Prohibition starts on MONDAY!!! You in?

So I’m not a fan of anything that is elimination centered… EXCEPT UNDER ONE CIRCUMSTANCE…ENDING A HABIT LOOP that is hurting rather than helping your goals.

Yesterday I had two closely related conversations post class w/ two different friends… (I love our conversations post class!!!!)

  •  The first, in the morning, from someone asking for help to stop a habit that was causing weight gain.  She knew what she had to do but, we know, goals are met with action.  She was looking for something in particular to catapult her into #GSD mode.
  • The second, in the evening, with someone simply mentioning how much less she had been eating since she got their dog two weeks ago.  She acknowledged she were busier but she was perplexed by her sudden reduction in hunger.  She was eating less without trying and without deprivation.

Had she found The Holy Grail of Fat Loss?

Must we all purchase a puppy in order to get our hands on it?

Of course not!  What we have here is a real life classic case of BROKEN HABIT loops!!

The dog had literally JOLTED her out of cues and routines which revolved around food rewards.  Her daily routines have been completely turned around.  She’s waking up earlier, she’s coming home for lunch, she’s taking a walk before dinner.  Her focus when she arrives and leaves is no longer the “perceived” hunger/cravings of habit loops.  Her dog is now what CUES her behavior patterns!

Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, is THE RESOURCE for this btw.  His book is not food centered but very applicable here none the less.  Awesome read!!

Screenshot 2016-02-17 13.51.29

Screenshot 2016-02-17 14.00.33


So…what is one to do if we are caught up in habit loops and buying a puppy is not in our future?

We band together and bring back our Prohibition Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Pick one habit that seems to have you “in chains.”  You do it almost mindlessly.  You know it’s not great for you.  You know it goes contrary to what you should be doing?  You know you would be better off either without it or greatly reduced.  This habit may have started out with great intentions…

Like that small glass of wine you used to have that now has turned into 2 giant glasses before bed 


Like that tablespoon of peanut butter you ate to hit the spot that has somehow turned to 4 because cue, routine, reward to the max ???


Like that Thursday night pizza slice that has turned into an evening of binge eating and drinking?  (Not naming any names here, totally random example, promise.)

2.  Commit to eliminating it from Feb. 22nd- Thursday March 18th.

3. If you are a member of Sweat, you are required to put yourself on the line and:

  1.  Put your name on the board
  2. Write down what you are giving up

4.  On Sundays blog, I’ll talk to you guys about REPLACING your “drug” your habit to keep you consistent and successful and so you are using will power in good ways vs. bad.  For now, all you need to do is dig deep, commit, and get your friends and family on board so you can all break out of those habit loops that are holding your progress back.

YOU IN????12714163_10156505012195324_2115552190_n

In Fitness, Short Term Goals > Long Term

Here’s the thing…motivation comes in waves.  There are clear peaks and there are definite valleys, as well.

If you want to create EFFECTIVE, reachable goals, even during your low waves EMPHASIZE the short term

Step 1:  Your “I will be leaner/faster/stronger/healthier in 2016.” is NOT your goal.  It is your OUTCOME!!!!  It’s the end result!  It’s what you commit to accomplishing!

So write it down or tell someone important to you what you want to accomplish.

Why?  Because you need to put yourself ON THE HOOK!  It’s real this way!  

Make yourself accountable and even recruit your friends and family you trust to help you STAY accountable to what you want to do get off your bucket list.


Step 2:  Create a check list with the behavioral changes that need to take place in order for you to reach your outcome.  Those are your REAL GOALS – to establish behavior patterns that create your outcome.


Step 3:  Attack one change at a time.  I know you want to go “all in” especially when motivation is high like in January, but in order to win a war, you need to win some battles first, right?

It’s wise to give yourself some time to see how this one behavior change will ripple it’s effects into your daily living.

Be patient and give your body, your schedule, your budget, and even your family time to adjust!  Getting overwhelmed by too much is the reason most people quit or get disenchanted with their resolutions.


For example, something as “simple” as water, will take my body 2 weeks to adjust.  Here’s to lots of bathroom breaks!!

Step 4:  Finally, don’t forget to celebrate small wins!!

It might not make a sexy Instagram or FB post bc you might perceive other people are doing bigger and badder things than you, but it’s the little things, practiced over time that create BIG OUTCOMES!

