Month: December 2015

In Fitness, Short Term Goals > Long Term

Here’s the thing…motivation comes in waves.  There are clear peaks and there are definite valleys, as well. If you want to create EFFECTIVE, reachable goals, even during your low waves EMPHASIZE the short term Step 1:  Your “I will be leaner/faster/stronger/healthier in 2016.” is NOT your goal.  It is your OUTCOME!!!!  It’s the end result!  It’s what …

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2016…”I GOT THIS!”

  There’s so much we’re cooking up and dreaming up for Sweat, that it’s both exciting and paralyzing at the same time.  Ever heard the quote- Consider me petrified!!!!   But these past three years I’ve learned some hard knock lessons about how to take a #BigAssDream and actually make it a #BigAssReality!! And, truly, with the New Year’s …

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