The Case for New Year’s Resolutions

Should you make a New Year’s Resolution or forget about it.  After all, don’t they almost all fail anyways?

First and foremost…Not just YES but HELL YES you need make a New Year’s Resolution!!!  WHY?

1.  It makes you recommit yourself to being your best.  Saying you’ve got more to do and more to prove to yourself is a #GSD statement of ACTION.  It’s you admitting that you have the ability to level up and the belief in yourself to accomplish it!  That’s big time!

2.  It makes you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Those ACTION statements of “I am going to lose weight/eat clean/run more/lift more/ study more/ then become questions of  how!  Holy smokes…now we have begun the process of reflection!

What are my barriers?  What am I already doing right?  What do I know how to do, but need to get consistent with?  What can I take on immediately?  What part of my goal needs to wait for spring?  Who is my support system?  How do I get them to help me?

For those of us who reflect often, we KNOW that this is one of the key reasons we stay focused through hard times, through failures, through the low part of the motivation wave.  New Year’s Resolutions are a time of assessment for EVERYONE and good things come from taking the time to do that.

3.  It’s a rejection of complacency.  Past success doesn’t equate to future success.  Past failures don’t signify future ones either.  Those New Year’s Resolutions keep us thinking ahead and being excited for what we could potentially claim soon.  Our past becomes less valuable than our futures and I love that mindset!!

Of course, there’s no denying that a large amount of New Year’s Resolutions die fast and hard.

So, where do folks go wrong?  They focus solely on the outcome instead of the journey.


Reaching your goal/outcome is NOT a 1, 2, 3 linear, step by step instruction manual.  Breaking that mindset is is priority #1.

Getting to that big, lofty declaration statement you create at the end of this year will take daily, weekly, monthly effort.

Patience + Persistence + Practice

That means embracing a plentitude failures as learning experiences.  That means constantly reassessing your strategy, your training, your practices.  That means consistently pursuing progress in small increments rather than big lumps.

BUT DOESN’T ALL OF THAT SOUND EXCITING?!?!?!  Doesn’t working hard as hell at something you feel strongly about make you crazy enthusiastic about 2016!!!!????!!!!

OMG, I hope so.  I hope you have inside at least that one dream that scares the bejeezus out of you every time you sit down to plan it out.  So do it!!  #GSD this year.

Recommit yourself, evaluate yourself, and REJECT complacency!  You’re ready for the patience, persistence, and practice it takes to be the very best version of you in 2016!!

The Power of One begins at Sweat January 4th!  Email to general Sweat list goes out this week!  Make sure you have opted in for Sweat emails.

The Power of One January 2016 – Click here to print

Screenshot 2015-12-27 08.49.12

In Fitness, Short Term Goals > Long Term

Here’s the thing…motivation comes in waves.  There are clear peaks and there are definite valleys, as well.

If you want to create EFFECTIVE, reachable goals, even during your low waves EMPHASIZE the short term

Step 1:  Your “I will be leaner/faster/stronger/healthier in 2016.” is NOT your goal.  It is your OUTCOME!!!!  It’s the end result!  It’s what you commit to accomplishing!

So write it down or tell someone important to you what you want to accomplish.

Why?  Because you need to put yourself ON THE HOOK!  It’s real this way!  

Make yourself accountable and even recruit your friends and family you trust to help you STAY accountable to what you want to do get off your bucket list.


Step 2:  Create a check list with the behavioral changes that need to take place in order for you to reach your outcome.  Those are your REAL GOALS – to establish behavior patterns that create your outcome.


Step 3:  Attack one change at a time.  I know you want to go “all in” especially when motivation is high like in January, but in order to win a war, you need to win some battles first, right?

It’s wise to give yourself some time to see how this one behavior change will ripple it’s effects into your daily living.

Be patient and give your body, your schedule, your budget, and even your family time to adjust!  Getting overwhelmed by too much is the reason most people quit or get disenchanted with their resolutions.


For example, something as “simple” as water, will take my body 2 weeks to adjust.  Here’s to lots of bathroom breaks!!

Step 4:  Finally, don’t forget to celebrate small wins!!