Pat yourself on the back…somehow…every single time you get to check something off your “behavior goals” list.  And don’t be alarmed if what you originally thought was a small task needs to be broken down even further.  (That’s why I’m so damn excited about that water bottle!!  I need to celebrate each and every oz. I drink!!)

Focusing on the short term is how people “fall in love with the process!”  It’s how you figure out the tricks and hacks that make reaching your goal fun instead of work.

Now…your turn!

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

What behavior changes need to take place?

What will you attack first???!!!

Resolutions for 2016

I can feel the nervousness building at Sweat as the holidays continue and the overeating begins to feel routine vs. an every once in a while splurge.

January 4th, we will begin a Jump Start at Sweat.  You will have two choices.


Blog Post


Power of One- a SINGLE focus and commitment to one major behavior change.

I BELIEVE in the Power of One.  Research tells us that simplicity in behavior change creates SUCCESS.

Many times, we can get so inundated by unnecessary nutritional details that we set ourselves up for disaster.  I will announce our Power of One habit on January 2nd at Sweat, as well as, our FB page.

You will commit to this habit change by signing a contract w/ yourself at Sweat.  We will post this contract on our wall and each day that you are successful you will mark w/ a check mark.

The more marks on your paper, the better your results.  I encourage you to take a progress picture on day 1 and on day 30.  You WILL NOT need to post these pics!


Join the Sweat Unfiltered newsletter list for an advanced, in depth Jump Start.

First set of instructions go out next Tuesday so be on the look out.  I want you fully prepped prepped to BEGIN ON January 4th!!

While I love and practice The Power of One, I do, however, understand that we can all get to a point where we feel so out of whack that we need to almost be jolted out of our daily routine.  We need and crave the feeling of starting on a clean slate.

THAT is the ONLY reason I practice and promote Jump Starts.

Let me clear…Jump Starts

  1.  are restrictive by nature and are useful only when motivation is HIGH
  2. are to be followed for a very short amount of time (2- 4 weeks) so that our metabolisms do not suffer
  3. create TRANSIENT results.  In other words, you will NOT be able to keep ALL of the results of the Jump Start b/c you cannot SUSTAIN all of the habits consistently.

However, a successful jump start will…

  1. release you from unhealthy habit loops so that in February we can begin focusing on The Power of One
  2. provide you a healthy base to follow later in a less restrictive fashion



Finding Solutions…

This month on Sweat Unfiltered, I’m coaching the group through a month long challenge revolving around journaling.  The exercise is ultimately done to help people see that while diet books, food magazines, and meal plans may all have their place in lifestyle change, it’s all meaningless if you aren’t really aware of WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TRYING TO FIX!!

Long ago, way before Sweat was even a seed in my brain, I started logging and journaling both food and workouts.  I had no set agenda.  I was simply new to the fitness game and wanted to organize my thoughts.

Hell, even today…take a look at my table right now…how many notebooks does it take…right???


Little did I know then that all that playful logging and writing had a real purpose in formulating how I made changes in my food and routine.  As I felt more “expert” in what I was doing, I logged and wrote less but still return to this practice if I feel out of sorts or am starting something new.

It has been no secret that journaling is what helped me realize two years ago that the reason I was not seeing the results I wanted in my workouts was b/c emotional binge eating had entered my weekly routine several times a week.  There I was trying to figure out macros and calories and the reality was it wasn’t really the type of foods I was eating.  I was honing in on the wrong problem.

Journaling helped me reflect.  Journaling helped me see a pattern.  Journaling is what helped me find a solution.

Hence the November Challenge at Sweat.

I know…many of you were hoping for a NO CANDY! or NO ALCOHOL CHALLENGE.  Something truly #hardcore that you could totally IG and FB about and people would be like Wow, check this out… Deprivation is awesome!

Not my style.  No what I promote anymore.  Plus, I want to help you get TO THE ROOT of the problem.  I want to give you great workouts that build muscle and rev up your metabolism but I also want to be present in your kitchen and in your grocery stores.  I want you to understand the INTENTIONS BEHIND YOUR ACTIONS.

So here is a sneak peek at my Gratitude/Food Journal for the November Challenge so you see

  1.  I practice what I preach
  2. You are never so “expert” at your journey you can’t stop learning
  3. It’s easy.  It’s brief.  It’s effective.


12202415_10156166717665324_1729848392_nAll you have to do is write 3 things about how you FEEL about your food choices.  You can get more detailed if you want, but if you are like me, I don’t need “bonus” work to keep me busy while I do homework.  Give me the meat and potatoes and if I can do more I will.

