Fail or Flourish – 6 Ways to emBOLDen your Resolutions

If only 8% of those who make NY Resolutions actually keep them, why do we still make them?

Because a fresh start is SEXY!

Because a clean slate is REFRESHING!

Because despite the madness of the holidays, we still want to accomplish BIG THINGS for our health & hotness!

And even though, technically, any day and time is “the perfect time to start” there is an undoubtable STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!!

I mean, it’s one thing to be “the weirdo” at lunch with tupperware filled with veggies and protein and a whole different ball game when your whole work crew is exchanging recipes and snack hacks like it’s the latest gossip from TMZ.

There’s nothing to trigger you to get the hell out of the office than seeing 20 of your closest buds slinging workout bags over their shoulders as they leave 5 minutes early cause it’s leg day, traffic is brutal, and they don’t want to miss class.

Hell to the yeah NY Resolutions are BADASS!

But somehow it’s become cool on social media to poo poo all over people’s plans.  Like it’s a bad thing to have caught a nasty case of the motivation bug and we are to doctor people back to a “just be ordinary” diagnosis.


Maybe I’m the last coach on earth who adores NY Resolutions (and magical unicorns, rainbows made of glitter, and pet dragons) but ya’ll we UNDERESTIMATE the shit we can do in a year.

We fill our days with a “to do” list filled with STUFF that’s meaningless and forget where the hell we actually want to go.

The New Year’s REMINDS people of THEIR BEST LIFE and TRIGGERS them to take ACTION!!!!!

It’s an AH-MAY-ZANG thing to watch!!!!!!

So the goal of this blog post is, in part, is to give every New Year’s Resolution champion a big virtual CARE BEAR STARE because there’s way too much negativity out there trying to rain on your parade.


Secondly, I want to arm you with 6 BIG TIME NY RESOLUTION TIPS that will help you STRENGTHEN AND STRUCTURE your 2018 goals for major results!


Seriously.  You are a badass.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  But unless you’ve been given 6 months to live, then it’s going to be a BIG DEAL for you to SPREAD your goals out.

I like to buy a cheap calendar and pick a date to have my goals accomplished.

For example:  By August 2018 I have an organized house.  By May 2018 my white summer shorts snap and zip comfortably.  By November 2018…

This then snowballs a bunch of questions… If I want to have a clean house by August, what am I responsible to have accomplished by July? by June? by May?

This creates monthly action steps because August FEELS really far away in January and that can cause PROCRASTINATION… the New Years Resolution CANCER.

So if my goal is a clean and organized house by August that means in July I can take the whole month to clean out and organize my kitchen… from light bulbs, cabinet clean out, floor boards, throwing away tupperware that no longer has tops etc.

Then June I can hit both the kids bedrooms.  One kid gets the first two weeks of the month and the second the last half.  I’ll give away toys, clothes, clean out drawers, discover disgusting things under the bed, etc.

Then I keep working backwards to January and that tells me exactly what I need to be doing NOW.  Those tasks get added into my daily/weekly bullet journal so I see them in front of me daily.

Same process with fat loss by the way.  May 2018 can feel really far away so if you’re looking to trim down, REVERSE ENGINEER your goal giving yourself specific tasks along the way.



So, it’s January and you’re in the midst of a major fitness high!  Congrats.  By all means, take advantage!!!

However, what comes up, must come down so expect the frenzied love of all things burpee, lifting, running, and yoga to taper down.  It’s natural.  It doesn’t make you a loser.

Focus is finite and motivation is not be taken for granted.

As you reverse engineer your goals, schedule the biggest and hardest tasks when you know your motivation will be highest and schedule less during the lows.

Think about it.  The pools open in May.  You may not get as much done in February or March but, by golly, expect your April and May to be another mini NY Resolution party.  Get your schedule and life in order so that you can take advantage of that motivation burst as it nears.

3.  BUILD ROUTINE (without losing flexibility)

Routines are what keeps us in check when motivation is gone.  They are comprised of a complex mix of habits and discipline.

Habits are tasks done through automation.  We hardly think about what we’re doing or why.