It might not make a sexy Instagram or FB post bc you might perceive other people are doing bigger and badder things than you, but it’s the little things, practiced over time that create BIG OUTCOMES!

Pat yourself on the back…somehow…every single time you get to check something off your “behavior goals” list.  And don’t be alarmed if what you originally thought was a small task needs to be broken down even further.  (That’s why I’m so damn excited about that water bottle!!  I need to celebrate each and every oz. I drink!!)

Focusing on the short term is how people “fall in love with the process!”  It’s how you figure out the tricks and hacks that make reaching your goal fun instead of work.

Now…your turn!

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

What behavior changes need to take place?

What will you attack first???!!!

#BingePrevention Tools

#BingePrevention is simply one of the ways to practice that big term floating out in nutrition world… moderation.

There’s tons of literature about it yet so much of it is so broad and to be frank, I find that wildly unhelpful!

Without direction, moderation can look great on paper, but flat out impractical!  In Diet Rebellion, we just get down right gritty on the topic and super strategic.

Implementing #bingeprevention strategies is a direct REACTION to the “perfect eating expectations” we’ve all been guilty of setting out for ourselves on Monday, only to binge eat, habitually, every Wednesday or Friday night.

The habit of using will power and deprivation KILLS long term progress and self-esteem.

So let’s all give a big fat middle finger to perfect and binge eating with easy practical way to answer to a craving quickly!

Let me flip your mindset a bit…

What if the the solution you need is a mindset that revolvs around, not only eating well but matching that with equal attention to hitting cravings IMMEDIATELY and not waiting until they became unmanageable?

So instead of focusing eating only around “where is my protein,” match that with “where is my cheat?”

How do I make this meal hit the spot so that I’m not looking for anything else later!

 Hmmmm… something to ponder… and something we work on BIG TIME in Diet Rebellion.

Here are 13 of my favorite tools and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to make #bingeprevention a daily practice and fat loss tool for everyone!

1.  BCAA Powder– It’s not just for working out.  Your body turns BCAA into glucose super fast! This is a non-caloric way to bring your blood sugar back up.  Don’t abuse it though.  This is simply a 30-60 min hack so that you can get to food or wait for dinner to be done.  Everyone knows my favorite is Tri-Pep and Huma-Pro!


2.  Whey protein powder– If option 1 is to open up the pantry and go to town or option 2 is to add 120 calories to my water and drink, clearly the best option is a quick shake.  Once again, blood sugar will rise, you can think, not kill your kids, and not binge.  Really a win/win for everyone.


3.  1/2 or an entire Quest Bar- You can pick any protein based bar you like really there are just some that have too much sugar or fat for my goals.  I suggest you always have one in your purse, in the car, at your desk.  Sometimes I just need something a bit sweet after lunch to hit the spot.  I cut 1/4 quest bar and then I’m satisfied.  I do NOT depend on bars for my nutrition.  I probably average one bar every two weeks right  now.  They do save my life when I’m in a pinch though!!!


4.  deli meat – so it’s not a perfect choice…who cares.  Once again, if you don’t eat now and are about to binge in a bit you better learn that perfect is worthless and settling for plan B actually will be better in long run.


5.  scrambled eggs and spinach, and oatmeal- ALL my macros, served up clean in less than 10 minutes.  I seriously eat this no less than once a day.  I never get tired of it.


6.  Make ALL your meat on your free weeknight or on a weekend.  I hate tupperware meal prepping.  But, I do know that if our meats are done, the rest falls into place without effort.  That means burger patties, chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, crockpot chicken breast to name a few that are almost no brainers at our house.


7.  Unsweetened cocoa powder… on everything if necessary…especially close to menstruation.  Add it to coffee, oatmeal, protein shakes, peanut butter, almond milk, or make it into a hot cocoa drink with stevia.


8.  SLEEP!- Sometimes sleep has to come before a workout.  If I don’t get enough sleep, I am almost guaranteed a binge that day!  I try to be watchful, rest when I can, but it’s a hard battle.  My hunger, energy, and stress level is completely different on nights I lose sleep.  Natrol is my friend when I need to go to bed, but I don’t want to go to bed.