After you jot down your food thoughts, take the time to write down 3 things you are grateful for.  Food is stressful and emotional and we judge ourselves like crazy when it’s around.  I want you to end your day, your thought process, giving THANKS b/c no matter how crappy you feel about your food choices, there is a BIGGER PICTURE in your life.  There is family, there is kindness, there are simple things in this world that brought life and love into our lives that we should recall and remember.

And, btw, it’s the gratitude part of the journal that will keep you writing.  The food part of the journal is where the self discovery takes place.

Join the Sweat Unfiltered email list if you want to interact w/ me throughout the challenge or get more direct coaching.

Get Sweat Strong!!

Untitled design (1)Back to school is on everyone’s minds and with this turn of the season comes a more structured week schedule, as well as…FOOTBALL SEASON!!  This mean both workouts and calories are easier to find so along comes the #SweatStrongChallenge to coach you through how to take those extra calories you are enjoying into strength gains.

The #SweatStrongChallenge

August 1st we officially kick off 90 days worth of focus on getting Sweat strong.

We are asking you to join our challenge and commit to not only tracking your progress in push ups, pull ups, front squats, and dead lifts, but also promoting strength as a valuable measure of health.

Each month we will reward Sweat members or class package holders with not only the highest PERCENTAGE of progress but also their commitment to the message behind the #SweatStrongChallenge.

Here are the deets:

1.  To join the challenge send me your email address so I can add you to our email list.  You will receive a link to our google doc spreadsheet to which you will have editing capabilities so that you can enter your information and progress at your leisure.  You will notice that each trainer, including myself, will be documenting our progress right along with you!  Your journey is our journey as well.

2.  Throughout these 90 Days you will keep track of several benchmarks.  Each time you hit a new benchmark you should go into this document and record it.  YOU are responsible for keeping track of your progress.  I will send out a FB post reminder so that at the end of the month all your information is entered.

3.  Using FB and/or IG post a #SweatySelfie and celebrate your accomplishment(s) using the hashtag #SweatStrongChallenge so we can find your posts online.  Sweat will provide monthly prizes for those who not only have the GREATEST PERCENTAGE of progress but also are actively promoting the importance of strength via social media.  If we brag about fat loss, lets balance it out with strength gains too!!

Bench Marks:

Push-Ups- How many push ups can you perform in 5 minutes?

Example 1:  I benchmarked at 63 on Wednesday.  The 66 simply displays an example of how to document the next time you do this in August.  There are columns for each month.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 10.48.35Example 2:  For those who are doing a mixed set of standard push ups and push ups on your knees, this is a suggested way to document.  It’s worthwhile to begin to increase the # of push ups you do on your toes but once you lose the required depth, go to your knees to maintain depth.
Screenshot 2015-07-23 10.47.06

Pull Ups- How many pull ups can you perform consecutively???

For Sweat this means strict, hanging, no kip pull ups.  We’ve spent the last month really focusing on form and positioning to put your back and shoulders in the strongest and safest position for pulling your bodyweight.

However…THIS is one of my favorite tutorial videos ever.  Watch it, PRACTICE it, and I promise your numbers will sky rocket!

Document your max consecutive reps.  If you are using a band, keep track of that as well.  Consider changing band colors an added benchmark to this challenge.  If you can get 15 reps with a green band, I’d say ego check.  Head over to a black band and see if you can hit 8-10.  In terms of building strength less assistance is what we are looking for.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 11.09.58

Front Squat:  At what weight can you perform 5 consecutive front squats?

I can already sense the disappointment that I’ve chosen a front vs. a back squat, however, in terms of full body strength the front squat is an undeniable winner.  It’s also a self correcting exercise because a break in form especially from the core is quite obvious.  Breaking form in a back squat is too easy and harder for the ego to accept.

You are NOT looking for your one rep max here either.  You are looking for your 5 rep benchmark.

What’s a bad ass weight to work towards in a front squat?…roughly your body weight.  I’m not there yet but am excited to work my way there!

Romanian Dead Lift:  Once again, we are not looking for your one rep max.

In classes like Vain where we keep our rep counts low, you need to make sure you are using a weight that is appropriately difficult for your body.  I think we often sell ourselves short with this move.  What are you using for 5 reps of RDL’s?  Are you staying at that weight for too long?  We hope no more!!

