

2.  #SweatStrongChallenge is a #muscleandmindset INSTAGRAM challenge combined so there are several ways to win.  Keep reading!
3.  There will be ONE weekly winner and 4 overall winners– a total of 8 INSTAGRAM winners so take as many pictures as possible!!!  ENTRIES MUST be submitted on Instagram.  Get an instragram account and follow us @sweathuntsville
4.  Weekly winners are chosen based on the week’s theme… your picture and post is meant to teach others how lifting and pushing  yourself to the max has elevated your definition of each word.  You gotta dig deep!
SUCCESS- Sept 15- 21
ENJOYMENT- Sept 22-28
Without a doubt, QUALITY > QUANTITY.  I don’t want the #SweatStrongChallenge turning into some shit show for lululemon (the coveted prizes!!).  I mean we will go bonkers over lulu and I totally get that…
But, every entry is not considered EQUAL!  #sorrynotsorry
One post, with an awesome picture and post that is teaching someone something VALUABLE about how lifting #heavyAF has created a more resilient you, is better than 10 tags and 10 hashtags that merely demonstrate, I want to win free shit.  Right?  Reasonable.  Logical.
But, btw, if you have a lot of awesome stuff to say about resiliency then OMG, hell to the yeah!!!  PREACH!  COACH!  #bethechange.  We need more Rainbows and Unicorns in this world!!

5.  Every single time you post to Instagram it is considered an entry!  Post 10 pictures if you like!!!

But each picture MUST:  

a.  use the hastag #SweatStrongChallenge

b.  tag us @sweathuntsville

In other words… MAKE IT EASY FOR US TO FIND YOU!!!

6.  The 4 MONTHLY winners are based on THEIR PERCENTAGE of progress throughout the 4 weeks.  You vs. You mentality not comparison approach.  

We are tracking STRICT pull ups, 3 min push ups, 3 rep RDL’s, and 3 rep Front Squats.
7.  To be eligible for the tracking side of this you MUST email me at jeidi@sweathuntsville.com.  I will give you ACCESS to the sheet we are ALL using to track our front squat, romanian deadlift, push up, and pull up progress.  Once you email me, I will send you an email back and explain to you anything you need to know about tracking.  It will be very similar to last year.


What do I win?

A.  WEEKLY winners- lululemon athletica Huntsville – PICK A PAIR OF BOTTOMS… yeah… ANY BOTTOMS you want… they are yours.


Pretty damn amazing, right?


Yeah, that’s because it’s a pretty huge thing we are asking you to do.


Post, Tag, and Teach!  Takes some cojones, we think, and that needs to be rewarded!!!


B.  MONTHLY winners… more lululemon :)… This time, in the form of a $20 gift card, but this card can get mailed directly to you if you are not in town.  Use it online if you like!


Do I need to be a member?

However, we do realize that proximity to the lululemon athletica Huntsville may play a role in enticing you to submit you entry.  We hope that regardless, you find solid value in showing folks how physical fitness and endurance has enhanced your life.image
We absolutely would love to see you invite your friends and family where ever they may be to be a part of #SweatStrongChallenge and would love to see how you kill it wherever you may workout!!

Members only perk!  Open gym hours…

If you need some extra time to work on your benchmarks, there are extra hours available only to you guys.  This is NOT on our schedule nor do you need to sign up.
Just show up!
We will have a short WOD, you can workout with your trainer, or just put on headphones and do your thang.
Thursday nights beginning September 1st:  6:30-7:30pm
Saturday mornings beginning September 3rd:  11am-12pm