9.  Dark (and I mean dark) chocolate–  I love 90% but you can go a bit lighter.  A square a day keeps the cookie monster away.  I make sure to add that square into my macros so that I can have it whenever I want!  If you love wine, I suggest you learn to do the same.  Learn what a portion of wine looks like in your favorite wine class.  Don’t deny your favorites.  Learn to work with them!!


10.  Where’s my fat?  I don’t metabolize fats very well, but I do still need them in my diet.  I make sure the fat I get is EXACTLY what I want which is usually a table spoon of peanut/almond butter or this little coconut ball concoction I make a lot.  Satisfaction factor has to be high so binge possibility is low.  It’s scientific fact.  Promise.


11.  Club Soda-  I know I’m supposed to love to drink water b/c I’m a fitness pro, but I don’t.  I actually hate it, but I know I need it.  Thank the Lord for La Croix Sparkling Water, Deer Park Sparkling Lemon Water, and any other club soda sold out there!  I’d never get my water in without their help but they also help me avoid eating when I really should be hydrating!


12.  Protein Cookie Dough Balls- 1 scoop protein, 2 packets truvia, 1 TB chocolate chips, 1 TB nut butter, 1 TB Flax seeds, 1 TB unsweetened almond milk.  Mix and use your tablespoon to measure out and roll into a ball.  Recipe makes 4.

Macros:  1 ball= 81 calories, 7.6 g protein, 4.5 carbs, 4.2 fat

13.  Pay extra for pre-portioned treats.  STOP BUYING BULK.  You actually end up eating food faster rather than save yourself money.  Don’t believe me?  Read Mindless Eating.  Regardless…I don’t depend on will power.  I depend on smart shopping.  If I love an item, like peanut butter, I buy “just enough” to satisfy my craving but never enough to indulge.  It’s inconvenient and more expensive but so is shopping for a new wardrobe when your clothes don’t fit.


Pick a few of these strategies to begin and see how much BETTER your week goes!  Surely you know that even with hacks and tricks, there will be good days and there will be bad days.  The important part is that when you don’t get things quite right you channel that negative energy into some reflective work!

What went wrong?  Why did I over eat or binge?  Should I have eaten more post workout?  Did I eat enough at breakfast?  When did hunger really strike?  Was this more about stress than hunger?

There is a lot you can LEARN from your missteps… which is one of my favorite parts in coaching Diet Rebellion!!   Yes… absolutely… I want you in this program if IMPLEMENTING what you know you need to do is a missing part of your puzzle.



CONFIDENCE- fake it until you believe it your damn self

If you don’t know anything about my “aha” moment, you can read the full details here.  If you want the edited version, essentially my daughter caught me in a moment of body shaming.

She was bathing and I was pinching my belly fat in front of the mirror.  At some point, she stopped splashing in the tub and her eyes were dead set and fixated on what I was doing.  She was analyzing my behavior.  She was learning what one does in front of the mirror.  OMG…She was learning to hate her body from me!!!!!

I was sickened to my stomach and knew at that very moment that if my actions did not change, I was, not only going to continue hurting myself which I clearly didn’t care about at the time, but was ROBBING my daughter of her own positive self image as well.

That 5 minute snap shot taught me everything I ever needed to know about helping my daughter grow up KNOWING she was AWESOME!!!

I may not have believed myself to be beautiful at the time, I may not have thought of myself as strong or lean or powerful but I was determined to fake it for my DAUGHTER’S SAKE!


Monkey see.  Monkey do.  If you do anything in that mirror you better flex and smile.  Don’t just tell her you love her.  Show her you love yourself too!!!


Saying you are fat or chunky and laughing about it like it’s a joke is unacceptable.  If I don’t want my daughter to bully herself in the mirror, it STARTS WITH ME!  I am worthy here and now AS I AM and so is she.

I am not in control of social media.  I am not in control of the magazines.  I am in control of me, my behavior, my words.  In my presence she will not learn to shame herself.  She will learn acceptance, strength, self worth, and compassion.


You can eat a cookie.  You can eat ice cream.  I don’t declare myself lean or “skinny” every time I eat a salad!  Why the hell do I feel the need to make a statement about health every time I eat a dessert.  Just shut up and ENJOY that cupcake just like they are!!