What’s a bad ass weight for an RDL?  1.5 x’s your bodyweight.  Once again, I’m not there!  I do respect this movement tremendously and am not 100% I can get there within the next 90 days but I am up for improving and progressing as always!


Let’s not fight what is an engrained and positive part of our Southern culture.  We love our football and we love to share this season with friends, family, and food!!  I promise to still talk to you about eating right and keeping yourself lean.  We are not taking this as an excuse to fall off the wagon and practice unhealthy eating patterns.  However, if spring and summer are our leaning out phases then Fall and Winter can certainly be the time of year where we LEARN to use those extra calories appropriately and gain muscle over fat.

ARE YOU IN????  If so, I expect my inbox to be FULL messages!!  Send them to: or our facebook page:

Hanging Out In Maintenance Mode…

We began #FitandFlyByJuly as Summer anxiety was peaking and I was getting ready for a photo shoot.  So…whatever happened to the video shoot?

My job now is to hang out in the best place ever… maintenance mode!!!!

Once I have all the pieces of the 4th of July Mystery Class in place, I will re-book my photo shoot.  I’m not stressing cause maintenance mode is a very happy place food and training wise.  Bad habits have been weeded out.  Stress is under control.  Food is neither my best friend nor my enemy.  I feel good almost all the time, but when I don’t, I can stop and reflect to figure things out and re-group.  Everyone is different but here’s what maintenance mode looks like for me.


Saturday/Sunday:  Rest and Recovery

Monday:  Full Body- heavy

Tuesday:  Full Body- lighter

Wednesday:  Heavy Legs

Thursday:  Full Arms

Friday:  Abs- almost a 3rd rest day.  No plyo, no cardio, and probably no weights either.

Food:  What I choose depends on my family and work demands.  Flexibility is key to staying in maintenance mode!!  I will often choose the convenience of supplements if I am out of the house and super busy…like Tuesday evenings when I’m at Sweat from 4pm-8pm!  I choose whole foods prior to that knowing I need the ease of supplements for coaching at night.

Breakfast:  Isagenix shake

Lunch:  Isagenix shake OR Protein based salad and starchy carbs

Snack:  Protein bar + coffee or small portion of leftovers.  Protein is always included!

Dinner:  Protein + fat.  You do not have to live on tilapia and chicken breasts!!

Snack, if needed:  grapefruit or small portion of leftovers.

Your take away…

1.  Change of plans aren’t a big deal.  Pick your stress battles.

2.  Food cannot dominate your every thought and decision.  Maintenance mode is where you want to be in the long run.  If you are there, congrats!  If you aren’t and you need help, let me know…!!








#FitAndFlyByJuly- What are you changing in May??

What are YOU changing for YOU??

DID you follow the #FitAndFlyByJuly Jump Start or are you ready to get on it today???  If you haven’t started hit the link above.

A solid jump start is there to re-establish a good rhythm, help you understand your schedule, get rid of (many of your) cravings, and increase energy.  It is unrealistic in the sense that it pins you down to certain foods and behaviors but it’s an AWESOME tool to helping you discover or rediscover WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

If you haven’t already begun to make SMALL adjustments to your jump start BY RESPONDING TO how you look and feel, then definitely NOW is the time.  Here is when you absolutely MUST begin to stray a bit from “plan” and allow yourself to get comfortable with allowing a more natural flow to appear into the jump start.

I understand that for many, TRUSTING YOURSELF is the scariest part because there is always the fear that one piece of cake or chocolate will snowball you into a sugar binge and back to bad habits.  However, it is essential that you learn to master the art of neither being “on” or “off” a diet.  With your cravings gone and hunger more stable, now you can better navigate the middle ground where you naturally allow for higher or lower caloric intake depending on your training or even special occasions.

My results and what I’m tweaking…

Day 0







IMG_6176 (1)

I know…ideally I’d be in the same outfit (and a less messy bedroom) with the same lighting but my life rarely works out so that my progress pictures can take on that kind of precision.  As you know, I’m not stepping on a scale so I can’t boast to you how many lbs I’ve lost but the waist and the leg room in all of my pants has increased, my belly has stayed flat, my energy is up, my workouts have stayed intense, and my cravings and binges have truly stayed at bay.  My favorite part is that my muscles are popping out again which I LOVE!

I probably started tweaking my 30 Day Energy and Performance Jump Start around week 3 though instead of week 4 after I’d gotten a good daily rhythm down but started to feel like I needed to fuel a bit more post workout.

