#FitAndFlyByJuly- What are you changing in May??

What are YOU changing for YOU??

DID you follow the #FitAndFlyByJuly Jump Start or are you ready to get on it today???  If you haven’t started hit the link above.

A solid jump start is there to re-establish a good rhythm, help you understand your schedule, get rid of (many of your) cravings, and increase energy.  It is unrealistic in the sense that it pins you down to certain foods and behaviors but it’s an AWESOME tool to helping you discover or rediscover WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

If you haven’t already begun to make SMALL adjustments to your jump start BY RESPONDING TO how you look and feel, then definitely NOW is the time.  Here is when you absolutely MUST begin to stray a bit from “plan” and allow yourself to get comfortable with allowing a more natural flow to appear into the jump start.

I understand that for many, TRUSTING YOURSELF is the scariest part because there is always the fear that one piece of cake or chocolate will snowball you into a sugar binge and back to bad habits.  However, it is essential that you learn to master the art of neither being “on” or “off” a diet.  With your cravings gone and hunger more stable, now you can better navigate the middle ground where you naturally allow for higher or lower caloric intake depending on your training or even special occasions.

My results and what I’m tweaking…

Day 0







IMG_6176 (1)

I know…ideally I’d be in the same outfit (and a less messy bedroom) with the same lighting but my life rarely works out so that my progress pictures can take on that kind of precision.  As you know, I’m not stepping on a scale so I can’t boast to you how many lbs I’ve lost but the waist and the leg room in all of my pants has increased, my belly has stayed flat, my energy is up, my workouts have stayed intense, and my cravings and binges have truly stayed at bay.  My favorite part is that my muscles are popping out again which I LOVE!

I probably started tweaking my 30 Day Energy and Performance Jump Start around week 3 though instead of week 4 after I’d gotten a good daily rhythm down but started to feel like I needed to fuel a bit more post workout.

Here’s a run down of a usual day where my workouts fall around 10:30 or 11 a.m.  If you workout at a different hour. I’d say you will want to move your starch within a 2 hour time frame of when YOU workout.

1.  Wake up, coffee

2.  7:30- Isagenix shake- ice and unsweetened almond milk in the blender cause it makes it taste like a frosty.  Strawberry is my favorite right now!  Vitamins

3.  10:30- Tri-Pep BCAA, workout, (or E+ Energy shot if I feel like I need more help).

4.  11:30- about 1/3 cup oatmeal or fruit and Isagenix shake OR a whole food lunch w/ whole grain carbs and/or fruit.  It really depends on my schedule and hunger that day.  With the weather warming up, I’m partial to a BIG green salad, loaded w/ veggies, meat, and an olive oil based dressing.  I’ve noticed on some days I need to eat and then a bit later consume my carb about an hour later.  I’m not going to force food down my face.

5. 3:00pm- coffee and either Isagenix bar or a whole food snack.  I absolutely love, love, love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Isagenix bars.  If I go the whole food route, I’m really into grabbing 2 Wasa crackers and Vigo sardines or octupus, squid, or tuna.   I always buy these items canned in oil not water!  Fat is not your enemy!  Some days I’ll do Pimento cheese instead.

6. 6:00- Isagenix shake OR a whole food dinner that looks a lot like item #4.  Once again, it depends on my schedule and hunger.

Please note:

a.  I never ever use supplements all day long!

b.  My metabolism responds well to “higher” carb and “lower” fat lifestyle.  I’m getting no less than 100 grams of carbs/day but they are ALL coming w/ a solid dose of dietary fiber from whole grains, fruits, and veggies.  I am NOT feeling like I need to add fats to my Isagenix shakes.  Instead I opt to add a bit of fat w/ something like pimento cheese on the Wasa crackers.  My body will shed well w/ moderate carbs.

Take Action!

If this is month 2 of your #FitAndFlyByJuly jump start, you are ready to take the training wheels off and begin navigating a bit more freely.  I think you would agree that my pictures demonstrate you will get results without the need to become robotic or feel like you have to follow someone else’s exact protocol.  In the end you have to meet your own metabolic NEEDS!  If you are just now feeling ready to take on a jump start, I’m excited.  Results are around the corner!!

As always, if you have questions, feel free to email me at jeidi@sweathuntsville.com or private message me on the Sweat Facebook page.




#FitAndFlyByJuly- Week 1

We are about one week into our challenge and we have already had a big celebration to “contend with”…Easter.

I hope you understand… it’s an EXCELLENT thing to do these challenges while REAL LIFE is going on.  There is no such thing as the perfect time!  In fact, I cannot think of any month in my calendar where there is not a holiday, a birthday, a shower, an out of town event, or another celebration that is going to present it’s own particular challenges within a 30 day period.  I am certain your schedule is the same so don’t forget that part of any nutritional challenge is how you INCORPORATE those non-conventional days and still achieve your goals!!!

Are you learning to PRACTICE MODERATION during these occasions or are you walking into these events with the mind of a binge eater?

My Journey…

The truth of the matter is that perfection for 30 Days is no match against a lifetime of consistency.  Therefore, even a jump start is an exercise in not only goal achievement but goal maintenance.  Your best results will come when you not only stop believing that all the suns and moons in the universe must align in order for you to begin changing habits but also when you practice becoming comfortable with how and when to deviate from normal routine.

I began my #FitAndFlyByJuly challenge March 26th.  In part because I was eager to begin but also because I was moving and needed the ease and structure of a jump start so that food wouldn’t be an added stress to an already hectic situation.  I’m 13 days in and I’m happy with my progress.

I can’t boast about scale weight b/c I actually don’t own a scale and don’t want one back in my house.  I’ve got pictures and a pair of jeans that give me all the feedback I need.  Besides “skinny jeans” that don’t feel tight a surprise bonus has been finding that my belly is staying flat with Isagenix whey protein.  I have fought bloating and inflammation for a long time and had to eliminate whey protein completely for about 6 months opting for vegan protein powders instead.  I wasn’t holding my breath w/ Isagenix but was willing to experiment.  Glad I did!

My Meals:

For the past 13 days, I’ve been doing 2 shakes + 2 meals.  Did I follow this “format” Easter weekend…yes and no.  I began Saturday like any other day but great friends + great basketball + great wings = guiltless stray from routine.  Not sure if the sweet & spicy or the teriyaki wings were my favorite but the ranch and honey bbq were excellent too.  If you haven’t bought wings from Best Wings on Blue Springs Road, you haven’t lived yet.   Sunday wouldn’t have been complete without a small slice of cake either.  No crazy binge, no over the top sugar coma…MODERATION.

As of right now, I don’t have anything on my schedule which would require me to veer off my jump start.  I am definitely in “create new habits” mode so I look forward to predictability at the moment.

My Workouts:

2 full rest day

2 heavy lift days (think: Vain)

3 metabolic training days (think: Drenched, Punch, TRX, 20/20/20)

I let go of traditional cardio a long time ago and have zero desire to return to it.

What to take out of what I do…

Follow the outline KEEPING IN MIND that your ultimate job is to personalize a routine that is healthy for your body, drives results, keeps your hunger at bay, and your energy high.  Even though we are only one to two weeks in you cannot regiment yourself to the point of misery because those results, however dramatic they might be, are transient at best.   Easter, birthdays, weddings, etc are not only part of life but come often enough that you can neither skip out on every celebration nor approach each occasion with reckless abandon.   If results are to stick for good, you have to learn to incorporate these non-conventional days or weekends into what you are creating.