{#twentyin30} 2 Sneak Peek Workouts

A HUGE part of the fitness puzzle for many is finding work-arounds when life throws a spin on their perfect exercise plans.

Your youngest throws up at school…

A meeting runs way longer than you imagined…


You forget your gym clothes to change into…

Life legit gets in the way sometimes!!!!  

Which is one of the reasons I started a private Facebook group with all of our Sweat Annual Members.

The way I see it… You commit to me.  I’m all in with you too.  You’ve literally hired us to make things happen for you and that means being there for you for life’s curve balls too.

When 2017 rolled around I committed myself to making this Facebook group a hub for us to rally behind big challenges, to talk nutrition, work through all the mindset obstacles, and simply get gritty.

As our 100oz of water challenge ended I knew I was going to do a big exercise challenge…

The thing is  #twentyin30 was literally supposed to be a Sweat Annual Members thing only… but then these emails came in with #springbreakfear and #springbreakpanic… some from folks in town, others from out of town… all WANTING help like… NOW.

So it hit me… #twentyin30 is for ANYONE in Huntsville or not who NEEDS a program, a coach, and a community to just get their hustle into full Spring swing.

2 lifts

2 cardio sessions

1 active recovery

Every single week for the next 4 weeks.

20 classes- 30 days…There’s an in studio and an at home version (Check the deets here and fast cause we start Feb. 6th!!!!)

And in case you’re just not 100% sure what the @home stuff will look like I’m passing on two workouts so you can see them and try them out.

The goal is not to overwhelm you with fancy….it’s to help you crush it with simplicity!!!!!

No machines for the cardio stuff.

Two sets of dumbbells required for the lifts.

These workouts will be uploaded weekly and it’s not a here and buh bye type deal… cause YOU’RE INSIDE the Sweat Annual Members FB group for the entire 30 days.  We can talk daily.  I can answer your questions and provide modifications if you need them.  And there’s plenty of folks on the inside already who will be doing all this stuff right along with you and can support you too.

So… click on the video pics to watch the videos, get your workout in anywhere, and let that #springbreakfear GO!  #twentyin30 is going to be crazy fun!!!


#Prohibition2016 Challenge

#ProHibition2016 (1)

On Monday, Feb 17th through Thursday March 17th, Sweat is challenging you to join us in #Prohibition2016.  This is a month long food challenge where you TAKE AWAY a particular food or drink which has a controlling or trigger effect in your eating patterns.

In other words, it’s ANY food or drink, which you consume in excess because you find yourself having to use too much will power to stop.

This challenge is HARD but done collectively as a group IN COMBINATION with REPLACEMENT TECHNIQUES works like a charm in habit change and, in turn, fat loss.

For example, I am giving up any and all nut butters, although for sure I have my deepest love affair with peanut butter.

And in and of itself THERE IS NOTHING “BAD” ABOUT PEANUT BUTTER.  It’s how easily, for me, personally, this food can go from one of my #bingeprevention #cravinghacks to becoming a #triggerfood into excess.

Peanut butter can go from a 2 TB/day type thing to a 1/2 cup indulgence if I don’t watch it… a scoop here, a scoop there… it adds up fast and since my metabolism does not do well with high fat foods, I have to be aware of my behavior with this delicious to spread fat.



You can take this challenge and just be all “I’m a bad ass look how strong my will power is” or you can USE THIS CHALLENGE for real habit change.  This is truly what we are trying to accomplish with this.  Deprivation techniques are NOT SUSTAINABLE in the long run.  We all know this.  The research is clear that deprivation alone DOES NOT create lasting change.

For #Prohibition2016 to be effective for you and decrease the #SpringBreakFear that is rising you absolutely must open your mind to having a replacement food/drink that offers your will power relief when those cravings begin.

Oh… and craving will come!

They will come in waves especially if this food is ritualistic in nature for you… you eat/drink it at particular times of day or week or in response to stress.

*** Cravings have about a 20 min PEAK where it feels almost PRIMAL to just go back to the old habit.  HERE IS WHERE YOUR replacements will SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF and your habit change demons….


