No… maybe you shouldn’t drink a post workout shake!!!!

Very interesting to me when isolated and random conversations amongst people who don’t really know each other have one common theme.

This week it was PROTEIN POWDERS.

What do I buy, where do I buy it, when do I use it etc.

I spoke with women who honestly were using protein powder post workout b/c they felt OBLIGATED and this feeling of “have to” was actually leading to some bigger problems later in the day.

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#Prohibition2016 Challenge

#ProHibition2016 (1)

On Monday, Feb 17th through Thursday March 17th, Sweat is challenging you to join us in #Prohibition2016.  This is a month long food challenge where you TAKE AWAY a particular food or drink which has a controlling or trigger effect in your eating patterns.

In other words, it’s ANY food or drink, which you consume in excess because you find yourself having to use too much will power to stop.

This challenge is HARD but done collectively as a group IN COMBINATION with REPLACEMENT TECHNIQUES works like a charm in habit change and, in turn, fat loss.

For example, I am giving up any and all nut butters, although for sure I have my deepest love affair with peanut butter.

And in and of itself THERE IS NOTHING “BAD” ABOUT PEANUT BUTTER.  It’s how easily, for me, personally, this food can go from one of my #bingeprevention #cravinghacks to becoming a #triggerfood into excess.

Peanut butter can go from a 2 TB/day type thing to a 1/2 cup indulgence if I don’t watch it… a scoop here, a scoop there… it adds up fast and since my metabolism does not do well with high fat foods, I have to be aware of my behavior with this delicious to spread fat.



You can take this challenge and just be all “I’m a bad ass look how strong my will power is” or you can USE THIS CHALLENGE for real habit change.  This is truly what we are trying to accomplish with this.  Deprivation techniques are NOT SUSTAINABLE in the long run.  We all know this.  The research is clear that deprivation alone DOES NOT create lasting change.

For #Prohibition2016 to be effective for you and decrease the #SpringBreakFear that is rising you absolutely must open your mind to having a replacement food/drink that offers your will power relief when those cravings begin.

Oh… and craving will come!

They will come in waves especially if this food is ritualistic in nature for you… you eat/drink it at particular times of day or week or in response to stress.

*** Cravings have about a 20 min PEAK where it feels almost PRIMAL to just go back to the old habit.  HERE IS WHERE YOUR replacements will SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF and your habit change demons….


  1.  EYE CATCHING- Replacements have to be as visible if not MORE visible than what you are giving up!  If you open up the pantry 10 times a day and your child’s Chex Mix that you have sworn off is front and center, then you have asked your will power to be used each and every single time you open up that darn thing.  At some point your will power is gone.  Store your replacements in CLEAR zip lock bags or CLEAR glass containers.  If possible, put your prohibition food in OPAQUE containers.  Sounds silly as hell but the research is clear on the “out of side, out of mind” factor.  It works!
  2.  EASY- if wine is as easy as grabbing your favorite glass and pouring then your fizzy water, has to be just as easy!  It can’t live in the garage refrigerator!  If you crave your kids’ Famous Amos cookies, you can’t pack their lunches, hungry, without your replacement nearby!  Set up for failure!  You need to have your 100 calorie pack of chocolate graham crackers nearby.
  3. ENJOYABLE- if you think a massive bag of celery and bell peppers is going to get you through the peak of your craving on a random Thursday night when you are tired as hell and all you want is to dive into that left over Valentine’s Day chocolate or never ending Halloween bag of candy, then you are living in LaLa land and I’m offering you back a passport into reality!

Hi… here on Earth, we are human.  We don’t have super powers.  In comparison to chocolate, celery is a major let-down!

As for me, I’ll be making my Coconut Oil Chocolate Balls… which I like… a lot… but I don’t abuse.  They hit the spot when needed, but I never feel compelled to continue to go back for more like I do with peanut butter.  You want your replacements to do the same for you.

Candy- unsweetened gum,

Wine- club soda served up on a fancy glass, lemon/lime slice or frozen berries are always a fun twist.  you can totally buy flavored varieties to change things up.  As for this

Beer- low carb alcoholic beverage, think bourbon, vodka, gin, hard cider, rum

Pasta- squashes and zucchini noodles may hit the spot.  I prefer to serve up my marinara on a giant portobello mushroom and have giant and delicious meatballs on the side

Cookies- 100 calorie snack pack crackers

French Fries- baked potatoes, and NO… don’t feel like you have to go sweet potato!  If we are REPLACING fries, then bake yourself some wonderful still super healthy WHITE potatoes!!

Pizza- For all you real pizza lovers, I get there is no “real replacement” to this food, BUT handle it like a pasta.  You go portobello mushroom and meatballs and you’ve got your italian protein heavy dream, right????