In short, ACTIONS speak louder than our WORDS.  We all know that, but are we living it?

We may not think our bodies have reached their full potential, we may think that we have a long way to go.  That’s fine!  You can keep working towards your goals without being a jerk to yourself.  Your littles are watching you.

I will tell you though, from experience, that once you let go of that nasty body shaming habit of yours and learn to be a good friend to yourself, you stop having to fake it.  You “accidentally” make it and those actions that once felt forced become your NEW NORMAL.


2016…”I GOT THIS!”


There’s so much we’re cooking up and dreaming up for Sweat, that it’s both exciting and paralyzing at the same time.  Ever heard the quote-

Screenshot 2015-12-13 08.59.38

Consider me petrified!!!!


But these past three years I’ve learned some hard knock lessons about how to take a #BigAssDream and actually make it a #BigAssReality!!

And, truly, with the New Year’s coming along I hope we are all in a DREAM BIG mindset so I want to share with you the type of self talk that is getting me past SCAREDY PANTS mode and into BE A BAD ASS mode.




So planning is important.  Planning is essential.  But stop using the “I’m making plans” excuse when you are really just stalling for more time to get all the answers.

Big plans, big dreams, big risks take big cojones to actually accomplish.  You will NEVER and I mean NEVER have a big dream totally planned out and ready to execute b/c you aren’t in COMPLETE CONTROL of the situation.

Stop believing you pull all the strings.  Stop believing it’s CONTROL that will make you successful!

At some point, you’re going to have to choose GUTS, bet on yourself, and leap!

Taking ACTION is what will make things a reality not your damn “Proud to be OCD” badge of honor you tote around.


This is the part everyone likes to brag about but forgets to talk about when they are actually knee deep in a big pile of shit.

Getting gritty means that when you are being stretched beyond your limits (AND YOU WILL BE) you don’t fold but double down.  You bet on yourself.

You match the intensity of the situation with discipline and tenacity.  Getting gritty hurts.  It’s uncomfortable on an easy day and breaks you to pieces on a bad one.

Expect to come face to face with obstacles, barriers, and hardship.  You will need every ounce of inner strength to pull through.  But it’s WORTH IT, promise!


I am a firm believer that work ethic and education are NOT ENOUGH to make you successful in any #BigAssDream endeavor.

It’s not how you handle the “if you fail” but “when you fail” that will separate the pack.

Resiliency requires an element of creativity and FLEXIBILITY that not everyone is comfortable with but everyone can acquire.

Your level of pliability is where you have one up on the “proud to be an over-planner” and the good ‘ol “I’m always in control” mindset.  Those folks are so vested in their perfect plans that they don’t see there’s an endless pile of solutions waiting to get picked up.

Planners are stuck, boxed in, and fixated on one solution.   In so doing, their option is either to execute the plan or bail.

#RadiateResiliency on the daily! Failure is not a problem.  It’s actually PART OF THE PROCESS!!  You are supposed to fail…a lot!  It’s how we learn the skills to develop our dream.  Have a vision that allows for your creative and flexible buttons to kick into overdrive when necessary.  Quitting isn’t an option or a solution.


Can we move beyond the Facebook post where someone takes a picture of their giant mansion looking amazing in a dazzling sunset with the hashtag #grateful.  Sort of nauseating at this point and really isn’t the type of transformative gratefulness that makes you a better human.

I advocate a #blessed, #grateful, #thankful posts kept most often to yourself in a journal where you can get really and truly honest about what made the day worth each breath.

That giant house sure is nice, but are you pulling back the curtain every day to recognize the daily sacrifices you and others around you make in order to enjoy that comfy situation.

You’re going to find happiness so much quicker on those #GetGritty days if you’ve learned to quietly feel blessed by the small daily actions and sacrifices you and others make and witness that ultimately make that #BigAssDream come true.



STILL SCARED!  Good!  You STILL should be.  Doesn’t matter if your #BigAssDream is to run your first marathon, lose 50 pounds in 2016, start your own business, or publish a book.  The one and only thing that will begin to take FEAR away is ACTION.  Real deal, bold ass, ACTION!!!!

For those ready to take some bold ass fat loss action in 2016, I need you on my Sweat Unfiltered newsletter right now.  We begin taking action tomorrow!