Discipline, on the other hand, takes awareness.  There is thought, energy, and sometimes even grit to get us to do what we know we need to do.

Both are essential when accomplishing goals and we need them.  However, don’t forget to keep a healthy dose of problem solving flexibility.  There are several ways to get tasks accomplished.

Keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities.


You’re going to get things wrong sometimes.  By now you’ve seen enough fitspiration to know fat loss or physique change is not a linear process.  It’s messy.

Expect missteps but LOOK FOR the source of the mistake rather than ruminating over the bag of chips you ate last night or the 2 missed workouts of the week.

Your focus is in locating where the breakdown began rather than the aftermath.

When did I first start to crave or feel tired?  Why did I react in such a strong way?  Do I often react this way?  Is this the first time?  What parts are in my control?  How can I behave differently so that this does not repeat or, at least, happen less?


If you FEEL the enthusiasm in January b/c “everyone is out to get fit” well yeah, that’s kinda what’s it like when you find your perfect workout spot.

We see it all the time at sweatlocal… when you’re down and wanna quit, someone else is having their up day and they pick your ass up and take you along their workout high for the day.  Or vice versa… your kick ass moment is exactly the day someone isn’t even sure they can make it through the warm up.  They “borrow” energy from you that day and crush it on a day they would have quit on their own.

Oh, and in case that doesn’t work… well there’s your coach, who’s watching, driving the workout, and has done all the think work for you.

Yo ass is not getting bailed out.  You’re gonna get this workout in and get it in right!


One thing that’s great about visiting and revisting your NY Resolutions is that they HELP YOU SAY NO to stuff you don’t even really care about!

I mean, it’s not that the things that are eating away at your schedule aren’t great but maybe they just aren’t for you… right now.  Goals and resolutions keep us GROUNDED.

This month you might find yourself with a schedule that feels really tight and with little room for your gym time and meals, but I highly encourage you to EMBRACE YES on the things you love and adore and BEGIN to purge and SAY NO to things that DO NOT bring you closer to YOUR BEST LIFE!!

So… go forth with your bad self and proudly rave about your New Year’s Resolutions!!!  They’re a good thing… a damn right marvelous thing.  Don’t let the cynics and skeptics lead you to believe you can’t make this YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Thank you for reading, for being a part of sweatlocal, and if we’re not already part of your health and hotness, feel free to touch base w/ me directly anytime. or join my newsletter Sweat Unfiltered.

The Year of Bold

It’s absolutely insane that sweatlocal has been in existence for over 5 years and it wasn’t until this Fall that I sat down to write our EXACT mission and vision statements.

You see, I’m a free thinker when it comes to business (and fitness) and so I outwardly reject or at least QUESTION a lot of established norms.  

Take the phrase, “It not personal.  It’s just business.” for example.  It’s often used to make hard decisions land softly except uhm… no… we work with and for humans.

It’s all mother effin’ personal!!!!

Business decisions impact PEOPLE and PEOPLE impact business.  I believe losing sight of that connection diminishes your services, creativity, hospitality, influence, and impact. #peoplematter

Well then, I guess that means I must embrace the idea that “The customer is always right?” 

Except… NO to that too. 

The client (and I hate that clinical word) ALWAYS HAS A VOICE and a DIRECT AVENUE to communicate with me but there are lines that CANNOT be crossed and that are not up for negotiation.   

Touch a trainer or another client inappropriately, refuse to work next to someone because of their religion, the color of their skin, their physical abilities, their sexual orientation, then that client is actually NOT RIGHT, should be called out on it, without any regard to losing their business.  

There are lines in the sand that we ALL have to draw.

And while I’ve always KNOWN and been COMFORTABLE with these out of the box operating procedures, I have come to understand that without your mission, vision, and principles explicitly written you can get LOST or off course in the middle of a big storm.

  • You must be CLEAR about your destination BEFORE the disruption.

  • You must be CONFIDENT with your navigation system BEFORE the surge appears.

  • You must be ANCHORED to your principles and values to hold on to your integrity because the RIGHT THING is often the HARDEST THING TO DO.