Chocolate- I add unsweetened Ghirardelli chocolate to EVERYTHING I can that day… oatmeal, sweet potatoes, hot unsweetened almond milk.

Chips/salty snacks- I’m a big fan of cucumber slices with Tajin seasoning but you can also hit the spot w/ a baked potato.  Add the SEASONING that mimics what you love!  For example if you love Ranch chips, then grab a packet of ranch dressing at the store and add some of that to your baked potato.  Remember, it’s NOT the white potato that is bad.  We don’t have to eliminate the potato itself. It’s the fat/carb punch combo that makes you behave in excess.  I guarantee you won’t go to town on a ranch salted potato the way you do a bag of chips or a pile of french fries.  You’ll hit the spot and move on!

Your take away:

If your #Prohibition2016 is about LEARNING and getting better, then squash that “hard core” mentality that is CRIPPLING to real lasting change!  Prohibition will end, but your quest to your best doesn’t so ENGAGE AND LEARN.  When you head to the grocery store today BUY YOUR REPLACEMENTS with the 3E’s in mind!!!

Prohibition starts on MONDAY!!! You in?

So I’m not a fan of anything that is elimination centered… EXCEPT UNDER ONE CIRCUMSTANCE…ENDING A HABIT LOOP that is hurting rather than helping your goals.

Yesterday I had two closely related conversations post class w/ two different friends… (I love our conversations post class!!!!)

  •  The first, in the morning, from someone asking for help to stop a habit that was causing weight gain.  She knew what she had to do but, we know, goals are met with action.  She was looking for something in particular to catapult her into #GSD mode.
  • The second, in the evening, with someone simply mentioning how much less she had been eating since she got their dog two weeks ago.  She acknowledged she were busier but she was perplexed by her sudden reduction in hunger.  She was eating less without trying and without deprivation.

Had she found The Holy Grail of Fat Loss?

Must we all purchase a puppy in order to get our hands on it?

Of course not!  What we have here is a real life classic case of BROKEN HABIT loops!!

The dog had literally JOLTED her out of cues and routines which revolved around food rewards.  Her daily routines have been completely turned around.  She’s waking up earlier, she’s coming home for lunch, she’s taking a walk before dinner.  Her focus when she arrives and leaves is no longer the “perceived” hunger/cravings of habit loops.  Her dog is now what CUES her behavior patterns!

Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, is THE RESOURCE for this btw.  His book is not food centered but very applicable here none the less.  Awesome read!!

Screenshot 2016-02-17 13.51.29

Screenshot 2016-02-17 14.00.33


So…what is one to do if we are caught up in habit loops and buying a puppy is not in our future?

We band together and bring back our Prohibition Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Pick one habit that seems to have you “in chains.”  You do it almost mindlessly.  You know it’s not great for you.  You know it goes contrary to what you should be doing?  You know you would be better off either without it or greatly reduced.  This habit may have started out with great intentions…

Like that small glass of wine you used to have that now has turned into 2 giant glasses before bed 


Like that tablespoon of peanut butter you ate to hit the spot that has somehow turned to 4 because cue, routine, reward to the max ???


Like that Thursday night pizza slice that has turned into an evening of binge eating and drinking?  (Not naming any names here, totally random example, promise.)

2.  Commit to eliminating it from Feb. 22nd- Thursday March 18th.

3. If you are a member of Sweat, you are required to put yourself on the line and:

  1.  Put your name on the board
  2. Write down what you are giving up

4.  On Sundays blog, I’ll talk to you guys about REPLACING your “drug” your habit to keep you consistent and successful and so you are using will power in good ways vs. bad.  For now, all you need to do is dig deep, commit, and get your friends and family on board so you can all break out of those habit loops that are holding your progress back.

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Love is about DEPTH not WIDTH

autumn moments

A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me just how important “likes” and hearts were to a teenager’s social media life.  Before then, I had not considered just how much validation comes from the hit of a button, but once I started paying attention, THE GAME CHANGED!!!

Those pre-teens and teens can post a picture and in less than a minute have HUNDREDS of likes.

Did you know that anything less than 200 likes means you should take down your picture?

OMG… I must erase about 99.9% of everything I do on private and business social media!

I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!


Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Tumblr, Pinterest, or SnapChat don’t measure the DEPTH of our relationships.

The amount of times I get hit up to “buy” followers is gross!  I don’t want store bought relationships.


I want each and every single one of my likes and followers to WANT to be here, to feel like what Sweat puts out there needs to be seen by more people, to relate to our story and our vibe, to be impacted by our messages!

