Why Two-a-day workouts DON’T work!

Here I am on Black Friday weekend selling class packages at 25% off (code Turkey) AND telling you NOT to double up on workouts.

I understand a smarter money making strategy would be to entice you to use up all those classes as fast as you can in order to make even more money later on.

Except, I don’t believe I’m in the workout business… I’m in the coaching business.

And that means my job is to get you strong and healthy physically and mentally. (And I’m not afraid to serve that up with a side of super sexy as well!!)

In order to do that I can’t just create killer workouts, I have to educate you on how these workouts will get you to your end goal so it’s time to talk you out of those 2-a-days you are wanting to PUNISH yourself with as a result of too much dressing.

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4 Non-Traditional Lifting Cues

I was once the adult female brand spankin’ new to lifting so I am well aware of what gymtimidation looks and feels like.

Uneasy, scared of looking stupid, lost, unsure… it’s more than enough to keep the curious caged to cardio machines.

As a personal trainer and a studio owner it’s a HUGE passion of mine to make sure the fun and the benefits of weight lifting are ACCESSIBLE to EVERY ONE no matter their starting point.

So it’s in that spirit that I am narrowing down all the coaching cues possible to just 4 MAJOR NON-NEGOTIABLES we practice at Sweat that create big injury free results. Continue reading “4 Non-Traditional Lifting Cues”

Why messy starts trump clean slates…

So this is high season for parties and get togethers which means overeating and over drinking can become a trend.

By December, the free for all’s mount, weight gain appears, and fat loss anxiety begins to peak.

I have learned, through much trial and error, that the fastest way to remedy any stress is to plan less and just take action!

I regain focus this way.

I feel in my power.

So even if one decision doesn’t make my problem go away, I’ve at least put myself in the drivers seat, I’m moving forward, and that feels damn good.

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The 6 pack is the Problem.

This week I had the honor of speaking, for the second time, in front of The Mompreneurs, a local group in Huntsville which aims to empower mom’s to take that big leap of faith into business and live their passion.


I wanted these women to understand that entrepreneurship is not about becoming fearless so much as the practice of learning to walk WITH your fear and to move forward daily despite being scared as hell.

One of the most important “walk with your fear” exercises we worked on was  how to…

TELL people EXACTLY who you are and aren’t,

and who you are charged to help.

Which brings me to state, fearlessly and unapologetically  …

I am NOT your 6 pack trainer.

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