I feel fat

I think it’s fairly safe to say that no one would gasp in offense if they heard you or me say in public, “I feel fat.”

We’ve sort of conditioned ourselves to let that phrase be or go even if it, at worst, is a bit awkward to hear in real conversation.

Once upon a time phrases like, “that’s gay” and “you’re retarded” didn’t carry any importance either until someone spoke up and asked,

“What the hell does that mean any way?”

And then when you try to explain it you realize, OMG using the term “that’s gay” to mean that doesn’t make any sense or that’s stupid is brutally repulsive.

The same goes for “you’re retarded.”

Go ahead.

Explain it.

Find a synonymous phrase and then it hits you… that’s not okay to say.

My daughter is almost 6 and has no concept that there’s a “feeling” called fat.  She could eat a bag of chips and NOT FEEL A DAMN THING… except full or lethargic… but fat?… no… she’s not going to feel fat because FAT ISN’T A FEELING!

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Canned green beans and french fries…the advice fit pros forget about

Can we just go back to making reality Instagram-able, Snap Chat-able, and Facebook-able again???

Honestly, I believe the fitness industry has hit a point where it’s got to become much more transparent to actually be of any help to people.

There is POWER IN THE ORDINARY and we’ve got to get back to those basics!!!!

Simplicity creates focus.

Focus creates consistency.


Consistency is king of results!!!!!

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“just listen to your body” and other fitness snobbery

As I ate my protein bomb sandwich at Sweat one day a random customer came in to buy RX Bars.  She was eager to taste them as we are currently the only spot in Huntsville that has them.  (Another, we did it first brag.)

She asked about the flavors and the moment I started talking about the peanut butter bar, she stopped me mid sentence, looked at the gluten “poisoned filled” sandwich in my hand and told me that she didn’t eat peanuts.

She was a “clean eater.”

I smiled, took another giant bite of my sandwich, turned my #zeroEFFSgiven switch on, sold her five SQUEAKY CLEAN RX-Bars, and went on about my day.

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Focus is Finite. And it Matters!!

People don’t buy exercise… they buy CONSISTENCY!!

Don’t believe me … head over to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snap Chat and you will find an endless menu of exercise videos, pics, and programs to choose from.

With so much FREE exercise available why are people still struggling for results?

Because people are too tired, too busy, and have way too much on their plate to take the information overload and make any sense of it.

Screenshot 2016-04-02 12.18.58

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