  1.  EYE CATCHING- Replacements have to be as visible if not MORE visible than what you are giving up!  If you open up the pantry 10 times a day and your child’s Chex Mix that you have sworn off is front and center, then you have asked your will power to be used each and every single time you open up that darn thing.  At some point your will power is gone.  Store your replacements in CLEAR zip lock bags or CLEAR glass containers.  If possible, put your prohibition food in OPAQUE containers.  Sounds silly as hell but the research is clear on the “out of side, out of mind” factor.  It works!
  2.  EASY- if wine is as easy as grabbing your favorite glass and pouring then your fizzy water, has to be just as easy!  It can’t live in the garage refrigerator!  If you crave your kids’ Famous Amos cookies, you can’t pack their lunches, hungry, without your replacement nearby!  Set up for failure!  You need to have your 100 calorie pack of chocolate graham crackers nearby.
  3. ENJOYABLE- if you think a massive bag of celery and bell peppers is going to get you through the peak of your craving on a random Thursday night when you are tired as hell and all you want is to dive into that left over Valentine’s Day chocolate or never ending Halloween bag of candy, then you are living in LaLa land and I’m offering you back a passport into reality!

Hi… here on Earth, we are human.  We don’t have super powers.  In comparison to chocolate, celery is a major let-down!

As for me, I’ll be making my Coconut Oil Chocolate Balls… which I like… a lot… but I don’t abuse.  They hit the spot when needed, but I never feel compelled to continue to go back for more like I do with peanut butter.  You want your replacements to do the same for you.

Candy- unsweetened gum,

Wine- club soda served up on a fancy glass, lemon/lime slice or frozen berries are always a fun twist.  you can totally buy flavored varieties to change things up.  As for this

Beer- low carb alcoholic beverage, think bourbon, vodka, gin, hard cider, rum

Pasta- squashes and zucchini noodles may hit the spot.  I prefer to serve up my marinara on a giant portobello mushroom and have giant and delicious meatballs on the side

Cookies- 100 calorie snack pack crackers

French Fries- baked potatoes, and NO… don’t feel like you have to go sweet potato!  If we are REPLACING fries, then bake yourself some wonderful still super healthy WHITE potatoes!!

Pizza- For all you real pizza lovers, I get there is no “real replacement” to this food, BUT handle it like a pasta.  You go portobello mushroom and meatballs and you’ve got your italian protein heavy dream, right????

Chocolate- I add unsweetened Ghirardelli chocolate to EVERYTHING I can that day… oatmeal, sweet potatoes, hot unsweetened almond milk.

Chips/salty snacks- I’m a big fan of cucumber slices with Tajin seasoning but you can also hit the spot w/ a baked potato.  Add the SEASONING that mimics what you love!  For example if you love Ranch chips, then grab a packet of ranch dressing at the store and add some of that to your baked potato.  Remember, it’s NOT the white potato that is bad.  We don’t have to eliminate the potato itself. It’s the fat/carb punch combo that makes you behave in excess.  I guarantee you won’t go to town on a ranch salted potato the way you do a bag of chips or a pile of french fries.  You’ll hit the spot and move on!

Your take away:

If your #Prohibition2016 is about LEARNING and getting better, then squash that “hard core” mentality that is CRIPPLING to real lasting change!  Prohibition will end, but your quest to your best doesn’t so ENGAGE AND LEARN.  When you head to the grocery store today BUY YOUR REPLACEMENTS with the 3E’s in mind!!!


What if you woke up every morning craving the hour you get to give back to your body?  What if you actually looked forward to putting on your gear, heading out the door, and challenging what you thought you were capable of?



I believe that’s exactly how it should be FOR EVERYONE.  The very thought of knowing there are tons of people out there literally DRAGGING themselves to the gym, tells me there is something critically wrong with how many in this fitness industry approach their job.

People don’t NEED a workout!  People aren’t lacking WHAT to do!  They can download a WOD on youtube any day of the damn week.  If the issue was simply exercise why are so many people completely disillusioned with working out?

Because people need to be cared for both outside and in … Yes, they need to be educated on form, intensity, and given a safe program design but OMG people have to be taken care of on the INSIDE too!!

When I say “love” your workout, I don’t mean rainbows and chocolates and roses.  I don’t mean easy and effortless and smooth.  If you know Sweat, you know we bring it… daily!

