3 Ways that make you DO the things you KNOW

You can KNOW what it takes to lose weight, run faster, lift heavier, start a business, change careers, re-organize your house, etc… and accomplish none.

You can read all the books, blogs, magazines, talk to all the experts, make friends with all the right people, and get all the diplomas and certifications you want and still never really reach your destination.

Isn’t it, at least, curious that we can simultaneously KNOW “all the right information” and end up DOING none of it?

That’s because…


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Meal Prep Minimalism

Once upon a time perfect food prep was my security blanket against losing a body I had worked (and over worked) to create.

Every day I knew exactly what I was eating, when I was eating it, and how much I was eating.

My formula for lean was set in stone.

In fact, I was so strict any event, travel plans, or appointment that could possibly put a hiccup on my strict schedule was a source of stress.

I thought nothing of avoiding an event that would make it difficult for me to adhere to plan or arrive at appointments completely food prepped w/ tupperware or canned tuna.

Hiding my food in my purse or car to evade judgement was very common.

Seriously, I once excused myself to go eat oatmeal in the bathroom of Mezza Luna because the only carb I’d allow myself to eat at dinner had to be whole and completely plain.

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The Audacity and Bias of a Woman in Shape

The email below comes to you as an email originally meant for my eyes only.  It was written in the heat of the moment when our feelings about being challenged or being hurt are still getting sorted.

In other words, don’t you dare get hung up on misspellings and punctuation because the messages are too DAMN POWERFUL to ignore!

Your boldness, your audacity as a female lifter, as a female with muscles, as a female who believes in and loves the power of her body, can absolutely rub others the wrong way.  

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Weight Loss Is Not Punishment… but it ain’t a walk in the park either.

When the weather warms our motivation, focus, and IMPATIENCE to lean out increases dramatically.

It’s that anxiety that oftentimes causes us to go on extreme, restrictive, low calorie diets where we depend on will power after every meal and cheats are seen as a lack of discipline.

However, I coach, promote, and do things differently when I’m trying to shred down a bit.  I’m actually a huge fan of small, daily cheats in order to reduce food anxiety, reduce food cravings, and manipulate hunger.   In other words getting off plan is literally part of the plan.

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Rainbows and Unicorns

I am not ashamed of my story.

I’ve shared it before, just much more privately in Sweat Unfiltered last year and coincidentally this week.

So when pictures like these were shared last night through social media by people who know how brutal 2012 was for my family, I was literally touched beyond words.

For those who don’t know, and are perplexed by my half joking war cry of “rainbows and unicorns,” here’s a little back ground…


July 12, 2012 Lawrence and I got the loan to open up Sweat.

July 13, 2012 Lawrence lost his job.

A one income home became a zero income home.  

Dramatic 24 hours.

One helluva Friday the 13th, right?

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We Catch What We Watch – Food tracking that isn’t insane

We catch what we watch… plain and simple.

There are about a bazillion food tracking apps for that very reason… because in THEORY monitoring your meals makes food management easier.

If done correctly food tracking brings self awareness, knowledge, accountability, and reduces analysis paralysis about what to eat later in the day.

Those are all HUGE wins in weight loss…

However, more often than not…

food tracking drives people absolutely NUTS!!!!

In coaching hundreds of men and women through weight loss, the biggest mistake I observe is people treating tracking as an “all or nothing” endeavor.

  •  If they don’t have the time to track every single morsel of food, in the exact brand, in exact quantities consumed then they feel defeated or torment themselves with their data’s “inaccuracy.”


In essence, their good intentions make food awareness an UNSUSTAINABLE behavior so it never becomes habit and they can’t reap the benefits of learning about our food habits.

So, what I want to do today is show you a few tricks on how to track, not obsesses… how to monitor… not micromanage.

I want to show you how the “every day active person” should track so that you stop thinking you have to track w/ the meticulous nature of a food competitor.  There is a middle ground!!

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