Here’s a run down of a usual day where my workouts fall around 10:30 or 11 a.m.  If you workout at a different hour. I’d say you will want to move your starch within a 2 hour time frame of when YOU workout.

1.  Wake up, coffee

2.  7:30- Isagenix shake- ice and unsweetened almond milk in the blender cause it makes it taste like a frosty.  Strawberry is my favorite right now!  Vitamins

3.  10:30- Tri-Pep BCAA, workout, (or E+ Energy shot if I feel like I need more help).

4.  11:30- about 1/3 cup oatmeal or fruit and Isagenix shake OR a whole food lunch w/ whole grain carbs and/or fruit.  It really depends on my schedule and hunger that day.  With the weather warming up, I’m partial to a BIG green salad, loaded w/ veggies, meat, and an olive oil based dressing.  I’ve noticed on some days I need to eat and then a bit later consume my carb about an hour later.  I’m not going to force food down my face.

5. 3:00pm- coffee and either Isagenix bar or a whole food snack.  I absolutely love, love, love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Isagenix bars.  If I go the whole food route, I’m really into grabbing 2 Wasa crackers and Vigo sardines or octupus, squid, or tuna.   I always buy these items canned in oil not water!  Fat is not your enemy!  Some days I’ll do Pimento cheese instead.

6. 6:00- Isagenix shake OR a whole food dinner that looks a lot like item #4.  Once again, it depends on my schedule and hunger.

Please note:

a.  I never ever use supplements all day long!

b.  My metabolism responds well to “higher” carb and “lower” fat lifestyle.  I’m getting no less than 100 grams of carbs/day but they are ALL coming w/ a solid dose of dietary fiber from whole grains, fruits, and veggies.  I am NOT feeling like I need to add fats to my Isagenix shakes.  Instead I opt to add a bit of fat w/ something like pimento cheese on the Wasa crackers.  My body will shed well w/ moderate carbs.

Take Action!

If this is month 2 of your #FitAndFlyByJuly jump start, you are ready to take the training wheels off and begin navigating a bit more freely.  I think you would agree that my pictures demonstrate you will get results without the need to become robotic or feel like you have to follow someone else’s exact protocol.  In the end you have to meet your own metabolic NEEDS!  If you are just now feeling ready to take on a jump start, I’m excited.  Results are around the corner!!

As always, if you have questions, feel free to email me at or private message me on the Sweat Facebook page.




#FitAndFlyByJuly- Week 1

We are about one week into our challenge and we have already had a big celebration to “contend with”…Easter.

I hope you understand… it’s an EXCELLENT thing to do these challenges while REAL LIFE is going on.  There is no such thing as the perfect time!  In fact, I cannot think of any month in my calendar where there is not a holiday, a birthday, a shower, an out of town event, or another celebration that is going to present it’s own particular challenges within a 30 day period.  I am certain your schedule is the same so don’t forget that part of any nutritional challenge is how you INCORPORATE those non-conventional days and still achieve your goals!!!

Are you learning to PRACTICE MODERATION during these occasions or are you walking into these events with the mind of a binge eater?

My Journey…

The truth of the matter is that perfection for 30 Days is no match against a lifetime of consistency.  Therefore, even a jump start is an exercise in not only goal achievement but goal maintenance.  Your best results will come when you not only stop believing that all the suns and moons in the universe must align in order for you to begin changing habits but also when you practice becoming comfortable with how and when to deviate from normal routine.

I began my #FitAndFlyByJuly challenge March 26th.  In part because I was eager to begin but also because I was moving and needed the ease and structure of a jump start so that food wouldn’t be an added stress to an already hectic situation.  I’m 13 days in and I’m happy with my progress.

I can’t boast about scale weight b/c I actually don’t own a scale and don’t want one back in my house.  I’ve got pictures and a pair of jeans that give me all the feedback I need.  Besides “skinny jeans” that don’t feel tight a surprise bonus has been finding that my belly is staying flat with Isagenix whey protein.  I have fought bloating and inflammation for a long time and had to eliminate whey protein completely for about 6 months opting for vegan protein powders instead.  I wasn’t holding my breath w/ Isagenix but was willing to experiment.  Glad I did!

