Why messy starts trump clean slates…

So this is high season for parties and get togethers which means overeating and over drinking can become a trend.

By December, the free for all’s mount, weight gain appears, and fat loss anxiety begins to peak.

I have learned, through much trial and error, that the fastest way to remedy any stress is to plan less and just take action!

I regain focus this way.

I feel in my power.

So even if one decision doesn’t make my problem go away, I’ve at least put myself in the drivers seat, I’m moving forward, and that feels damn good.

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How do I cut up my shoulders?

Bolder, Boulder Shoulders!

I know… we like being strong… but, if we’re being honest, we also want for that hard work to become obvious.

We look for those lines on our arms and our legs as proof that we are moving things in the right direction.

Nothing wrong with that!

Fitness can be about health and wellness but no need to apologize if there’s a little vanity mixed in there too!!!  I mean we didn’t name a class Vain by accident people!!

This post is not going to be about food or diet but suffice to say that what you drink and eat plays a big part in hypertrophy (muscle gain) and fat gain and even on the daily look of “crispness” in the muscles you’re presenting.  If you want to know more about this or be coached through this then Diet Rebellion is where you want to go.

For now, let’s just focus on shoulders b/c for sure this is one area that is of main interest to men and women alike.

To do that… I’ve written out for you a Vain style workout served up 3 different ways- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

So just like at Sweat in Vain you might see just ONE workout, focused on ONE muscle group, we’re not going to prescribe it as THE ONE AND ONLY way to get the job done.

You’ve got to meet yourself where you are and push that boundary slightly every time you workout so that you end up with results not scheduled surgeries.

I’ve provided video tutorials to each level so you are well guided!

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Shred vs Beast Mode

The #1 thing I want you to understand is that gaining muscle AND losing fat DOES NOT HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

When you shred, you are LOSING both fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines your ratio of fat to muscle loss.  Obviously your goal is to lose as much fat and retain as much muscle as possible.  Which is what we do in Diet Rebellion.

When you are in “Beast Mode” or Strength mode you are GAINING fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines the ratio of fat to muscle gain.  Obviously your goal is to gain as LITTLE fat and as MUCH muscle as possible.

Below is a short 8 minute video explaining how to do this properly.

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Canned green beans and french fries…the advice fit pros forget about

Can we just go back to making reality Instagram-able, Snap Chat-able, and Facebook-able again???

Honestly, I believe the fitness industry has hit a point where it’s got to become much more transparent to actually be of any help to people.

There is POWER IN THE ORDINARY and we’ve got to get back to those basics!!!!

Simplicity creates focus.

Focus creates consistency.


Consistency is king of results!!!!!

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Focus is Finite. And it Matters!!

People don’t buy exercise… they buy CONSISTENCY!!

Don’t believe me … head over to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snap Chat and you will find an endless menu of exercise videos, pics, and programs to choose from.

With so much FREE exercise available why are people still struggling for results?

Because people are too tired, too busy, and have way too much on their plate to take the information overload and make any sense of it.

Screenshot 2016-04-02 12.18.58

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Favorite Pics of the Week

A huge reason why people walk into Sweat and decide we are the right place for them has to do with one word, INTENSITY.


And, as we define it, INTENSITY is a conscious decision to meet a challenge, to your fullest capability, despite obvious discomfort.

Which means REAL INTENSITY is hard as hell to do at home, alone, with no accountability, and then to repeat it consistently enough to create change.

Equally as difficult is to program for yourself movements that you are acutely aware are difficult to perform and execute.

That’s not because you are weak in mind and spirit but because intensity doesn’t feel good in the moment.  It down right sucks at times so it’s counter intuitive to choose a high level of intensity and stick with it from beginning to end.

However, in class, when you look around and notice that others are enduring what you are considering to quit, it switches your mindset from mindless maintenance mode and into I’ve got what it takes.  I’m capable of more.  I’m ready to endure because I’m in the pursuit of better.


