Shred vs Beast Mode

The #1 thing I want you to understand is that gaining muscle AND losing fat DOES NOT HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

When you shred, you are LOSING both fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines your ratio of fat to muscle loss.  Obviously your goal is to lose as much fat and retain as much muscle as possible.  Which is what we do in Diet Rebellion.

When you are in “Beast Mode” or Strength mode you are GAINING fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines the ratio of fat to muscle gain.  Obviously your goal is to gain as LITTLE fat and as MUCH muscle as possible.

Below is a short 8 minute video explaining how to do this properly.

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Just chill… it can wait til 2017!!!

After a big week of food, fun, and travel, it may surprise you to hear me ask you to put all your fat loss/weight loss goals on the back burner until around January or even February.

That “Monday after” all the fun is high time for big (unachievable) goals like “no more wine til New Year’s” or “no more bread until Christmas” or “only meat and veggies until Christmas Eve” but all those statements are REACTIONS to the weekend and not REAL, TRUE, DIE HARD motivation to #GSD!

When people stubbornly keep a goal (usually fat loss) for several months in a row, they NATURALLY just lose steam and focus.  

And truly, there is literally nothing odd, weird, or wrong with getting FATIGUED with a particular goal no matter how important it once seemed.


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We Catch What We Watch – Food tracking that isn’t insane

We catch what we watch… plain and simple.

There are about a bazillion food tracking apps for that very reason… because in THEORY monitoring your meals makes food management easier.

If done correctly food tracking brings self awareness, knowledge, accountability, and reduces analysis paralysis about what to eat later in the day.

Those are all HUGE wins in weight loss…

However, more often than not…

food tracking drives people absolutely NUTS!!!!

In coaching hundreds of men and women through weight loss, the biggest mistake I observe is people treating tracking as an “all or nothing” endeavor.

  •  If they don’t have the time to track every single morsel of food, in the exact brand, in exact quantities consumed then they feel defeated or torment themselves with their data’s “inaccuracy.”


In essence, their good intentions make food awareness an UNSUSTAINABLE behavior so it never becomes habit and they can’t reap the benefits of learning about our food habits.

So, what I want to do today is show you a few tricks on how to track, not obsesses… how to monitor… not micromanage.

I want to show you how the “every day active person” should track so that you stop thinking you have to track w/ the meticulous nature of a food competitor.  There is a middle ground!!

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I feel fat

I think it’s fairly safe to say that no one would gasp in offense if they heard you or me say in public, “I feel fat.”

We’ve sort of conditioned ourselves to let that phrase be or go even if it, at worst, is a bit awkward to hear in real conversation.

Once upon a time phrases like, “that’s gay” and “you’re retarded” didn’t carry any importance either until someone spoke up and asked,

“What the hell does that mean any way?”

And then when you try to explain it you realize, OMG using the term “that’s gay” to mean that doesn’t make any sense or that’s stupid is brutally repulsive.

The same goes for “you’re retarded.”

Go ahead.

Explain it.

Find a synonymous phrase and then it hits you… that’s not okay to say.

My daughter is almost 6 and has no concept that there’s a “feeling” called fat.  She could eat a bag of chips and NOT FEEL A DAMN THING… except full or lethargic… but fat?… no… she’s not going to feel fat because FAT ISN’T A FEELING!

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Canned green beans and french fries…the advice fit pros forget about

Can we just go back to making reality Instagram-able, Snap Chat-able, and Facebook-able again???

Honestly, I believe the fitness industry has hit a point where it’s got to become much more transparent to actually be of any help to people.

There is POWER IN THE ORDINARY and we’ve got to get back to those basics!!!!

Simplicity creates focus.

Focus creates consistency.


Consistency is king of results!!!!!

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#BingePrevention Tools

#BingePrevention is simply one of the ways to practice that big term floating out in nutrition world… moderation.

There’s tons of literature about it yet so much of it is so broad and to be frank, I find that wildly unhelpful!

Without direction, moderation can look great on paper, but flat out impractical!  In Diet Rebellion, we just get down right gritty on the topic and super strategic.

Implementing #bingeprevention strategies is a direct REACTION to the “perfect eating expectations” we’ve all been guilty of setting out for ourselves on Monday, only to binge eat, habitually, every Wednesday or Friday night.

The habit of using will power and deprivation KILLS long term progress and self-esteem.

So let’s all give a big fat middle finger to perfect and binge eating with easy practical way to answer to a craving quickly!

Let me flip your mindset a bit…

What if the the solution you need is a mindset that revolvs around, not only eating well but matching that with equal attention to hitting cravings IMMEDIATELY and not waiting until they became unmanageable?

So instead of focusing eating only around “where is my protein,” match that with “where is my cheat?”

How do I make this meal hit the spot so that I’m not looking for anything else later!

 Hmmmm… something to ponder… and something we work on BIG TIME in Diet Rebellion.

