Just chill… it can wait til 2017!!!

After a big week of food, fun, and travel, it may surprise you to hear me ask you to put all your fat loss/weight loss goals on the back burner until around January or even February.

That “Monday after” all the fun is high time for big (unachievable) goals like “no more wine til New Year’s” or “no more bread until Christmas” or “only meat and veggies until Christmas Eve” but all those statements are REACTIONS to the weekend and not REAL, TRUE, DIE HARD motivation to #GSD!

When people stubbornly keep a goal (usually fat loss) for several months in a row, they NATURALLY just lose steam and focus.  

And truly, there is literally nothing odd, weird, or wrong with getting FATIGUED with a particular goal no matter how important it once seemed.


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Pool Snack Stacking

When I think of pool life, I fantasize of a really relaxed couple of hours with my kids and friends.

However, #realmomlife talk here…

The 45 minutes leading up to the pool and the 45 min breakdown can sometimes make going to the pool more work than it’s worth.

Bathing suits, lotions, noodles, water guns, bubbles, and when my kids were little, those damn water diapers!!  Add in snacks and there have been moments, I’d just pray for rain instead.

So, last week I sat down to plan out how I was going to pack food for the pool this year so that I could AUTOMATE the process and involve very little thinking.  This worked GREAT for me this year when making the kids’ lunches for school so I knew I needed to do the same thing for our water time.

What I ended up coming up with was a Snack Stacking Formula dependent on the amount of rest breaks we planned to stay that day. Continue reading “Pool Snack Stacking”

We Catch What We Watch – Food tracking that isn’t insane

We catch what we watch… plain and simple.

There are about a bazillion food tracking apps for that very reason… because in THEORY monitoring your meals makes food management easier.

If done correctly food tracking brings self awareness, knowledge, accountability, and reduces analysis paralysis about what to eat later in the day.

Those are all HUGE wins in weight loss…

However, more often than not…

food tracking drives people absolutely NUTS!!!!

In coaching hundreds of men and women through weight loss, the biggest mistake I observe is people treating tracking as an “all or nothing” endeavor.

  •  If they don’t have the time to track every single morsel of food, in the exact brand, in exact quantities consumed then they feel defeated or torment themselves with their data’s “inaccuracy.”


In essence, their good intentions make food awareness an UNSUSTAINABLE behavior so it never becomes habit and they can’t reap the benefits of learning about our food habits.

So, what I want to do today is show you a few tricks on how to track, not obsesses… how to monitor… not micromanage.

I want to show you how the “every day active person” should track so that you stop thinking you have to track w/ the meticulous nature of a food competitor.  There is a middle ground!!

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How to make a protein bomb sandwich

I’m a huge fan of making a protein bomb sandwich several times a week cause cooking isn’t my thing.  I go through phases where I can enjoy the kitchen but more often than not, I’m looking for ways to stay the hell out of it.

#ProteinBomb Sandwiches are one of the ways I survive a busy week or weekend, cause it’s easy, portable, and protein packed which means it’s going to keep my physique goals consistent.

I’ll be sending out my favorite 4 recipes to my newsletter (SweatUnfiltered) tomorrow so if you want them make sure to click here:  

With that said, the whole idea behind this post is to make you less dependent on a set recipe and more in tune with the framework or formula so you are better able to satisfy the particular flavors you are wanting on any given day.

I can constantly come up with new protein bomb sandwiches because I never limit myself to a recipe… I’m working w/ a formula…

 here’s the #proteinbomb formula:



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