And while we, at Sweat, embrace wholeheartedly the many different fitness levels that will naturally exist within a class setting, INTENSITY creates the same physiological effects for everyone, rookie or pro, and that’s pure sweat.

The challenge of HEAVY and/or FAST, makes your heart rate go up and makes your muscles burn.  That heat from your body means your body is now taxed with the need to cool itself off.  Sweat is your BIO FEEDBACK that you’re not just moving but are working out and kicking ass.

(See, I don’t just hate to open the doors and let cold winter air in b/c I’m cold natured.  Opening the doors in the winter or keeping it too cool inside takes away the crazy important feedback you need to have in order INTENSITY UP to your max level!  I literally witness your ability to work hard drop within the first 2 minutes.)


Way to DIG DEEP this week, btw.

My phone was littered with examples of hard work so I chose a few of my favorites for you to check out and share.  I love to post our classes on Facebook and Instagram so make sure you check us out there too!!!!

Rita killin' it on the rowers
Rita killin’ it on the rowers
Linda killin' it
Linda killin’ it
10a.m. 20/20/20 circuit 1
10a.m. 20/20/20 circuit 1
TRX 9a.m.
TRX 9a.m.
TRX 9a.m. Everest/rows
TRX 9a.m. Everest/rows
Jennifer Mckannan Switch kick
Jennifer Mckannan Switch kick
Punch 8a.m.
Punch 8a.m.







David Garnett switch kick
David Garnett switch kick
Push Up to Pike "Hibbs and Holly"
Hibbs and Holly
Vain day Wednesday 5:30a.m. Leg day
Wednesday 5:30a.m. Leg 
Thursday crew
Thursday crew
Punch 5:30pm Thursday crew
Punch 5:30pm crew
Thursday crew
Thursday crew
Legs and lungs
Legs and lungs
Burpees Before
Burpees before
burpees after
Burpees after
gorgeous lateral lunge
gorgeous lateral lunge
Sylvette and Jessica working hard as always
Sylvette and Jessica working hard as always

The Case for New Year’s Resolutions

Should you make a New Year’s Resolution or forget about it.  After all, don’t they almost all fail anyways?

First and foremost…Not just YES but HELL YES you need make a New Year’s Resolution!!!  WHY?

1.  It makes you recommit yourself to being your best.  Saying you’ve got more to do and more to prove to yourself is a #GSD statement of ACTION.  It’s you admitting that you have the ability to level up and the belief in yourself to accomplish it!  That’s big time!

2.  It makes you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Those ACTION statements of “I am going to lose weight/eat clean/run more/lift more/ study more/ then become questions of  how!  Holy smokes…now we have begun the process of reflection!

What are my barriers?  What am I already doing right?  What do I know how to do, but need to get consistent with?  What can I take on immediately?  What part of my goal needs to wait for spring?  Who is my support system?  How do I get them to help me?

For those of us who reflect often, we KNOW that this is one of the key reasons we stay focused through hard times, through failures, through the low part of the motivation wave.  New Year’s Resolutions are a time of assessment for EVERYONE and good things come from taking the time to do that.

3.  It’s a rejection of complacency.  Past success doesn’t equate to future success.  Past failures don’t signify future ones either.  Those New Year’s Resolutions keep us thinking ahead and being excited for what we could potentially claim soon.  Our past becomes less valuable than our futures and I love that mindset!!

Of course, there’s no denying that a large amount of New Year’s Resolutions die fast and hard.

So, where do folks go wrong?  They focus solely on the outcome instead of the journey.


Reaching your goal/outcome is NOT a 1, 2, 3 linear, step by step instruction manual.  Breaking that mindset is is priority #1.

Getting to that big, lofty declaration statement you create at the end of this year will take daily, weekly, monthly effort.

Patience + Persistence + Practice

That means embracing a plentitude failures as learning experiences.  That means constantly reassessing your strategy, your training, your practices.  That means consistently pursuing progress in small increments rather than big lumps.

