The Year of Bold

It’s absolutely insane that sweatlocal has been in existence for over 5 years and it wasn’t until this Fall that I sat down to write our EXACT mission and vision statements.

You see, I’m a free thinker when it comes to business (and fitness) and so I outwardly reject or at least QUESTION a lot of established norms.  

Take the phrase, “It not personal.  It’s just business.” for example.  It’s often used to make hard decisions land softly except uhm… no… we work with and for humans.

It’s all mother effin’ personal!!!!

Business decisions impact PEOPLE and PEOPLE impact business.  I believe losing sight of that connection diminishes your services, creativity, hospitality, influence, and impact. #peoplematter

Well then, I guess that means I must embrace the idea that “The customer is always right?” 

Except… NO to that too. 

The client (and I hate that clinical word) ALWAYS HAS A VOICE and a DIRECT AVENUE to communicate with me but there are lines that CANNOT be crossed and that are not up for negotiation.   

Touch a trainer or another client inappropriately, refuse to work next to someone because of their religion, the color of their skin, their physical abilities, their sexual orientation, then that client is actually NOT RIGHT, should be called out on it, without any regard to losing their business.  

There are lines in the sand that we ALL have to draw.

And while I’ve always KNOWN and been COMFORTABLE with these out of the box operating procedures, I have come to understand that without your mission, vision, and principles explicitly written you can get LOST or off course in the middle of a big storm.

  • You must be CLEAR about your destination BEFORE the disruption.

  • You must be CONFIDENT with your navigation system BEFORE the surge appears.

  • You must be ANCHORED to your principles and values to hold on to your integrity because the RIGHT THING is often the HARDEST THING TO DO.

And so as #leggo2017 began to come to a close, I took a major deep dive into the very essence of our existence and I came out of that reflective process ENERGIZED, DRIVEN, FOCUSED, and EMBOLDENED like never before.

2018 is THE YEAR OF BOLD, as a result.

I’ve got some things on our 2018 agenda you may not be expecting but you’ll soon not forget.

Several things are in the brewing stages as of yet, but THEY WILL HAPPEN.

And so before all those things come to light, I wanted you to SEE and KNOW EXACTLY what we’re after, where we are going, and the values we bring to the table. 

Here is our road map and our anchor.  

sweatlocal mission:

We exist to EMPOWER and CONNECT each person with their inherent strength so that they can live their best life.  

sweatlocal vision:

We envision a world where people are unafraid to tackle life boldly.  

sweatlocal principles and C.O.R.E values

  1. Radical Truth – the personal freedom to show up in this world exactly as yourself and know it is exactly enough.
    1. Courage in the face of rejection.
    2. Ownership of strengths and imperfections.
    3. Respect for ourselves and others.
    4. Effort, because while RADICAL TRUTH is simple, it’s often the hardest thing to do. #dothehardthinganyways
  2. Radical Accountability – Outcomes are a direct result of our own actions and inactions.  
    1. Courage in the face of consequence. 
    2. Ownership in actions and words.
    3. Responsibility because we are 100% responsible for what happens and doesn’t happen to us.  (Don’t worry that someone else isn’t taking their 100% responsibility.  Eyes on your own damn paper!)
    4. Effort – You are in control of yourself and no one else.   Blame is disempowering.  
  3. Radical Resilience – success is paved by mistakes well handled
    1. Courage to take action despite fears.
    2. Ownership – It’s not about never making a mistake, it’s about what you do next. 
    3. Reaction – You cannot always control your circumstances, but you always control your reaction to them.
    4. Effort – While failures are inevitable effort decides if you fail up or fall down #getgritty

I’m proud of what you see above.  (Radical Truth)

I’m sad it took me 5 years and some madness to realize the potential and progress I was leaving behind too.  (Radical Accountability)

But, I’m insanely excited for what is to come! (Radical Resilience)

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 #NonNegotiable – It’s simply an adjective or a noun emphasizing a value that is not up for discussion, compromise, or sale.

I’m not quite sure when I started using the term but it’s been in my vernacular for years.
* As a mom, I’ll have to remind my kids…”No screens on weekday morning, NONNEGOTIABLE!”
* As a coach, you’ll definitely hear me yell…”Roll those shoulders back, stick out your butt, hinge at the hip, and keep your back flat as a board.  Remember your NONNEGOTIABLES!!!
It’s only recently, though, that I’ve gotten comfortable with my role as business owner/creator and realized that it has been our standard of #NonNegotiables that has resonated so deeply with people in our community.  As the pressure to expand is becoming more and more real we, for sure, have had to sit down and make sure that we don’t lose the essence of who we are.


Consistency is OUR problem!
Consistency is OUR problem!


I don’t argue with the thought on the poster.  I have a problem with how it’s put into practice in the fitness industry.
1.  People have a natural tendency to do in the gym what they are already good at
2.  People don’t have the time or energy to think about a balanced, effective program
3.  Traditional forms of group fitness create 1-3 basic programming formulas that get repeated and regurgitated week in and week out.
Eventually, these factors create plateaus and low motivation.

Industry News Flash…It is NOT JUST the responsibility of the athlete to be consistent.  It is the facilities problem to solve too!

We program the way we program, we hire the way we hire, we change the way we change because we believe consistency is the OUR burden as well.
 12182048_10156132331800324_312400250_n sandbag push
12177905_10156132336565324_1719366904_n12179460_10156132334990324_921780364_nIf we don’t
12180158_10156132360045324_1528576502_n 12181873_10156132360050324_436942901_n 12181994_10156132354810324_1190060693_nwant you to plateau, if we don’t want you to get
injured, if we don’t want your motivation to slump, if we don’t want it to ever feel easy then our minds are always creating, developing, and changing to meet that standard.
It’s not easy.  It’s not cheap.  It’s definitely not common.  It doesn’t matter.  #BeBetter #DoMore #NonNegotiable

2.  THROW AWAY THE RULE BOOK! – NonNegotiable

My kids didn’t come with a “how-to” manual and guess what?  I’m a KICK ASS mom and they are KICK ASS kids, regardless.

I contend what makes a mom or dad great is when they stop worrying about what other’s think is the right and wrong way to parent and formulate rules, protocols, and procedures based on THEIR OWN family dynamic.

Same thing applies at Sweat!


Workouts vary, formats vary, exercises vary, dietary guidelines vary…b/c individuality MATTERS…but that value goes far beyond the workout side of what we do…


It never ceases to surprise me when someone is taken aback by how painlessly we extend an expiration date or give back a missed class simply because there was a death in the family, a child throwing up the night before, or a medical reason beyond their control that needed attention.


People are good.  People are honest.  I’m not basing my decisions on the few and far between that are not.  That’s ludacris.


The #loveyourpeople mentality is NONNEGOTIABLE!


I have NO CLUE how all of this will translate into our future but I do know how we operate is not up for discussion, compromise, or sale!