My Meals:

For the past 13 days, I’ve been doing 2 shakes + 2 meals.  Did I follow this “format” Easter weekend…yes and no.  I began Saturday like any other day but great friends + great basketball + great wings = guiltless stray from routine.  Not sure if the sweet & spicy or the teriyaki wings were my favorite but the ranch and honey bbq were excellent too.  If you haven’t bought wings from Best Wings on Blue Springs Road, you haven’t lived yet.   Sunday wouldn’t have been complete without a small slice of cake either.  No crazy binge, no over the top sugar coma…MODERATION.

As of right now, I don’t have anything on my schedule which would require me to veer off my jump start.  I am definitely in “create new habits” mode so I look forward to predictability at the moment.

My Workouts:

2 full rest day

2 heavy lift days (think: Vain)

3 metabolic training days (think: Drenched, Punch, TRX, 20/20/20)

I let go of traditional cardio a long time ago and have zero desire to return to it.

What to take out of what I do…

Follow the outline KEEPING IN MIND that your ultimate job is to personalize a routine that is healthy for your body, drives results, keeps your hunger at bay, and your energy high.  Even though we are only one to two weeks in you cannot regiment yourself to the point of misery because those results, however dramatic they might be, are transient at best.   Easter, birthdays, weddings, etc are not only part of life but come often enough that you can neither skip out on every celebration nor approach each occasion with reckless abandon.   If results are to stick for good, you have to learn to incorporate these non-conventional days or weekends into what you are creating.


April Challenge- #FitAndFlyByJuly

When I set the date w/ Maria Moore Photography to update Sweat’s pictures on its web page, I had about a 2 hour time frame where I frantically went into full blown diet mode.  I basically planned a bikini competitors “diet down” plan for myself where there would be a strict, bland regimen of chicken, tilapia, egg whites, steamed vegetables, and perfectly measured out starches.

Then logic and reasoning returned and I knew that type of approach…

1.  wrecks our hormonal balance and can create a very difficult to manage relationship between leptin and ghrelin, two hormones which regulate hunger and fullness.

2.  is NOT sustainable long term.  We cannot live out of tupperware containers or chicken breast our whole lives and once we achieve results, we want them to KEEP them!!

As I wrestled with what to do, I realized that I wasn’t alone in feeling like I had a deadline to reach.  Pools open Labor Day weekend!!!!  We’re all freaking out a little bit so I am challenging all of you to join me to get #FitAndFlyByJuly!!  (Credit to Lift for the creative name.  Thanks Wes for letting us steal it!)

The game plan:

April– 30 Day Jump Start- Spring clean your meals and emotional eating habits.

May– Tweak the Jump Start based on results and begin utilizing “cheats” to keep our metabolisms revved up and our palettes happy.

June– Sustainability- Pool are open, goals are reached…but don’t bail on everything you’ve started.  Are you able to mindlessly continue the new habits created?

April #FitAndFlyByJuly Jump Start.

This jump start is protein and high fiber focused.  It will ask you to fill up on protein and high fiber fruits and vegetables first and insert whole grain starches and healthy fats to stay satiated and energized.

I have followed this exact jump start with great success many times.  While you will see 3-8 options per meal I do not recommend you seek too much variety during this initial phase.  You want to be able to easily pin point what will need tweaking and where emotional cravings set in.  Too much variety will confuse you in phase 2.

Meal #1- breakfast

Option 1:  1 egg + 5 egg whites, 2 cups vegetables, 1 small fruit

Option 2:  1/2 c oatmeal (dry) made w/ water, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 2-3 slices of Canadian bacon.

Option 3:  Build your own smoothie-

A.  Pick flavor of protein and use 20-50 g of protein.  (I tend to need 30-38g depending on my workouts.)

B.  Pick liquid- 8-12 oz of water, unsweetened almond or unsweetened coconut milk

C.  Pick fiber source- for fat loss stay fibrous!!!- think berries and greens over bananas, start with 1/4-1/2 berries or fruit of choice and a handful or two of greens or veggie of choice

D.  Pick your fat-  start w/ 1 TB of coconut oil, almond butter, or hemp or chia seeds.  Remember this is a meal replacement and it’s CRITICAL you embrace some fat into your shake.

***A MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE for fat loss should still be able to hold you off for 3-4 hours.  If you find yourself hungry in under 2 hours, you need to add more protein and/or fiber.  If that doesn’t work, try adding protein and/or fat.

Meal #2 (as needed) or meal #4 (as needed)- When to snack??? Why snack??? 

Do you need a morning snack and/or an evening snack?  This all depends on YOUR INDIVIDUAL SCHEDULE and your workouts.  If you are phasing in a lot of exercise especially endurance sports like running, you need to snacks.