Resolutions for 2016

I can feel the nervousness building at Sweat as the holidays continue and the overeating begins to feel routine vs. an every once in a while splurge.

January 4th, we will begin a Jump Start at Sweat.  You will have two choices.


Blog Post


Power of One- a SINGLE focus and commitment to one major behavior change.

I BELIEVE in the Power of One.  Research tells us that simplicity in behavior change creates SUCCESS.

Many times, we can get so inundated by unnecessary nutritional details that we set ourselves up for disaster.  I will announce our Power of One habit on January 2nd at Sweat, as well as, our FB page.

You will commit to this habit change by signing a contract w/ yourself at Sweat.  We will post this contract on our wall and each day that you are successful you will mark w/ a check mark.

The more marks on your paper, the better your results.  I encourage you to take a progress picture on day 1 and on day 30.  You WILL NOT need to post these pics!


Join the Sweat Unfiltered newsletter list for an advanced, in depth Jump Start.

First set of instructions go out next Tuesday so be on the look out.  I want you fully prepped prepped to BEGIN ON January 4th!!

While I love and practice The Power of One, I do, however, understand that we can all get to a point where we feel so out of whack that we need to almost be jolted out of our daily routine.  We need and crave the feeling of starting on a clean slate.

THAT is the ONLY reason I practice and promote Jump Starts.

Let me clear…Jump Starts

  1.  are restrictive by nature and are useful only when motivation is HIGH
  2. are to be followed for a very short amount of time (2- 4 weeks) so that our metabolisms do not suffer
  3. create TRANSIENT results.  In other words, you will NOT be able to keep ALL of the results of the Jump Start b/c you cannot SUSTAIN all of the habits consistently.

However, a successful jump start will…

  1. release you from unhealthy habit loops so that in February we can begin focusing on The Power of One
  2. provide you a healthy base to follow later in a less restrictive fashion



The Moments that Broke and ReMade me

This is not my typical blog post but something so personal I usually reserve for my Sweat Unfiltered Newsletter (Join Here) .  However, this email in particular really resonated with them last week and part 2 comes out next week.  If this is the type of motivation you love/need, I encourage you to join Sweat Unfiltered.
Instagram Post (1)
I don’t want you addicted to exercise. I want you addicted to the PROCESS!!
I want you to realize that the moment of weakness, the moment it feels like it’s too much, the moment you feel totally human, is the very moment you should continue to revisit, problem solve, compete against.
Those dig deep moments during a workout helped coach me through the hardest phases of my life…
I vividly remember going on “crying runs” after miscarrying my first pregnancy.  I was not only shocked by the loss but angered by how easily I was supposed to “move on” simply b/c I had lost that munchkin so early in pregnancy.
I ran to feel the burn in my legs and the breathlessness in my lungs.  That discomfort became the PHYSICAL manifestation of what I felt inside.  It was cathartic.  It was relief.  It was invaluable in my conversations with God.
Years later, when I needed to wait two agonizing weeks for my appointment at UAB to find out if my sweet baby girl, Emery, would be born with Downs Syndrome, I once again turned to my workouts for help.
I was 5 months pregnant and once again in mourning, not because Downs is a fatal diagnosis but you undoubtedly have to change your dreams for your child.  I was, to say the least, ill prepared for those type of news, so, once again, I sought out the physical discomfort of hard training to bring to surface my fears.
I was not in control of my circumstances and I felt a blend of anger and fear that only a mother under my circumstances would understand.  I remember squatting with dumbbells, cussing in my head, eyes full of tears, and feeling satisfied only by conquering my set without rest.  Those dumbbells made me feel strong when every other moment I felt broken.
Even today, my best workouts come when I bring my troubles, my pain, my heartache, my frustrations, my wounds to the gym floor.  I let the “this is too hard”, “the where do I go from here?”, “the what the hell do I do now,” or “the why me!” out with every drip of Sweat.
They let me find my threshold, break through it, and feel the release.  Workouts aren’t supposed to be all about the calorie in calorie out equation.  They teach you how to be weak, how to be strong, how to be vulnerable, or how to heal.
THAT’S what I want you addicted to…the process of unlayering you!