Take the opportunity today and be grateful for each and every single relationship in your life that’s REAL… that runs DEEP.

And we don’t need hundreds to be happy.  We only need ONE!!!

The Misuse of Will Power: A Case for Fruit Loops

I have a problem with the belief that we must eat perfectly to get results quickly.

It’s 100% erroneous.

The amount of attempts at “perfect dieting” in someone’s lifetime justifies the huge frustration people undergo every January with resolutions and every March with what I call “Spring Break Fear!”

These are traditionally times of the year where people condone the use of extreme and metabolically damaging fat loss techniques in the name of results.

We learn and become very astute at MISUSING OUR WILL POWER.

I don’t have an issue with SOME will power being used with food.  There are actually some real healthy techniques we’ll be digging deep into with the Spring Break Fear group in March, but the idea that when you raid your pantry for goodies that the problem lies in your lack of will power is hugely misinformed.

For many men and women, when they gorge, when they have that “cookie monster” binge, it’s oftentimes because they have misused their will power earlier in the day or week and have entered a more “primal” state of mind where will power doesn’t even exist.  Only self preservation lies.

  • We work on learning from binges… not shaming ourselves in them.

In others words, once you understand you gorged because of deprivation, not because of a character flaw, you become much less of a self bully and more of a detective.  You are less likely to live in that miserable food guilt, and empower yourself with the knowledge to reduce and even eliminate that behavior.  That’s FOREVER fat loss!

  • We work in REVERSE from the binge to explore things like…

a.  when the urge for sugar or fat initially began.

b.  if the urge is a result of too few calories all together or too little sugar, protein, or fat earlier in the day.

c.  if the urge is a result of too much exercise or simply added intensity.

  • Based on what we find, then we come up with SOLUTIONS.

First evidence, then protocol…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

The long lost step in getting your food problems taken care of…

You don’t decide on your next step until you’ve gathered your facts!

So, if we come to learn that your “perfect” diet results in a binge 3 times a week, we need to step away from that “all or nothing” mental block and be open to adding STRATEGIC IMPERFECTIONS throughout the week so that 3,500 calories off binges in a week stop effecting your kick ass workouts.

There lies my case for the damn FRUIT LOOPS!

Sometimes you just shouldn’t have the Instragram #foodporn braggable post-workout meal with organic blueberries and farm raised eggs and gluten free bread.

Sometimes you gotta quiet the beast.

You gotta kill the craving BEFORE it turns into a caloric monster!!!

Eat the 300 calorie bowl of fruit loops if it means you won’t binge tonight!  Eat the 300 calorie bag of skittles if it means you won’t eat the entire row of Oreos tonight.



Last I checked 300 calories is still way less than 1200.  When you realize that your pursuit of perfect is actually earning you an extra 900 calories that night… you’ll stop feeling validated by perfect, cut yourself a little slack,  and make the RIGHT decisions for yourself guilt free.   Sometimes that bowl of Fruit Loops is a real WIN… not a nutritional failure!

So, if this sounds like exactly the type of tools you need to get personally coached through then I want you to click to join the wait list now.  (There is no obligation to invest but if you want the early deets and discounted rate it’s really the only way).  I’ve listed a few details on Sweat’s Private Training page on our website too.

I cannot wait to completely transform your March and your journey into a productive, results driven, mind altering month!!!

Spring Break Fear (2)

See you in March for some amazing coaching and transformation



#zero (1)

If you follow my blog or Sweat Unfiltered you know me as quite an emotional and happy person.  I’ve been through some things, come out better, and prefer to be blatantly and brutally honest about my life rather than hide in shame.

I like to live life openly.

That feels good.

That feels right.

Honesty ranks as my top CORE belief as a parent, wife, and entrepreneur.

But… I do have a “darker” side.  I do possess at least one super power I could use for evil if I chose to:

I’m exceptionally good at ERASING people out of my life.

I can make you disappear.

You can be in my life for years, but when crossed, when honesty is breached, I can literally flip a switch, detach quickly, no blood, no scab, no scar.


You’re gone.

It doesn’t hurt me.

You can’t feel pain for what doesn’t exist, right?

So, with all the #loveyourworkout stuff from last week, I, all of a sudden, felt my dark side asking to come through, asking for a voice because I find people putting an exorbitant amount of emotional value in trying to “fix” other people instead of putting all that energy onto themselves.

#noEffsgiven can be used to be a classic empty bitch, but my version has everything to do with moving on, moving forward, preserving your authenticity rather than being hurtful, unkind, or changing others.

See!  I use my super power for good… not evil.

