Body Shaming Parents


“Oh, Jeidi, this is such a hot topic with me. I still remember what I was wearing (a black and white striped off-the-shoulder top of bought for $13 at Goody’s and cutoffs, where I was sitting (in front of the coffee table), and what I was eating (Fudge Stripe cookies) the day my father said to my 13-year-old self, “Darlin’, you sure are putting on some weight there. Little boys don’t like fat girls.” My self-worth took a downward spiral from there and, though I’ve had moments of thinking I’m enough, it is still a struggle at 38 and a size 2. It was a struggle at 36 and a size 0.”

And there it is in all it’s vulnerability.

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Weight Loss Is Not Punishment… but it ain’t a walk in the park either.

When the weather warms our motivation, focus, and IMPATIENCE to lean out increases dramatically.

It’s that anxiety that oftentimes causes us to go on extreme, restrictive, low calorie diets where we depend on will power after every meal and cheats are seen as a lack of discipline.

However, I coach, promote, and do things differently when I’m trying to shred down a bit.  I’m actually a huge fan of small, daily cheats in order to reduce food anxiety, reduce food cravings, and manipulate hunger.   In other words getting off plan is literally part of the plan.

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Rainbows and Unicorns

I am not ashamed of my story.

I’ve shared it before, just much more privately in Sweat Unfiltered last year and coincidentally this week.

So when pictures like these were shared last night through social media by people who know how brutal 2012 was for my family, I was literally touched beyond words.

For those who don’t know, and are perplexed by my half joking war cry of “rainbows and unicorns,” here’s a little back ground…


July 12, 2012 Lawrence and I got the loan to open up Sweat.

July 13, 2012 Lawrence lost his job.

A one income home became a zero income home.  

Dramatic 24 hours.

One helluva Friday the 13th, right?

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Shred vs Beast Mode

The #1 thing I want you to understand is that gaining muscle AND losing fat DOES NOT HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME.

When you shred, you are LOSING both fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines your ratio of fat to muscle loss.  Obviously your goal is to lose as much fat and retain as much muscle as possible.  Which is what we do in Diet Rebellion.

When you are in “Beast Mode” or Strength mode you are GAINING fat and muscle at the same time.  How you eat determines the ratio of fat to muscle gain.  Obviously your goal is to gain as LITTLE fat and as MUCH muscle as possible.

Below is a short 8 minute video explaining how to do this properly.

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