How do I cut up my shoulders?

Bolder, Boulder Shoulders!

I know… we like being strong… but, if we’re being honest, we also want for that hard work to become obvious.

We look for those lines on our arms and our legs as proof that we are moving things in the right direction.

Nothing wrong with that!

Fitness can be about health and wellness but no need to apologize if there’s a little vanity mixed in there too!!!  I mean we didn’t name a class Vain by accident people!!

This post is not going to be about food or diet but suffice to say that what you drink and eat plays a big part in hypertrophy (muscle gain) and fat gain and even on the daily look of “crispness” in the muscles you’re presenting.  If you want to know more about this or be coached through this then Diet Rebellion is where you want to go.

For now, let’s just focus on shoulders b/c for sure this is one area that is of main interest to men and women alike.

To do that… I’ve written out for you a Vain style workout served up 3 different ways- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

So just like at Sweat in Vain you might see just ONE workout, focused on ONE muscle group, we’re not going to prescribe it as THE ONE AND ONLY way to get the job done.

You’ve got to meet yourself where you are and push that boundary slightly every time you workout so that you end up with results not scheduled surgeries.

I’ve provided video tutorials to each level so you are well guided!

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Love Your Workout Week – Win lululemon!

The number one way to make working out a habit is to absolutely LOVE the way you move.  You have to look forward to the physical and mental challenge and ENJOY how that workout gives right back to your body and soul!

It’s one of our main focuses at Sweat… so we are kicking off February with Love Your Workout Week, a brand new workout schedule (check your inboxes), TRX Yoga, and another special event Champagne and Chaturanga on Valentine’s Day!  

Make sure to open your SweatHuntsville email this week not only for full details, the scoop on our $14 drop-in sale, but also a sneaky way to earn bonus points for that coveted lululemon gift card for our #loveyourworkout Facebook picture contest.   


Every morning for the next 7 days at 7:45 our Facebook page will have full instructions on how to feature our #loveyourworkout theme of the day and win a $20 gift card provided to you by lululemon athletica Huntsville!!  You DO NOT have to be a Sweat member to win BUT you must be Huntsville/Madison resident.

Those on the email list have a sneak peek at the whole week plus an extra way to get bonus points, but to make sure that everyone is ready to roll for tomorrow here’s a peek at Monday—

Monday, Feb 1 Theme:  #loveyourworkout GEAR

You know that workout outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer the world… the one that makes you feel totally badass… your “I’m about to own this workout” gear is what we want to see.  It can be ANY particular brand but if it’s lululemon you should totally give our local store some Facebook love and tag them too!!  You can find their handle- @lululemonHuntsville.

@SweatHuntsville… OMG, anything and everything with a fun back makes me feel bad ass! #loveyourworkout


1.  Post a picture with you in your favorite workout outfit

2.  Tag us… our handle can be found like this: @SweatHuntsville

3.  Use the hashtag #loveyourworkout

4.  How you pose and anything you choose to say beyond that is simply bonus points in your quest to snag that lululemon gift card.  Goofy, sweaty, fierce, sexy, and/or strong…we LOVE it all!!

FEBRUARY WORKOUT SCHEDULE is completely different!!!!- check your inboxes!!


DUMP the diet!!

It’s happened again…that meeting where our supposed “missing link” is about outlining specific, super strict, food rules that will shred weight off people in weeks and send our memberships through the roof.  Sexy diets sell.


Hey fitness industry…meet the new standard…Sweat Fitness Studio in Huntsville, where research is read and studied on the regular, where science not money dictates how we train and what nutritional recommendations we provide.


“But most of these diets are not sustainable for the long haul. They prescribe either an unrealistically low daily calorie level, the elimination of major food groups, or specific food combinations, all of which may be impractical for longterm, day-to-day living. Thus, within one to five years, all of the weight is regained, and then some. In fact, science supports this phenomenon, with studies indicating that not only are weight loss interventions rarely effective in the long term, but that dieting is a consistently strong predictor of future weight gain.” Cristen Harris, PhD, RDN, CSSD, CD, CES, FAND


It boils down to ETHICS!  It’s a DANGEROUS disservice to not acknowledge the metabolic diversity that exists in humans, to not promote self respect for all body shapes and sizes, to put weight loss over physical and mental wellness, and to promote over-training or discourage recovery in pursuit of revenue.

We will have no part of that at Sweat…insert good vs. evil super hero group photo here 🙂


Revival- End the year strong!

There are only 8 weeks left before we leave 2014 and enter into a brand new year.  Without a doubt, THIS is the season many fall off the fitness wagon and end up making December the “fattest month of the year.”  Weight gain sky rockets during the holidays and while we understand why this happens, we won’t let this happen without a fight!

We want to REVIVE your 2014 New Year Resolutions and make sure you greet 2015 feeling great about who you are and what you have already accomplished!

Mark your calendars because the 7 Deadly Sins of Fitness Challenge begins on Monday and will take you through almost until the end of the year!  You will get a new food challenge each week to TACKLE and STACK so that in 7 weeks you are eating as if bikini season was right around the corner.  We know there will be a few, worthy occasions where you will not and should not adhere to the challenges but your goal is to get right back on track the next day after those cheats are over.

In addition, you will be given a simple, no equipment workout to do at home or at Sweat.  We expect you to do this workout once a week and to keep track of your total reps.  Each week your goal is to beat your previous rep count.  Don’t cheat yourself by breaking form either!  Push to fail and rest for success.

Check your inboxes this weekend and Facebook for more details and updates.

Get your friends together, commit, and share.  Let’s do this!

Nov. 3- Sloth

Nov. 10- Envy

Nov. 17- Wrath

Nov. 24- Gluttony

Dec. 1- Lust

Dec. 8- Pride

Dec. 15- Greed