This week, on FacebookInstagram, and at the studio we’re going to draw your attention into the many ways #noEFFSgiven relates to your fitness and lifestyle goals.  We hope you find sneaky ways to add that hashtag into your social media.  I don’t want to miss a #noEFFSgiven moment!

In Sweat Unfiltered, which I’m sending out bright and early tomorrow morning… I’m going to show you STEP BY STEP what I PERSONALLY DO to easily take the toxic and neutralize it.  I’m not talking hate here people.  I’m talking an emotional vacuum because you can’t have feelings for what doesn’t exists, right?  Poof… vapor, #byefelicia.


I Am My Daughter’s Billboard for CONFIDENCE.

If you know my story, you know very well that when my daughter was 18 months old, she caught me pinching and studying my belly fat in the mirror as she enjoyed bath time. I was utterly and completely mortified.  How long had I been doing that?  How long had she been watching me?

As I caught her eyes in the mirror, it was obvious she was 100% fixated on how I had been pulling, tugging, and downright  loathing my stretchy, jiggly, rolly belly skin.

My daughter was witnessing a woman bullying herself in the mirror.  I felt insurmountable shame because I, as her mother, am hugely responsible for her sense of self. I could tell my daughter her whole life that she was beautiful and worthy and special and bright, but if her own mother couldn’t walk past a mirror without visible disdain for her reflection, my words had no weight at all.

Monkey see.  Monkey do.

On that day, I decided I would be my daughter’s billboard for confidence.  

I may not have believed then that everything on the outside and on the inside of me was worthy of DAILY kindness, courtesy, patience, grace, and understanding but for my little munchkin, I was gonna fake it, til I made it.

I made a commitment on that day to never ever stand in front of a mirror to tease, torment, or otherwise bulldoze my self esteem to the ground.  I was not willing to risk my daughter ever seeing her first role model detest her reflection again.  If she were to see her mommy do anything else in the mirror, it would be smiling, flexing, and RESPECTING herself.

That day was the slap in the face I needed to wake up and truly take on the very persona I wanted for my own baby girl!

Confident in her strengths AS WELL AS her IMPERFECTIONS.

Today, my pledge to my girl (AND SON) have grown and I want to share with all of you my daily Monkey See, Monkey Do commitments so that, at least at home, my kids have a role model that is not just talk but real action in terms of emotional strengths.

  •  Don’t unload your body issues around kids!

    • I can have a bad day.  I may not always feel like a champ.  However, describing my physical self in careless words is not for young ears.  It’s better to speak in terms of strength and endurance vs. fat or bloated.
  • Don’t walk around in a bathing suit with your arms crossed around your belly.

    • Pet peeve!!!  The amount of pre-teens, teens, and moms walking around covering up their belly with their arms drives me insane.  Walk!  Shoulders up, head held high, arms to your damn sides.  Body language is as potent as verbal.  Of course, I am speaking in terms beyond the pool!!  Our fears are most exaggerated in a bathing suit, but our kids are reading our nonverbal cues at a very early age!
  • The mirror is for makeup application and flexing 🙂

    • So I don’t wear make up hardly so more often than not if momma is in the mirror, she’s going to be flexing her guns, excited about ‘dem gainz.  There is no belly pinching or degrading cellulite evaluations happening in that mirror.  It’s crazy to think how we won’t allow others to shame us but the moment we are alone and looking at ourselves we can easily intimidate ourselves to the ground!  STOP IT TODAY!
  • Accept a compliment

    • Admittedly, I’m a work in progress here.  I’ve been caught a few times trying to diminish a compliment with a, “oh, it’s just the lighting” or “I was having a good day.”  Boo!  Own it.  Love it.  Smile at it.  If someone takes the time and energy to notice something special about you, open your heart to the good things you send out into this universe.  “You look beautiful!”  “Damn, you are strong!” should get, at the very least a “THANK YOU so much” or a “I appreciate it that.  It means a lot.”



Looking back today, I am grateful as hell for that early LIGHTBULB moment years ago and the opportunity to evolve out of that comparison mindset where I would never allow myself to just ENJOY the me of today and now.  That little 18 month old may have witnessed a woman who walked around in self doubt, but today, I have charged myself to be her billboard for confidence and…

Emery- 18 months
Emery- 18 months

I want you to take that mission on for your family, as well.  Like I said, you may not believe it to be true today, but as you fake it til you make it for your littles, you will find yourself growing into that same frame of mind.  You will begin to embrace the humanity behind those quirks and imperfections and no longer feel the need to judge them as either good or bad.  The beautiful broad swimming shoulders, the powerful quadzilla thighs, the stretchy big-baby belly skin, the glutes that just won’t plump … they deserve to just exist… with you… without shame.  You’d expect nothing less for your children.