And so as #leggo2017 began to come to a close, I took a major deep dive into the very essence of our existence and I came out of that reflective process ENERGIZED, DRIVEN, FOCUSED, and EMBOLDENED like never before.

2018 is THE YEAR OF BOLD, as a result.

I’ve got some things on our 2018 agenda you may not be expecting but you’ll soon not forget.

Several things are in the brewing stages as of yet, but THEY WILL HAPPEN.

And so before all those things come to light, I wanted you to SEE and KNOW EXACTLY what we’re after, where we are going, and the values we bring to the table. 

Here is our road map and our anchor.  

sweatlocal mission:

We exist to EMPOWER and CONNECT each person with their inherent strength so that they can live their best life.  

sweatlocal vision:

We envision a world where people are unafraid to tackle life boldly.  

sweatlocal principles and C.O.R.E values

  1. Radical Truth – the personal freedom to show up in this world exactly as yourself and know it is exactly enough.
    1. Courage in the face of rejection.
    2. Ownership of strengths and imperfections.
    3. Respect for ourselves and others.
    4. Effort, because while RADICAL TRUTH is simple, it’s often the hardest thing to do. #dothehardthinganyways
  2. Radical Accountability – Outcomes are a direct result of our own actions and inactions.  
    1. Courage in the face of consequence. 
    2. Ownership in actions and words.
    3. Responsibility because we are 100% responsible for what happens and doesn’t happen to us.  (Don’t worry that someone else isn’t taking their 100% responsibility.  Eyes on your own damn paper!)
    4. Effort – You are in control of yourself and no one else.   Blame is disempowering.  
  3. Radical Resilience – success is paved by mistakes well handled
    1. Courage to take action despite fears.
    2. Ownership – It’s not about never making a mistake, it’s about what you do next. 
    3. Reaction – You cannot always control your circumstances, but you always control your reaction to them.
    4. Effort – While failures are inevitable effort decides if you fail up or fall down #getgritty

I’m proud of what you see above.  (Radical Truth)

I’m sad it took me 5 years and some madness to realize the potential and progress I was leaving behind too.  (Radical Accountability)

But, I’m insanely excited for what is to come! (Radical Resilience)

A quick heads up… my newsletter sweatunfiltered is usually where I reveal most of what’s coming first.  I love my Facebook and Instagram but my newsletter gets the goods and is always in the know first.  If that appeals to you, cool.  Join below.  If not, that cool too 🙂


25 Books That Will Make You a Better Human in 2018

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE nerd and PROUD introvert.

For me, reading, solitude, and thought are the ULTIMATE acts of self care.  In fact, I purposefully set an alarm a full 90 minutes BEFORE anyone in my house will even THINK about waking up so I can commence my morning ritual of

  1.  Coffee – cause, duh… it’s life.
  2.  Candles – sets the Zen tone I’m wanting (recent new upgrade)
  3.  Book – cause reading quiets my fast paced brain that wants to immediately dive to work.
  4.  Bullet Journal – to organize my thoughts, ideas, and responsibilities

No t.v., no iphone, no email, and NO NOISE is allowed until 6:30am!  (And on the mornings I coach at 5am, I STILL get my reading time in!)

Reading is a habit that provides me so much energy, joy, creativity, peace, and problem solving knowledge that I forgo sleep in order to ensure I don’t miss my reading time.  I literally CANNOT  imagine who I would be (or WOULDN’T BE) without my book addiction.

And it’s in that spirit of self transformation and elevation that I offer you the 2017 books that had the biggest impact on my psyche.  (I actually sprinkled in 4 books from a few years past b/c they’re just too good to miss in my opinion.)  These books created “aha” moments as well as “ugh” realizations.    

I hope this list inspires you to #nerdout with me in 2018 and become a better, badder, more evolved version of yourself.  Grab a Kindle, go audio book style, or, if you’re old school like me, open up that book cover and dive in!  I’ll be sharing tons more like this in my newsletter, sweatunfiltered, so if you dig this kind of stuff think about click to join.

P.S.  These books are in no particular order but my absolute super faves of the year have an (*) next to their names.   

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