BUT DOESN’T ALL OF THAT SOUND EXCITING?!?!?!  Doesn’t working hard as hell at something you feel strongly about make you crazy enthusiastic about 2016!!!!????!!!!

OMG, I hope so.  I hope you have inside at least that one dream that scares the bejeezus out of you every time you sit down to plan it out.  So do it!!  #GSD this year.

Recommit yourself, evaluate yourself, and REJECT complacency!  You’re ready for the patience, persistence, and practice it takes to be the very best version of you in 2016!!

The Power of One begins at Sweat January 4th!  Email to general Sweat list goes out this week!  Make sure you have opted in for Sweat emails.

The Power of One January 2016 – Click here to print

Screenshot 2015-12-27 08.49.12

Resolutions for 2016

I can feel the nervousness building at Sweat as the holidays continue and the overeating begins to feel routine vs. an every once in a while splurge.

January 4th, we will begin a Jump Start at Sweat.  You will have two choices.


Blog Post


Power of One- a SINGLE focus and commitment to one major behavior change.

I BELIEVE in the Power of One.  Research tells us that simplicity in behavior change creates SUCCESS.

Many times, we can get so inundated by unnecessary nutritional details that we set ourselves up for disaster.  I will announce our Power of One habit on January 2nd at Sweat, as well as, our FB page.

You will commit to this habit change by signing a contract w/ yourself at Sweat.  We will post this contract on our wall and each day that you are successful you will mark w/ a check mark.

The more marks on your paper, the better your results.  I encourage you to take a progress picture on day 1 and on day 30.  You WILL NOT need to post these pics!


Join the Sweat Unfiltered newsletter list for an advanced, in depth Jump Start.

First set of instructions go out next Tuesday so be on the look out.  I want you fully prepped prepped to BEGIN ON January 4th!!

While I love and practice The Power of One, I do, however, understand that we can all get to a point where we feel so out of whack that we need to almost be jolted out of our daily routine.  We need and crave the feeling of starting on a clean slate.

THAT is the ONLY reason I practice and promote Jump Starts.

Let me clear…Jump Starts

  1.  are restrictive by nature and are useful only when motivation is HIGH
  2. are to be followed for a very short amount of time (2- 4 weeks) so that our metabolisms do not suffer
  3. create TRANSIENT results.  In other words, you will NOT be able to keep ALL of the results of the Jump Start b/c you cannot SUSTAIN all of the habits consistently.

However, a successful jump start will…

  1. release you from unhealthy habit loops so that in February we can begin focusing on The Power of One
  2. provide you a healthy base to follow later in a less restrictive fashion



DUMP the diet!!

It’s happened again…that meeting where our supposed “missing link” is about outlining specific, super strict, food rules that will shred weight off people in weeks and send our memberships through the roof.  Sexy diets sell.


Hey fitness industry…meet the new standard…Sweat Fitness Studio in Huntsville, where research is read and studied on the regular, where science not money dictates how we train and what nutritional recommendations we provide.


“But most of these diets are not sustainable for the long haul. They prescribe either an unrealistically low daily calorie level, the elimination of major food groups, or specific food combinations, all of which may be impractical for longterm, day-to-day living. Thus, within one to five years, all of the weight is regained, and then some. In fact, science supports this phenomenon, with studies indicating that not only are weight loss interventions rarely effective in the long term, but that dieting is a consistently strong predictor of future weight gain.” Cristen Harris, PhD, RDN, CSSD, CD, CES, FAND


It boils down to ETHICS!  It’s a DANGEROUS disservice to not acknowledge the metabolic diversity that exists in humans, to not promote self respect for all body shapes and sizes, to put weight loss over physical and mental wellness, and to promote over-training or discourage recovery in pursuit of revenue.

We will have no part of that at Sweat…insert good vs. evil super hero group photo here 🙂