I mean that despite the sweat, blood, and tears you can feel both outside and in that your exercise and gym/studio is making you better.  It is actively CONTRIBUTING to your health and confidence. It builds you up without breaking others down.  It accepts you as you are, where you are and teaches you a skill set beyond squats and lunges.  It embraces the now but draws you into the possibilities of the future.

Last Friday, I opened up my inbox to three testimonials that brought tears to my eyes.  Here’s one:

“Three weeks into my workouts I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and Sweat!
We all come with “a story”. I spent the last two years caring for my father with Alzheimer’s. It was a 24 hour/7 day a week commitment (no me time). Relocating back to Huntsville and finding Sweat has been a Godsend! You have surrounded yourself with trainers who really make the effort to help everyone succeed. I love the positive environment and support.
Although some days I still struggle to eat enough, your nutritional emails and blogs are motivational. When I worked in the corporate world I paid a trainer because I could go to the gym and he would tell me what exercises to do (while he stood and counted) and what to eat. My biggest breakthrough from your coaching is to THINK for myself. I have a much healthier relationship with food when I understand what my body needs and why. I finally feel like I am in control. My setbacks don’t have to define me.”

And THAT at it’s very core is the definition of #loveyourworkout.  The trainer, the studio, the workout, the people – the COLLECTIVE – on a mission to effing DIG and get into the nitty gritty and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE everything they have inside.

That kind of LOVE is what creates CONSISTENCY.



That’s the spirit we are kicking off Feb 1 -14 with TONS of exciting stuff!


Be on the lookout:

  1.  Monday- check your inboxes for an email w/ details about the reduced drop-in rate Feb 1st-14th!  (To get this email check your profiles and make sure you have “opted-in” to receive our newsletter.)  Those reduced drop-ins are a perfect opportunity for you to bring a friend, partner, or loved one to Champagne and Chaturanga.  Members, this class is already included in your membership!  If you need help signing up let me know.
  2. This email will also have info about our #loveyourworkout Facebook Picture Contests Feb. 1st – 7th!  There is an opportunity to win a $20 Lululemon Gift Card everyday!!!!  We will drip out SPECIFICS about each picture contest through our Facebook page so add us to your favorite list!
  3. Don’t forget!  TRX Yoga is FREE this month.  We kick it off Feb. 18th.  Go to here to check out the line up!


Resolutions for 2016

I can feel the nervousness building at Sweat as the holidays continue and the overeating begins to feel routine vs. an every once in a while splurge.

January 4th, we will begin a Jump Start at Sweat.  You will have two choices.


Blog Post


Power of One- a SINGLE focus and commitment to one major behavior change.

I BELIEVE in the Power of One.  Research tells us that simplicity in behavior change creates SUCCESS.

Many times, we can get so inundated by unnecessary nutritional details that we set ourselves up for disaster.  I will announce our Power of One habit on January 2nd at Sweat, as well as, our FB page.

You will commit to this habit change by signing a contract w/ yourself at Sweat.  We will post this contract on our wall and each day that you are successful you will mark w/ a check mark.

The more marks on your paper, the better your results.  I encourage you to take a progress picture on day 1 and on day 30.  You WILL NOT need to post these pics!


Join the Sweat Unfiltered newsletter list for an advanced, in depth Jump Start.

First set of instructions go out next Tuesday so be on the look out.  I want you fully prepped prepped to BEGIN ON January 4th!!

While I love and practice The Power of One, I do, however, understand that we can all get to a point where we feel so out of whack that we need to almost be jolted out of our daily routine.  We need and crave the feeling of starting on a clean slate.

THAT is the ONLY reason I practice and promote Jump Starts.

Let me clear…Jump Starts

  1.  are restrictive by nature and are useful only when motivation is HIGH
  2. are to be followed for a very short amount of time (2- 4 weeks) so that our metabolisms do not suffer
  3. create TRANSIENT results.  In other words, you will NOT be able to keep ALL of the results of the Jump Start b/c you cannot SUSTAIN all of the habits consistently.

However, a successful jump start will…

  1. release you from unhealthy habit loops so that in February we can begin focusing on The Power of One
  2. provide you a healthy base to follow later in a less restrictive fashion