Meal Prep Minimalism

Once upon a time perfect food prep was my security blanket against losing a body I had worked (and over worked) to create.

Every day I knew exactly what I was eating, when I was eating it, and how much I was eating.

My formula for lean was set in stone.

In fact, I was so strict any event, travel plans, or appointment that could possibly put a hiccup on my strict schedule was a source of stress.

I thought nothing of avoiding an event that would make it difficult for me to adhere to plan or arrive at appointments completely food prepped w/ tupperware or canned tuna.

Hiding my food in my purse or car to evade judgement was very common.

Seriously, I once excused myself to go eat oatmeal in the bathroom of Mezza Luna because the only carb I’d allow myself to eat at dinner had to be whole and completely plain.

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The Audacity and Bias of a Woman in Shape

The email below comes to you as an email originally meant for my eyes only.  It was written in the heat of the moment when our feelings about being challenged or being hurt are still getting sorted.

In other words, don’t you dare get hung up on misspellings and punctuation because the messages are too DAMN POWERFUL to ignore!

Your boldness, your audacity as a female lifter, as a female with muscles, as a female who believes in and loves the power of her body, can absolutely rub others the wrong way.  

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I is for #Intensity: guest blogger Matt McLellan

Ever had that job interview where they ask you to, “Choose 5 words that describe yourself?”






I don’t think I’ve ever answered with the last one, but it’s certainly how I’ve been told that others perceive me.

Now, I don’t really like to cast myself into verbal molds, but sure – I’ll go with intense.

But what does that really mean?

If we look at Merriam Webster’s definition it’s “very great in degree : very strong: done with or showing great energy, enthusiasm, or effort.” And when referring to a person, “very serious.”

I won’t go so far as to say I’m that strong or great, but I’ll sign my name next to enthusiasm, effort and very serious.

I consider myself a product of my mother’s personality.

Unlike a car, I don’t have different gears or speeds – I simply have an On & Off switch.

It’s either nothing at all or full-speed ahead!


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