HUNTSVILLE, AL APRIL 15, 2018 | 2 - 5pm

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We'll go dive into introspective work and journaling to find out the source of our power and where it goes when we give it away, or if it's taken from us. You'll learn to bring your power back to yourself and find it in quiet ways.


You'll learn practical ways you can use daily to define your boundaries through large group discussion, small groups for relationship building and training, and discussion of more intimate conversation topics.


When you're equipped with tactics to defend your boundaries in real life, it changes the way you feel about our own vulnerability. You'll walk away able to use your body and voice in powerful, unapologetic ways.


Think back to a time when you were overlooked, disrespected, talked over, pushed around, or expected to conform and silence your voice. 

We would venture to guess that every single woman has a handful of incidents that come to mind. 

Maybe it caught you by surprise, and you didn't know how to respond. Maybe you stuffed down your frustration and shame. Maybe you even convinced yourself that YOU must have done something wrong. 

Can you relate?

That's why we created this event. So women won't be afraid to take up TIME and SPACE anymore. This workshop will equip you with tools so you can finally have a presence, comfort and sense of POWER in your body and voice.  

You will walk away from this event with new ways to access your most powerful self.  

  • Introspective tactics for discovering and defining your own personal boundaries.
  • Practical, situational training for regaining your power in vulnerable moments.
  • Grounding practices for a calm and powerful presence.
  • A yoga practice specially designed to center you in moments of overwhelm.
  • A new powerful tribe of women where you belong.

We want you to know what it means to stand in your personal power.

Own your boundaries. Communicate them clearly to those around you. And be prepared to defend them when (not if) the time comes.


ERIN BROWN is a writer, speaker and activist inspired by raising her own daughter to change the landscape of what it means to be a woman. She does so first and foremost by looking directly at her own baggage. Her work is about women and autonomy. It encompasses body image, health, shame, guilt and abuse. She will be leading the group in conversations about power, taking it back, restoring it in ourselves and moving forward in a new way.

Her workshops blend a conversation about internalized oppression with emotional well being. With her backgrounds in social work, social justice and wellness, we won't skip over the big feelings or the real challenges we face. Her goal is always for participants to walk away with a better understanding of themselves as well as practical tools for living in alignment with their own values. Common themes are body image, leadership, emotional boundaries, and real life self care.


"It is through our voices, not our silence that healing will come."

 I want us to change the narrative of what it means to be female. Not a new set of limiting rules. But actually living by our own values. To honor the fully expressed, individual, multi-dimensional people we are. I believe to get there we have to be honest about our own stories. We have to look at our old ways of operating. We have to embody the change we want to see. I want my daughter to look up and see women who seek commonality through passionate ideals, shared values, working together and not self-depreciation and shame. We are the generation of women to create just that.


sweatlocal 2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr. SE Huntsville, Alabama 35802

Huntsville's inaugural EMPOWHER event will be held at sweatlocal in Jones Valley.


Space is extremely limited as this event will be held at sweatlocal! Grab your ticket as early as possible to ensure you get a spot.


We're proud to be partnering with local nonprofit, Susie's Wish. Susie's Wish sends patients with life threatening illnesses to the beach with their families. They are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization which works with both Huntsville Hospital Foundation, Alabama, and Hospice Family Care, Huntsville, AL, and organized by a 13-member Board of Directors. They raise money to send patients to the beach along the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast. Condos are donated by families & corporate sponsors, and money is donated through various fundraising events and grants to pay toward the patient's food and travel. To Sponsor, Donate, or Volunteer, please contact: susieswish@gmail.com. You can visit their website here.


Thank you to our incredible partners in supporting and empowering women. We couldn't do it without you!