Here are 13 of my favorite tools and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to make #bingeprevention a daily practice and fat loss tool for everyone!

1.  BCAA Powder– It’s not just for working out.  Your body turns BCAA into glucose super fast! This is a non-caloric way to bring your blood sugar back up.  Don’t abuse it though.  This is simply a 30-60 min hack so that you can get to food or wait for dinner to be done.  Everyone knows my favorite is Tri-Pep and Huma-Pro!


2.  Whey protein powder– If option 1 is to open up the pantry and go to town or option 2 is to add 120 calories to my water and drink, clearly the best option is a quick shake.  Once again, blood sugar will rise, you can think, not kill your kids, and not binge.  Really a win/win for everyone.


3.  1/2 or an entire Quest Bar- You can pick any protein based bar you like really there are just some that have too much sugar or fat for my goals.  I suggest you always have one in your purse, in the car, at your desk.  Sometimes I just need something a bit sweet after lunch to hit the spot.  I cut 1/4 quest bar and then I’m satisfied.  I do NOT depend on bars for my nutrition.  I probably average one bar every two weeks right  now.  They do save my life when I’m in a pinch though!!!


4.  deli meat – so it’s not a perfect choice…who cares.  Once again, if you don’t eat now and are about to binge in a bit you better learn that perfect is worthless and settling for plan B actually will be better in long run.


5.  scrambled eggs and spinach, and oatmeal- ALL my macros, served up clean in less than 10 minutes.  I seriously eat this no less than once a day.  I never get tired of it.


6.  Make ALL your meat on your free weeknight or on a weekend.  I hate tupperware meal prepping.  But, I do know that if our meats are done, the rest falls into place without effort.  That means burger patties, chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, crockpot chicken breast to name a few that are almost no brainers at our house.


7.  Unsweetened cocoa powder… on everything if necessary…especially close to menstruation.  Add it to coffee, oatmeal, protein shakes, peanut butter, almond milk, or make it into a hot cocoa drink with stevia.


8.  SLEEP!- Sometimes sleep has to come before a workout.  If I don’t get enough sleep, I am almost guaranteed a binge that day!  I try to be watchful, rest when I can, but it’s a hard battle.  My hunger, energy, and stress level is completely different on nights I lose sleep.  Natrol is my friend when I need to go to bed, but I don’t want to go to bed.


9.  Dark (and I mean dark) chocolate–  I love 90% but you can go a bit lighter.  A square a day keeps the cookie monster away.  I make sure to add that square into my macros so that I can have it whenever I want!  If you love wine, I suggest you learn to do the same.  Learn what a portion of wine looks like in your favorite wine class.  Don’t deny your favorites.  Learn to work with them!!


10.  Where’s my fat?  I don’t metabolize fats very well, but I do still need them in my diet.  I make sure the fat I get is EXACTLY what I want which is usually a table spoon of peanut/almond butter or this little coconut ball concoction I make a lot.  Satisfaction factor has to be high so binge possibility is low.  It’s scientific fact.  Promise.


11.  Club Soda-  I know I’m supposed to love to drink water b/c I’m a fitness pro, but I don’t.  I actually hate it, but I know I need it.  Thank the Lord for La Croix Sparkling Water, Deer Park Sparkling Lemon Water, and any other club soda sold out there!  I’d never get my water in without their help but they also help me avoid eating when I really should be hydrating!


12.  Protein Cookie Dough Balls- 1 scoop protein, 2 packets truvia, 1 TB chocolate chips, 1 TB nut butter, 1 TB Flax seeds, 1 TB unsweetened almond milk.  Mix and use your tablespoon to measure out and roll into a ball.  Recipe makes 4.

Macros:  1 ball= 81 calories, 7.6 g protein, 4.5 carbs, 4.2 fat

13.  Pay extra for pre-portioned treats.  STOP BUYING BULK.  You actually end up eating food faster rather than save yourself money.  Don’t believe me?  Read Mindless Eating.  Regardless…I don’t depend on will power.  I depend on smart shopping.  If I love an item, like peanut butter, I buy “just enough” to satisfy my craving but never enough to indulge.  It’s inconvenient and more expensive but so is shopping for a new wardrobe when your clothes don’t fit.


Pick a few of these strategies to begin and see how much BETTER your week goes!  Surely you know that even with hacks and tricks, there will be good days and there will be bad days.  The important part is that when you don’t get things quite right you channel that negative energy into some reflective work!

What went wrong?  Why did I over eat or binge?  Should I have eaten more post workout?  Did I eat enough at breakfast?  When did hunger really strike?  Was this more about stress than hunger?

There is a lot you can LEARN from your missteps… which is one of my favorite parts in coaching Diet Rebellion!!   Yes… absolutely… I want you in this program if IMPLEMENTING what you know you need to do is a missing part of your puzzle.