Love is about DEPTH not WIDTH

autumn moments

A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me just how important “likes” and hearts were to a teenager’s social media life.  Before then, I had not considered just how much validation comes from the hit of a button, but once I started paying attention, THE GAME CHANGED!!!

Those pre-teens and teens can post a picture and in less than a minute have HUNDREDS of likes.

Did you know that anything less than 200 likes means you should take down your picture?

OMG… I must erase about 99.9% of everything I do on private and business social media!

I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!


Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Tumblr, Pinterest, or SnapChat don’t measure the DEPTH of our relationships.

The amount of times I get hit up to “buy” followers is gross!  I don’t want store bought relationships.


I want each and every single one of my likes and followers to WANT to be here, to feel like what Sweat puts out there needs to be seen by more people, to relate to our story and our vibe, to be impacted by our messages!

Take the opportunity today and be grateful for each and every single relationship in your life that’s REAL… that runs DEEP.

And we don’t need hundreds to be happy.  We only need ONE!!!

DUMP the diet!!

It’s happened again…that meeting where our supposed “missing link” is about outlining specific, super strict, food rules that will shred weight off people in weeks and send our memberships through the roof.  Sexy diets sell.


Hey fitness industry…meet the new standard…Sweat Fitness Studio in Huntsville, where research is read and studied on the regular, where science not money dictates how we train and what nutritional recommendations we provide.


“But most of these diets are not sustainable for the long haul. They prescribe either an unrealistically low daily calorie level, the elimination of major food groups, or specific food combinations, all of which may be impractical for longterm, day-to-day living. Thus, within one to five years, all of the weight is regained, and then some. In fact, science supports this phenomenon, with studies indicating that not only are weight loss interventions rarely effective in the long term, but that dieting is a consistently strong predictor of future weight gain.” Cristen Harris, PhD, RDN, CSSD, CD, CES, FAND


It boils down to ETHICS!  It’s a DANGEROUS disservice to not acknowledge the metabolic diversity that exists in humans, to not promote self respect for all body shapes and sizes, to put weight loss over physical and mental wellness, and to promote over-training or discourage recovery in pursuit of revenue.

We will have no part of that at Sweat…insert good vs. evil super hero group photo here 🙂