Regardless, I don’t recommend you go more than 4 hours without a meal nor should you ever go into lunch or dinner starving.  That will lead to overeating and binges later on.  Snacking will actually save you from yourself later on.  A huge mistake made by most women is to avoid a mid afternoon snack before dinner.  If your goal is to be in control of your hunger and energy (and it should be!) then STOP fasting during hectic parts of your day.

Option 1:  Protein bar- not a Fiber One bar that simply says protein on it either!!  I want this to have no less than 18g of protein in it and hopefully a bit more!  My favorites are Cookies and Cream from Quest, Peanut Butter Crunch from Think Thin, and Peanut Butter Chocolate from Isagenix.

If you find it hard to choose a bar, Metabolic Effect has an awesome way for you to figure out if the protein bars at the store are the right ones to pick for fat loss:  Total Carbs – (Fiber + Sugar alcohol + protein) = “hormonal carbs”  You are looking for a number under 10 and negative numbers are great!  Click here for a video explanation.

Option 2:  “Naked” protein shake- liquid + powder

Option 3:  1/2 c cottage cheese w/ 2 TB almonds/walnuts

Option 4:  4-5 hard boiled eggs and pre-made guacamole

Option 5:  Apple,  1 TB nut butter, pack cottage cheese

Option 6:   Snack hack!!!- Go to Zoe’s or Taziki’s for lunch and order a big salad w/ a double order of grilled chicken.  Both restaurants will neatly wrap in aluminum foil your meat of choice.  Eat half of the chicken for lunch/dinner and save the other half for snack.

Option 7:  Greek Yogurt (2%) for a sweet tooth- sprinkle seeds and berries

Option 8:  Greek Yogurt (2%) savory- prepare your favorite spinach dip w/ plain greek yogurt and enjoy w/ all the veggies you want

Meal #2 and Meal #4/5- lunch and dinner

Option 1:  HUGE salad with protein!!!  Add any and all the veggies you want, pick 2TB of any olive oil based dressing.  The three biggest mistakes people make when creating a salad:

A.    Dressing:  DO NOT USE reduced fat or fat free dressings.  They are full of sugar and additives.  Opt for the natural fats in oils!!

B.  Stingy:  When I say HUGE AND GIGANTIC, I mean get a mixing bowl out to serve yourself.  I was introduced to this $25 kitchen gadget and I adore it and make most of my salads with it.  It’s worth all the space it takes up in my cabinet!- OXO Salad Chopper

C.  Boredom:  Salads require creativity.  Head into the grocery store w/ your favorite salads in mind and re-create it.

Option 2:  Protein smoothie- follow the structure given in Meal #1

Option 3:  4-8 oz meat, 1-2 cups roasted veggies, 1/4 c of favorite whole food starch.  I am a fan of lean meats but please do not feel like the only meat you can eat are tilapia and chicken breast.  In fact, I do better w/ a fattier meat for either lunch or dinner and I NEVER eat tilapia because I’m always hungry 60 min later.

***What about alcohol?  What about a cheat meal?  This is a jump start.   It’s strict by design.  It doesn’t allow for alcohol or cheat meals.  However, BE SMART… If you need a cheat to stay on track then it is allowed but under lean eater rules.  Here is one of the strategies we will all implement in month two… give yourself ONE MEAL a week.  Make sure it’s “worth it” both food wise and emotionally.  Make sure you eat exactly what you want and WITH whomever you want.  Enjoy the food as much as the company!  Don’t cheat at home alone with golf fish crackers!!  Cap a cheat meal at 2 hours.

My schedule this month is absolutely insane so this year my jump start includes the Isagenix 30 Day Energy and Performance System.  It’s basically the jump start above except I will not need to add anything extra to my shakes because all the work was already done for me in their meal replacements.  Between packing, moving, and unpacking neither cooking nor grocery shopping is high on my agenda at the moment.  In addition, I’ve ended up forgetting my trust mini-blender several times and ended up without food at very inconvenient times.  Hangry is a place you NEVER need to see me reach and I always react with a binge.  I want no mess ups in the next 30 Days so I’m reducing the risk 🙂  I am choosing to do 2 shakes per day along with 2 traditional meals per day, 1 protein based snack/mini meal and either big lunch or dinner.  My schedule isn’t the same every day so I have to be flexible with when it’s best for me to eat a meal vs. drink a shake.

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